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Using free resources is something most designers do because it saves them a lot of precious time that can be better used on other creative tasks in their projects.

Having a wide collection of free resources readily available will reduce the time spent on your next project and so you will be a lot more productive.

If you need to design a slider for your next website, you don’t have to start from scratch! There are plenty of free slider PSDs on the web which can serve you as a base for your custom design.

We selected 20 of the best free PSD sliders we found on the web and gathered them in this list which we hope it will be useful to you. Don’t forget to check out our Web Design Freebies section, for more free resources!

Dark photo slider

Dark photo Free Slider PSDs Pin

This slider has a file with two PSD versions (825px and 385px) with titled and grouped layers.

Simple Thumbnail Carousel (PSD)

simple thumbnail carousel psd Pin

This is an awesome thumbnail slider/carousel. It’s easy to customize, just slip your images in, add a description and let your users scroll through your work.

Album Cover Carousel

Album Cover Carousel Free Slider PSDs Pin

Perfect for showcasing album covers, this modern slider is great for music websites and also has a pretty cool 3D effect.

Sexy slider

Sexy slider psd Pin

This is a simple slider with a cool fade 3D effect, perfect for any type of website. Customize it to fit your exact needs.


Free Slider PSDs Pin

This is a clean, minimalist slider design which suits any kind of website. It comes in a light version, but with a few minor tweaks, you can change its color.

Modern image slider

Modern image slider psd Pin

This PSD file is a clean, modern web slider which will be perfect for your next modern web design project.

Clean & Simple Image Slider 

Clean Simple Image Slider Pin

This image slider would make a great addition to a portfolio or any site which could make use of a gallery. The download includes the editable PSD for your own customizations.

Dark Slider with Featured Ribbon

Dark Slider with Featured Ribbon Pin

In case you missed the ribbons trend in web design, this is one cool slider you can use in your projects.

Image Frame Slider Thingy-ma-bob (PSD)

This freebie is a simple image slider displayed on a wooden background. The pagination is bullet-style.

Image Frame Slider Thingy-ma-bob Pin

Simple Thumbnail Slider 

Simple Thumbnail Slider Pin

Perfect for occasions where you need to showcase the content on a smaller scale. The download, as always, includes the fully editable PSD.

Modern Web Slider

Modern Web Slider Pin

This is a cool, fully editable modern slider with photo thumbnails below. Perfect for a portfolio website!

Tabbed Slider

Tabbed Slider psd Pin

Here’s a  simple tabbed slider that can be customized pretty easy with simple CSS snippets.

Horizontal Accordion / Slider GUI  

Horizontal Accordion / Slider GUI (PSD) Pin

This is a is a fully editable PSD of a horizontal accordion slider interface. Accordion’s are great for showing off your favorite images, posts, or perhaps compacting a product feature tour!

Photo Dark Slider

Photo Dark Slider Pin

Designing a dark themed website? Then this slider is perfect for you! It has a large section for post title and excerpt, a simple loading icon, cook transitions and pagination elements.


Free Slider PSDs Pin

This is one cool, 3D slider with very interesting shadow effects. The pagination is bullet-style and also comes with a simple corner ribbon.

Slider Controls Freebie

Slider Controls Freebie Pin

Need cool controls for the slider you designed? Check out this modern slider controls freebie, perfect for any kind of website or slider design!

Testimonials slider 

Testimonials slider (Free PSD) Pin

Need to demonstrate your value? How about a small and stylish testimonials slider to showcase your best testimonials given by your clients.

Image Slider Controls  

Image Slider Controls (PSD) Pin

The file includes an editable PSD file, making customization extremely easy! Get it now!

Dark Content Slider

Dark Content Slider Pin

This slider is perfect for any kind of dark themed website. It showcases small images with titles and a short description of each element.

Album Cover Art Carousel (PSD)

Album Cover Art Carousel (PSD) Pin

The download file includes styles for the cover art, hover and/or active state, and the next/previous arrows. Get this awesome album cover art carousel – perfect for your music-themed projects.

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