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It is pretty interesting to see how religion has also matched pace with technology. Over time, their way of communication to the larger audience has evolved with the various trends of mass communications

Today, almost all significant churches will have their website and their own social media presence. They realize that the digital world is an important arena to stay connected with their followers to stay relevant. Owing to this, church designs are a lot in demand. They need it for the websites and also for the various social media posts. Time and again, graphic designers come across assignments that require various church resources. To help them in this work, we have collated 25 unique free church backgrounds to add to their collection. 

1. Cross with Transparent Shadow: 

25 Free Church Backgrounds for Designers: Cross with Transparent Shadow Pin

A fascinating design, this image is available at the website of creation swap. The good part about it is that it comes with a light gray background, and hence you can use it as a secondary layer on any design needed. The cross has a rich wooden texture to it. Even though the image is illustration-based, the viewers would get a feeling that it is an actual photograph thanks to the extended shadow of the cross.  

2. Church Cross Vector Background:

25 Free Church Backgrounds for Designers: Church Cross Vector Background Pin

This background is very neatly designed and can be extensively used for digital applications. There is ample space that you can use for setting up a quote or any other text that you want to highlight. It can be edited a bit to use on the website or social media posts. There is space on the top left corner if you want to put a logo or any specific branding. It comes along with a PPT template which is a big plus for designers.

3. Creative Good Friday:

25 Free Church Backgrounds for Designers: Creative Good Friday Pin

One of the most demanding sections of church designs is the festive posts. As a designer, you will be overburdened whenever there is any festival around the corner. So this background of Good Friday can come in very handy. It is not a typical old-style design. Rather it has a grunge effect layout on the text, which makes the background unique. You can use the stand-alone image basis or extend it a bit if you want to personalize it. 

4. Church Interior Background:

25 Free Church Backgrounds for Designers: Church Interior Background Pin

It is easy to get good images of the church interiors, but it is difficult to get their illustrations, especially when looking for free resources. Hence you need to bag this vector background into your collection. Freepik provides the layered open file, and hence you can edit it as you want to. You can add or delete elements from the graphic and make it more meaningful. It can be used for website hero images or even animation slides.  

5. Rejoice Always:

25 Free Church Backgrounds for Designers: Rejoice Always Pin

Happy faces are always in demand. It is believed that if you use smiling human faces in your designs, you are bound to get a better reaction from the viewer and even a better conversion rate. This image is about a happy lady in the sunflower fields. The text ”Rejoice Always” is nicely set up above her head to feel that she is holding the text as a banner. The image is good enough to be used on a stand-alone basis. 

6. Church Windows:

25 Free Church Backgrounds for Designers: Church Windows Pin

The beautifully painted windows have always been the standout feature of a lot of churches. This high-definition image has captured that very well. The photographer has done an excellent job, especially with the light and shadows. The lamps are coming out nicely along with the sun rays entering from the window. There is a good amount of dead space in the bottom that you can use to set up text if needed. 

7. Realistic Candles:

25 Free Church Backgrounds for Designers: Realistic Candles Pin

Candles have always been the designers’ go-to option whenever they want to add elements to their church design. This vibrant image can be used as a background individually, or it can be used as an additional element for a bigger design. The good part is that Freepik will provide you with the open file, and hence you can edit it as per need. A good application can also be animating the flames of the candles.

8. Cross in Violet Background:

25 Free Church Backgrounds for Designers: Cross in Violet Background Pin

A highly used background image, this high-resolution image can be used in a lot of applications. Visually it is quite simple, but the violet gradient background makes it look really beautiful. There is a lot of space after the cross, and this can be well utilized for setting up a text or any other graphic as per need. You can easily set up a nice prayer or a verse from the Bible in this space. 

9. Scenic Church:

25 Free Church Backgrounds for Designers: Scenic Church Pin

This is a beautiful image of an old church on high grounds. The image is very well accentuated to highlight the blue sky, clouds, and sun rays. It may seem that the wooden cross put in front of the church is not a part of the graphic, and smart designers can easily remove that if needed. One good application of this background would be in website hero images. Apart from that, you can also set up a transparent layer on it and add text on top of that. 

10. The Gospel of John:

25 Free Church Backgrounds for Designers: The Gospel of John Pin

The Gospel of John has a very special place in Christianity. This high-resolution background tries to provide a visual portrayal of the gospel. You can see how different people are engaged in their own way in the image. This background can be used for book or magazine covers, websites, or posters as per the need. 

11. Lavish Church Setup:

25 Free Church Backgrounds for Designers: Lavish Church Setup Pin

A superb composition showcasing the mighty cross, this image captures the candles and the altar. The light is thrown in from the windows, and there is another light at the top of the cross which is not in the frame. The lighting is well done as it accentuates all the elements present in the frame. It is nicely edited to project a vibrant tint that is prominent at the top and bottom. You can further work on this in Photoshop and utilize this image for wallpapers or website backgrounds. 

12. Candles and Holy Book:

25 Free Church Backgrounds for Designers: Candles and Holy Book Pin

This is a very good image that covers a set of candles and the holy scripture. The entire frame has been lit up by the light from the candle, and this makes the image look very genuine. The backdrop gives an old and vintage feel. You can utilize the dead space in the image and set up a nice text or a quote as per the design requirements.  

13. Faith – Hope – Love: 

25 Free Church Backgrounds for Designers: Faith - Hope - Love Pin

The church always preaches that the most important components of life are ”Faith – Hope – Love”. This is very nicely incorporated in this well-designed wallpaper. The blue and green gradient in the background provides the perfect backdrop for the words. The design is very minimal yet effective. You can use it even for your desktop wallpapers or as simple social media posts. 

14. Beautiful Church:

25 Free Church Backgrounds for Designers: Beautiful Church Pin

This photograph has been able to capture the grand essence of a Church. The photographer has ensured good symmetry while taking the photo, which adds beauty to the image. As it is high resolution, you can even zoom in on certain parts and use them separately. The ideal way to use the image would be to provide a gradient tint working towards the bottom and add text over there. 

15. Church Floral:

25 Free Church Backgrounds for Designers: Church Floral Pin

Capturing the beauty of a church covered in floral décor, this image is a must-have for all designers who generally have to work on mockups. You can set up a lot of stuff on this image and showcase them in a visually appealing manner. Because of its setting, you can easily use it for designing invitation cards or event posters. 

16. Painted Church Windows:

Free Church Backgrounds for Designers: Painted Church Windows Pin

A lot of times, when you are designing for a church, you will have to showcase its various elements and culture. One prominent part of the culture had been painted glasses. They have been used for ages to depict stories about Christianity. This high-resolution image captures one such story. Visually it is rich in colors and highly detailed. 

17. Old Man Praying:

Free Church Backgrounds for Designers: Old Man Praying Pin

This image has a very good set of an old man praying in the church. There is plenty of dead space in the image which can be exploited by the designers. This image can be used in the background for promoting religious beliefs. It can also be used on digital mediums for website header images or even for promotional posts.

18. Well Designed Cross Graphic:

Free Church Backgrounds for Designers: Well Designed Cross Graphic Pin

If you are looking for an image to quickly set up the text on it and use it for church design purposes, this is the perfect image. It is a very well-designed graphic that has three crosses and a sky with clouds. In addition, there is a good amount of space on the top where you can easily set up typography and make your design look good.

19. Folded Hands in Prayer:

Free Church Backgrounds for Designers: Folded Hands in Prayer Pin

Lovely photography of a man praying, this high-resolution image is a very useful asset for any designer. It can be used on a stand-alone basis as a background. At the same time, it can also be used to support text. For example, the black space beside the hand is very suitable for writing a quote or a bible verse.  

20. Neon Cross on Ground:

Free Church Backgrounds for Designers: Neon Cross on Ground Pin

Yet another cross image, this one does stand out from the crowd. A high-resolution photograph from Unsplash, this image is visually very alluring. The cross has been lit up with neon lights making it stand out in the night above the city lights. There is ample black space, which you can either crop or use for writing text or personalized branding.  

21. Holy Bible: 

Free Church Backgrounds for Designers: Holy Bible Pin

The collection of good church images would be incomplete without a high-resolution image of the Bible. The photograph is well taken with the holy book on a stand. You can do some color correction to set it up for your customized use. The best application of this image would be to write a Bible verse or its meaning using text overlay. 

22. Praying with Candle:

Free Church Backgrounds for Designers: Praying with Candle Pin

A free image that can be easily downloaded from Freepik, this one has three elements in it. The frame is lit up by the light from the candle, and we folded hands in prayer over a holy book. The background is simple, and hence this image can be quickly used on any application. You can use it as a background for websites or even write an inspirational quote and motivate people to pray. 

23. Church Architecture Silhouette:

Free Church Backgrounds for Designers: Church Architecture Silhouette Pin

Architecture silhouettes have their own beauty, and this image is no different. The photograph is well set, capturing a church in its full glory. The sky has been edited in such a way that it is a beautiful free-flowing mixture of yellow and orange. This color combination evokes a different set of emotions. This image can be easily used, given the free space on the top.  

24. He Is Risen:

Free Church Backgrounds for Designers: He Is Risen Pin

Continuing the trend of free-flowing gradients, this high-resolution poster is also well designed. It is presently used as an invitation for Easter, but you can easily edit the text and use it for your own purpose. The fonts used are of brush script, giving a handmade feel to it. The vibrant clouds provide a serene effect to the entire image. 

25. Cross and Book in Scenic Background:

Free Church Backgrounds for Designers: Cross and Book in Scenic Background Pin

This image can be further added to the must-have church images for social media posts. The photography is well-timed as we can see a small cross hanging from the holy book. The sun and cloudy sky form the perfect backdrop. Because there is a lot of empty space on the side, you can easily use it to fit the right text over there. 

Finding the right images for the design can be quite a task. The internet is full of good high-resolution images, but not all may be easy to apply to the design or use as background. This is where this list can be very useful. It would not be a bad idea for you to download them all and archive them for future use whenever you are working for any branding related work of church.

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