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Blurred backgrounds are a huge trend and they can be used for various purposes. These can be used for just about anything you can think of, from design presentations to app design, web backgrounds, prints, and more!

In this article, you will find 100+ blurred backgrounds part of the 20 HD free blurred backgrounds sets presented here. All of these blurred backgrounds are very high quality and have HD resolutions. You will find them in different sizes, colors, and styles. Hope they will help you create awesome projects!

Download away!


Free Blurred Backgrounds (17 Items)

This is a collection of high-resolution ( 4000 x 2700px and 240 dpi) blurred backgrounds. Images with minimal banding and zero noise. Download these backgrounds for your personal or commercial projects. Great for sites, devices, product presentations, tablets or Facebook covers.

Free Blurred Backgrounds (17 Items) Pin

Blurred Abstract Multicolored Vector Backgrounds (16 Items)

This beautiful multicolored background set is blurred with a very modern concept that is definitely pleasing to the eyes. The 16 patterns are free to download with a free trial subscription to Shutterstock.

You can use these backgrounds in many different applications including mobile, web, infographics, and as artistic illustrations. Make a powerful statement with this top-quality selection.

Blurred Abstract Multicolored Vector Backgrounds (16 Items) Pin

Free Blurry Backgrounds (16 Items)

This is a sample of the designer’s huge blurry background collection. The full 400 blurred background set is available for a really small price. These backgrounds are available in the following sizes: 2560×1920, 800×600, and 400×300.

Free Blurry Backgrounds (16 Items) Pin

Blurred Background Set With Gradient Patterns (4 Items)

This set is totally free to download with a trial subscription to Adobe Stock. This modern illustration of Vector templates is of the highest quality and great for flyers, brochures, cards, posters, and banners.

The colors of this set are brilliant and bold that include blue, purple, pink, and orange shades. This design was created by Finevector over at Adobe Stock.

Blurred Background Set With Gradient Patterns (4 Items) Pin

Free Blurred Backgrounds (15 Items)

Here are 15 Free blurred backgrounds for you to download and use as you like. Dimensions: 1200x1200px. Use these as you please in your own work. 

Free Blurred Backgrounds (15 Items) Pin

Abstract Colorful Blurred Vector Backgrounds (12 Items)

Here’s another beautiful set of free abstract blurred vector backgrounds that are included with an Adobe Stock trial subscription.

These backgrounds can be used in many applications including presentations and websites. The colors of the integrated tones include pink, blue, gold, red, violet, yellow and beige, and more.

Abstract colorful blurred vector backgrounds (12 Items) Pin

Blurred Backgrounds Free Download (18 Items)

Check the attached jpg to see a preview of them all. Download the zip to eat some more of your hard drive space. Feel free to use them for both personal and commercial purposes.

Blurred Backgrounds Free Download (18 Items) Pin

Blurred Autumn Landscape Backgrounds (16 Items) EPS

Here’s a great selection of nature backgrounds for the Autumn season. These are completely free with a trial subscription with Shutterstock. The colors are related to the season of fall/autumn and are high resolution in the EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) file format.


High-Resolution Blur Backgrounds (13 Items)

This is a set of 13 high-resolution blur backgrounds that you can use to display your designs, UI elements, apps, websites, headings, etc. You can even use them as your desktop, laptop or mobile phone wallpapers. These are JPEG images on a large canvas of 2560×1600 pixels.

High-Resolution Blur Backgrounds (13 Items) Pin

Royalty-Free Blurred Vector Backgrounds (7 Items)

DepositPhotos has a great selection of blurred backgrounds including this popular set of 7 unique styles. These background images can be used in both commercial and personal applications and can be downloaded in high-resolution up to 4223×4223 and in EPS file format.

Royalty-Free Blurred Vector Backgrounds (7 Items)Pin

Blurred Backgrounds (23 Items)

Here is a pack of blurred backgrounds we all love and sometimes overuse:). Free for  personal and commercial use, no attribution required. What’s included in a package: PSD size 2660px x 1995px, 23 JPG files size 2660px x 1995px, 23 JPG files size 400px x 300px for Dribbble players.

Blurred Backgrounds (23 Items) Pin

Dark Mystic Forest Blurred Backgrounds (4 Items) EPS

Here’s another example of high-quality vector images that are available for free with a Shutterstock trial subscription. These are blurred black and gray backgrounds that can be used in a variety of applications.

Dark Mystic Forest Blurred Backgrounds (4 Items) EPSPin

Free Blurred Backgrounds: Retina & Dribbble Ready (10 Items)

The Dribbble community loves blurred backgrounds, so this designer created ten blurred backgrounds for free. The blur is not excessive so you can increase it manually if you want it.

Free Blurred Backgrounds Retina & Dribbble Ready (10 Items) Pin

Beautiful Blurred Backgrounds (10 Items)

Blurred backgrounds are beautiful and this designer was inspired to create 10 variations of his own. Hopefully, you guys enjoy them.

Beautiful Blurred Backgrounds (10 Items) Pin

Colorful Blurred Vector Background Illustrations (10 Items)

In this pack of 10 royalty-free blurred backgrounds, you’ll discover some beautiful colors to complement any digital or print element you are working on. This set of high-resolution vectors can be downloaded in the EPS file format up to 5981×6283 and are free for personal and commercial use with a royalty-free license – enjoy and share!

Colorful Blurred Vector Background Illustrations (10 Items) Pin

Blurred Backgrounds for iOS 7 apps (5 Items)

This is the second volume of blurred backgrounds that is now available for download! These images will look great as backgrounds for iOS 7 apps, however, you can use them also as backgrounds for websites or product presentations.

Blurred Backgrounds for iOS 7 apps (5 Items) Pin

Blurrry – Free 20 Blurred Backgrounds

This designer is giving 20 blurred backgrounds for free! These images are great for web use, or as a product display. Download and use them as you please.

Blurrry – Free 20 Blurred BackgroundsPin

Dribbble Backgrounds

These backgrounds are licensed under the ‘Gray Area’ license. Feel free to use them ONLY ON DRIBBBLE. Included: Aurora, Desert Kiss, Elixir, Glass Pane, Rocky, Meadow.

Dribbble Backgrounds Pin

Dribbble Background 

This is a great Dribbble background set you can use. It has light sepia tones and can be used for many types of projects. Download and enjoy!

Dribbble Background By Badhon Ebrahim Pin

20 Free Hi-Res Backgrounds

This is a pack of 20 Hi-Res Blurred Backgrounds! How hi-res? 4500 x 3000! You’ll never have to worry about dimensions with these backgrounds, just scale it down to what you need.

20 Free Hi-Res Backgrounds Pin


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