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As expected, elegant fonts have the ability to make your design more classy and visually pleasing. Whenever you are working on projects related to weddings, invitations, branding, logos, or marketing for premium fashion stores, using a neat, clean font that conveys the message with elegance can make a difference.

Given the massive explosion of font options on the internet, it is very easy to come across hundreds of elegant and beautifully designed fonts. But the challenge lies in finding a perfect fit.

In this post, we have shortlisted some of the best premium and free elegant fonts that can totally transform your creation into something stylish, classy, and elegant.

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The Best Elegant Fonts – Premium Options

Let’s start with the best-quality or premium options that come with a commercial license.

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The Blinders – Elegant Serif Font

The Blinders - Elegant Serif Font

A fine combination of vintage serif fonts and modern elegance, the Blinders is a font worth adding to your collection. The specialty of this typeface is that some of the letters are well connected, making your text look unique. You can easily use the Blinders font for invitations, postcards, and even branding.

Elegant Sans Serif Font

Elegant Sans Serif Font

Slightly contrasting to the Serif font mentioned above, this Elegant font is designed in the sans serif style. The special connection between the letters R and O, as visible in this image, and the varying width of the letters give this typeface a unique flavor. You can make your text visually appealing by using a font like this.

Drakors Elegant Font

Drakors Elegant Font

Looking for a font that can make your text look elegant and fun? Then check out Drakors font. It starts with a script-style design and mixes with it a modern touch. The first letters deploy calligraphy, while the rest of the letters are smooth with perfect finishing. The good part is that Drakors font offers over 550 glyphs.

Montvolca Elegant Serif Font

Montvolca Elegant Serif Font

Inspired by the old-school Serif fonts, the Montvolca typeface is strong and, at the same time, classy. The heavy width of the letters will make your text stand out no matter where you place them. You can use this Montvolca serif font for projects related to branding, stationary, packaging, labeling, and even for websites.

Ghania Elegant Line Font

Ghania Elegant Line Font

We wanted to add a font to the list that was not typically elegant vintage style but had a fresh and contemporary feel—presenting the simple but effective font – Ghania! It is a line font, but the lines are charted out in a very elegant manner. The good part is that it is available in both cases to create a good typography combination.

Lumixia – Elegant Thin Font

Lumixia - Elegant Thin Font

If your design demands a thin but classy font, then you should check out Lumixia. Made using sharp but nicely finished lines and bars, this font can be a good choice when you want your text to be subtle yet impactful. However, as this font is skinny, ensure you do not use them for tiny applications, as they may lose their charm.

Sunmore Elegant Family of Fonts

Sunmore Elegant Family of Fonts

The Sunmore typeface is a value-for-money font family, as it comes with six font style variants. While the regular ones have bold and strong letters, some styles offer stamp, grunge, and even slant effects. You can use the different styles of the Sunmore font family to create the required typography for your design.

Modern Elegant Typeface

Modern Elegant Typeface

Though the font’s name is very common, the font’s design is anything but common. This Modern Elegant font exhibits a lot of class, especially when the text is used on simple and clear backgrounds, as shown in the image. Made using clean and smooth surfaces, this font is ideal for branding, fashion, and premium product projects.

Metrolic – An Elegant Style Font

Metrolic - An Elegant Style Font

An elegant font doesn’t always need to have fancy curves. Thin but delicate fonts can also fall in this category, and the perfect example is this Metrolic font. The letter design is kept very simple and neat, making the text look classy. You can use this font for logos, taglines, Instagram posts, and other digital marketing applications.

Ahayo – Elegant & Classy Font

Ahayo - Elegant & Classy Font

Ahayo is a beautiful font that can be easily used as a display font. It has a unique design for an all-caps font as the letters are given heavy width, but the connectors are given curves. You can easily deploy this font when working on projects where you want your text to be displayed on overlays or as large headers.

The Cavas – An Elegant & Modern Font

The Cavas - An Elegant & Modern Font

The Cavas typeface retains the vintage charm through the use of serif style design but at the same time has a fresh appeal to it. Furthermore, the glyphs created with letters are provided with unique swashes, ensuring that your text will stand out in a very attractive manner.

Sweet Home Serif

Sweet Home Serif

Sweet Home typeface is a vintage serif font made special by giving a few letters an overlapping effect. This effect allows you to give your text depth and make it stand out. The good part is that you will get four font variations and eight PSD frame mockups when you download the font.

Calista – A Classy & Elegant Serif Font

Calista - A Classy & Elegant Serif Font

The Calista typeface is a good deal for all designers, not just because the fonts are really good but also because there are a lot of freebies you get with the font. When you download the font, you will get three font variations – light, regular and bold- in three different file variations. In terms of design, the Calista font is a script-style font with extenders that make the text look decorative.

Aguero Serif – A Clean & Elegant Serif Font

Aguero Serif - A Clean & Elegant Serif Font

The Aguero Serif font is tall and visually appealing. The designer has added extra height to each letter, making the text look artistic. Fundamentally it is a Serif-style font, but the creative effect allows it to be used as a display font. You can use this font for large headers, print projects, web design, or digital marketing, especially when you want your text to stand out.

Lovalina – Elegant Serif Font Family

Lovalina – Elegant Serif Font Family

You fall in love with a few fonts at first sight, and the Lovalina is definitely on that list. A combination of various styles like display, script, and even calligraphy, the Lovalina typography guarantees that your text will look special. You can deploy this font for wedding cards, invitations, greetings, art quotes, and typography.

Moon Crowd – Elegant & Stylish Serif

Moon Crowd – Elegant & Stylish Serif

The Moon Crowd font is worth adding to your collection as it has 90+ ligature and alternate letters and supports both cases. The designer started with a thin Serif style design and then added a special combination of a few letters, making the text look artistic. A perfect font for logo design, branding, typography, and even packaging.

Davoa – Elegant Stencyl Typeface

Davoa – Elegant Stencyl Typeface

It is hard to believe that there can be a Stencil-based font in this list, but the Davoa typeface is so smartly designed that we had to include it. The font has two styles – regular and alt- supporting both cases. You should use this Davoa font for large headers, magazine covers, packaging, labels, and outdoor branding.

Brignola Elegant Calligraphy

Brignola Elegant Calligraphy

We did not want to end the list without bringing in a beautiful and stylish calligraphy font style. The Birgnola typeface is very elegant and can make your design look premium. This font comes with over 1000 glyphs, so for each letter, you will get a lot of design options. You can make the most of these options by using this font for wedding cards, invitations, and other print-related projects.

Salma Alianda – Elegant Script

Salma Alianda – Elegant Script

A classy modern script font, Salma Alianda is worth adding to the list, given its versatility. The designer had given letters long swashes and extenders and ensured they are legible. You can use this font for logos, product packaging, book covers, invitation and greeting cards, and other projects which demand a stylish handcrafted font.

Best Free Elegant Style Fonts

Keep in mind that free fonts like these normally do not come with a commercial license. They are for personal use only.

Great Vibes Font

Great Vibes Font

If you are already not using the Great Vibes Font, we suggest you download this free font and keep it in your collection. In terms of design, the font is script-style, but the extenders and curves are kept limited, ensuring that the text is easily readable. You can use this free font for typography, website headers, and social media posts.

Playfair Display

Playfair Display

Playfair Display is a well-known font style, and there are chances that you would have already come across this typeface. However, we have included it in the list as this font is easily available and is promising in making your text look elegant. The good part is that even the free font offers 12 font variations, giving you many design options.

Antipasto Pro Font Family

Antipasto Pro Font Family

Using rounded and neat fonts has been a trend lately, so we have added the Antipasto Pro Font Family to our list. The font family comes with eight font variations in terms of width. The letters are rounded and have a very good finish. As a designer, you can mix the bold fonts with the light fonts and use the same family throughout your project.


Quicksand Font

Quicksand is a cool and classy free font that makes your text stand out. The designer has kept the letter design simple and rounded. The Quicksand font family offers seven variations, including a special dash and oblique variation. You can use this font for logos, typography, branding, and digital marketing applications.


Merlina Typeface

If you are looking for a thin, elegant font style for free, then you should check out Merlina. The designer has employed thin lines but spiced up the font through slant connectors and small extenders for a few letters. As a result, the Merlina font style has a fresh and contemporary feel, and you can use it for projects related to fashion, branding, health, and wellness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are these fonts considered elegant?

An elegant font is defined as a font that has a very classy or sophisticated visual appeal. These fonts have a very good finish and are pleasing to the eye. Such fonts are used for wedding stationery, invitations, postcards, and for depicting fashion and premium, high-quality brands.

What is the classiest font?

There are a lot of classy fonts, and each of them has its own charm. Hence it is very difficult to identify the ‘classiest font’. However, in the above list, we have included some of the best classy fonts available on the internet. The following are the best of them:

  • Merlina 
  • Aguero Serif
  • Lovalina
  • Davoa
  • Ahayo

Which font represents luxury?

Luxury brands generally use fonts that look classy and stylish, displaying elegance. These brands must have a visual feel which resonates with their brand style and depict how premium they are. We have included some of the luxury brand fonts in the list above, such as:

  • Montvolca 
  • Rachelya
  • Lumixia 
  • Calista
  • Playfair Display

What font does Louis Vuitton use?

The global fashion brand Louis Vuitton uses a sans serif typeface and the actual font name is “Intrepid”. The letter design is very simple, with sharp edges but has elegance, class, and modernism in its design. LV is a premium luxury brand whose typeface resonates with this feel.

Final Remarks

Designers have very well understood the power of fonts, ensuring they use the right font style that accentuates their overall design. When working on projects related to invitations, luxury brands, fashion, and more, it is advisable to use elegant and classy designed fonts.

The above list contains some of the best available elegantly designed fonts, including a few free ones. Remember, you can download ALL of the Envato Elements Premium fonts you want (Unlimited Downloads) with the most affordable design asset subscription available for designers!

Here’s a recap of the best elegant fonts for designers:

Premium Options:

  • The Blinders – Elegant Serif Font
  • Elegant Sans Serif Font
  • Drakors Elegant Font
  • Montvolca Elegant Serif Font
  • Ghania Elegant Line Font
  • Lumixia – Elegant Thin Font
  • Sunmore Elegant Family of Fonts
  • Modern Elegant Typeface
  • Metrolic – An Elegant Style Font
  • Ahayo – Elegant & Classy Font
  • The Cavas – An Elegant & Modern Font
  • Sweet Home Serif
  • Calista – A Classy & Elegant Serif Font
  • Aguero Serif – A Clean & Elegant Serif Font
  • Lovalina – Elegant Serif Font Family
  • Moon Crowd – Elegant & Stylish Serif
  • Davoa – Elegant Stencyl Typeface
  • Brignola Elegant Calligraphy
  • Salma Alianda – Elegant Script

Free Options:

  • Great Vibes Font
  • Playfair Display
  • Antipasto Pro Font Family
  • Quicksand
  • Merlina
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