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A collection of good backgrounds is something every designer loves to have. Using a solid background image can give a boost to your design and save a lot of initial groundwork. If we talk about space backgrounds, they are very special and fun to use. If you consider the psychological perspective, space backgrounds give the audience a sense of calmness and sincerity. It makes them connect with the universe and awakens their intellectual side. Naturally, space backgrounds have a different fanbase of designers who like to play on the psychological and philosophical grounds.

And in general, a good-quality space image can really add some shine and depth to your design. Here we have collected some awesome space backgrounds that any designer can use for any purpose. These 22 space backgrounds are perfect for taking your design to an unexpected level.

1. Blue Landscape With Sky:

space backgrounds for designers: Blue Landscape with Sky

This utterly beautiful picture is by Juan. It is an excellent image that you can use as a space background. A blue night with a plain sky makes it very simple yet elegant. There are many bright stars and a sense of early morning or late evening in this picture. It gives you a vast space to implement any of your ideas and elements—so overall a very feasible and versatile background for various designs.

2. Vibrant And Cloudy Background:

space backgrounds for designers: Vibrant And Cloudy Background

This background is eye-appealing and free to download. You can see an abstract illustration of the sky, clouds, and stars. Its blue, purple, and pink shades make this background a very calm yet exciting image to use in a trendy or intelligent design. The smooth clouds with an overlapping layer of stars giving this background a kind of dramatic vibes that can go for bold and loud designs.

3. Red Striking Ball:

Space backgrounds for designers: Red Striking Ball

This attractive background is by Alexander Andrews. It is a beautiful image with excellent contrast that can carry out any creative design. Here we can see a black night with a striking red ball or planet illustration. The color transitions and stars are simply seamless in this image. There are no unnecessary elements to make this background overwhelming. It can surely work for stationery or creative content-related designs.

4. Nebula Space Backgrounds:

Space backgrounds for designers: 4. Nebula Space Backgrounds:

This is a package of ten unique space backgrounds that you can purchase to make your design project healthy. You get ten beautiful space backgrounds that have fantastic color combinations and illustrations of space in a single purchase. They all are professionally designed and high-quality images that you can use to make your posters, websites, apps, presentations, flyers, and many other designs efficiently unique and rich.

5. Glowing Night Background:

Space backgrounds for designers: 4. Nebula Space Backgrounds: Glowing Night

It is a lovely background by Kristi Pargeter. The amalgamation of simplicity and imagination is paying off really well with this image. Simple white and black colors with a glowing gradient effect on the planet and its satellite is creating soothing vibes through the eclipse illustration in this image. Stars are not directly making any effect, but they elevate this design in a more subtle way. You can use this excellent background to create a gentle and poised design theme.

6. Red Space image:

Space backgrounds for designers: 4. Nebula Space Backgrounds: Red Planet

This background is totally showcasing an artistic approach of a designer. This well-designed and well-built image has many exciting factors. You can see the monochromatic color palette with bright red color, which is probably a bit unusual in space backgrounds. The astronaut, planets, and the whole perspective are giving the perfect spot to make your information center of attention. This background is highly creative, unique, and modern for experiments and trendy designs.

7. Creative Galaxy Background:

Space backgrounds for designers: 4. Nebula Space Backgrounds: Creative Galaxy

A galaxy image is always loved in space backgrounds. And this galaxy background is so unique that it worth mentioning. It looks like a picture taken from a camera lens with blurred vision. And the light glare is making a galaxy illustration more unique and fun. This background is with calm colors and beautiful depth. We can say tiny lights are representing a galaxy image with a blurred vision in this background. Indeed a very thoughtful and exciting concept.

8. Heavy Space Background:

Space backgrounds for designers: 4. Nebula Space Backgrounds: Heavy Space

This background is massive and complicated. Here it is showing sci-fi and artistic theme with vibrant colors and lots of elements. Clouds, stars, and different shining planets easily create a fantasy world kind of an image with a dramatic approach. The whole composition is beautiful and very creative, which can make a perfect background for some tremendous heroic posters, games, books, proposals, and any kind of dramatic and exciting design.

9. Background With A Sharp Milkywave:

Space backgrounds for designers: 4. Nebula Space Backgrounds: Sharp Milky Wave

Milky Waves are a very beautiful part of space. And in this background, they are playing a significant role. We have a dark blue night filled with beautiful stars and a clear milky wave. You can consider this as a basic, neutral, and versatile background, so you can easily use this image to put a strong background for your creative project.

10. Beautiful Sunrise Background:

Space backgrounds for designers: 4. Nebula Space Backgrounds: Beautiful Sunrise

In organizations, a space background of earth and sun is always used for their websites, introductions, presentations, etc., to relate the brand’s growth or inception with the eternal bond. And this background is perfectly suitable for such purposes. It has a beautiful sun rising picture that looks very real and fresh. This space background can serve many professional designing projects. It is basic and classic but very ideal for some demands.

11. Background With Fascinating Earth Surface Image:

Space backgrounds for designers: 4. Nebula Space Backgrounds: Earth Surface

This background has an earth image from space, and it looks gorgeous. Those lights on the earth’s surface make this background more realistic and attractive. This kind of background is beneficial for designers who are creating technical and sophisticated designs. Be it a website or magazine; you can confidently pick this background to convey the important message. Creative designers always welcome space backgrounds that have unique pictures or designs of the earth.

12. A Ball of Fumes:

Space backgrounds for designers: 4. Nebula Space Backgrounds: Ball of Fumes

This background is such a creative delight. You can clearly see the hard work and effort behind concept, idea, and illustration. The soft colors and fumes are the core elements of this background. The planet and clouds are made from nothing but an illustration of fumes. Some little sparkling stars are adding more drama and impact to this graphical image on top of everything. Overall it is a wonderful background to match with artistic projects.

13. Starry Nights With Milky Wave Backgrounds:

Space backgrounds for designers: 4. Nebula Space Backgrounds: Starry Nights

Here you get ten amazing space backgrounds to use for your various designs. In this package, all the images are high quality and professionally crafted. Everyone likes starry nights and galaxies in the background when they are looking for a space background. This is a fantastic set of backgrounds with dark and deep colors, which creates the illusion of depth and realism in the images. You should definitely go for it if you want a whole set of space backgrounds for your specific project.

14. Black And White Space Background:

Space backgrounds for designers: 4. Nebula Space Backgrounds: Black & White

A basic galaxy background always has a maximum audience because it fulfills the space background element very clearly, and efficiently and you can build any kind of design on it. This black and white space background has a beautiful white galaxy and so many glittery stars, making this graphical image basic yet powerful. You can use this to support any other background or build your design with multiple elements.

15. Stunning Background Of Asteroids:

Space backgrounds for designers: 4. Nebula Space Backgrounds: Aestroids

It is an unbelievably fantastic background. The whole picture is displaying how colossal space is very creatively. This thrilling background has many shades of dusky colors with the sun and a long ring of small and big asteroids. It is very calm but breathtaking at the same time. You can surprise your audience with this background because generally, people do not expect a ring of asteroids as a space background.

16. Black Space With Pink Light:

Space backgrounds for designers: 4. Nebula Space Backgrounds: Pink Light

An excellent black background is something that can give a solid but free base to make the overall design stand out. Here this background has black space with a small abstract planet image in the middle. The whole design does not have many colors, but there are many different-sized colorful stars to fill the void. This kind of fusion of abstract and straightforward background can help you a lot in your background collection.

17. A Watercolor Galaxy Nebula Background:

Space backgrounds for designers: 4. Nebula Space Backgrounds: Water Colour Galaxy

This list would have been incomplete without a painting background. Artists love to take a space subject for paintings. And this watercolor galaxy background has a beautiful hint of painting. It is a free vector, which means you can use it for any of your designs without any charges. Blue, black and purple is the most common and promising colors for space. And in this image, we can see a great combination of such shades with tiny stars.

18. Outer Space 3D Background:

Space backgrounds for designers: 4. Nebula Space Backgrounds: Outer World 3D

This 3D background of the earth from an outer space angle is very refreshing and comic. When you are dealing with designs related to knowledge and education or your audience is young people and kids then this kind of background becomes a good help. It has shiny colors, stars, and rays, which makes it more fun and engaging. You can use it for any purpose, or you can add certain changes to make it more suitable for your design.

19. Colorful Abstract Space Background:

Space backgrounds for designers: 4. Nebula Space Backgrounds: Abstract Space

A different range of colors in space images adds a more creative aspect to the overall picture. And this background has lots of beautiful colors apart from black and blue. It is a creative image with abstract clouds and stars with a hazy effect. You can take it as a basic background which can be perfect for complex designs and busy layouts. Designers use such backgrounds for professional websites, presentations, cover pages, invitations, etc.

20. A Pink Plate In the Space:

Space backgrounds for designers: 4. Nebula Space Backgrounds: Pink Plate

This alluring pink space background has very interesting elements. It has unique and attractive colors with rings and planets, which give the illusion of a frame. So you get outstanding elements that can support your design and add a different aspect as well. You can use it for various branding designs since it has subtle colors and soothing light.

We have curated this list for designers from all fields. Be it a website, ad, banner, brochure, image, or any kind of design; these space backgrounds can get into any shape. There are so many different styles and categories in space images. And You can find some great photographs, artworks, or fusion images related to galaxies and stars. A space background with stars and amazing colors can create a bright place for your whole design format.

You can do many things with colors, graphics, texts, and images to experiment with space backgrounds. Whenever you want to create a solid base to showcase your design with a hint of adventure, a sense of maturity, or a glimpse of knowledge, then going for space backgrounds would be a lovely choice. So use these above-mentioned handpicked space backgrounds or get inspired by them for your incredible designs.

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