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10 Types of Websites and How to Best Design Them

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Different websites are built for different purposes. Only the correct way of creating a website will make each website type look different from others. Every website has a specific format and layout which one must follow. If you must create a website for yourself, you can come with some exciting features and attractive designs. There may be many confusions for the kind of design and layout that will work for you. Refer to the type of website you want to create and research for the project. Once you have finished your research for the subject, you will have information that you want to present throughout the website. Categorize the information under different headings and go through this blog post to see how to design them in the best way.

As a designer, you must always be familiar with different kind of websites so that it’s easy for you to create one with perfection. You could also see websites of your client’s competitors and get an idea of what kind of choices would work better for you and your client.

1. Educational Website:

different websites - Educational Websites

The websites which deliver online courses or page of educational institutes come under educational websites. The primary goal of websites is to provide materials for studies as per the subjects, information relating to institutions and much more. Certain educational websites have subscriptions of weeklies or even video lectures. You can buy or subscribe models or educational products through such websites. If you are unable to afford tuition or classes, these educational websites also deliver online classes and doubt solving sessions to help you out.

When you create an educational website, make sure you categorise what kind of subject or field you would be providing materials or instruction for.

2. Magazine Websites:

different websites - magazine website

The magazine industry since along time was only in the print platform, but now it is also in digital format. Magazine websites are all about articles, photographs, videos and informative or educational writeups. It would also consist of many links or articles referred from other publications from organisation and universities. The magazine websites are usually beautiful as it contains lots of images and contents displayed in a much more creative way.

While creating a magazine website first build a framework. The layout of the site should be simple yet attractive so that the users can find familiarity. Each article or blog must have a similar layout and navigation, which would keep the users hooked to the flow of the information. Design optimisation is necessary as the users may view the website in any device, and it should be compatible enough that the website is readable. You can maintain a traditional layout or create a theme as per the current scenario and highlight the features that play an important part.

3. E-commerce websites:

different websites - E-commerce

The websites from where you can order any products and services is an E-commerce website. If you find an e-commerce website, and it makes it easy for you to search for the desired product and purchase it, it is technically a robust web page. E-commerce platform like Flipkart, Amazon and eBay are running smoothly currently as they have coordinated every element for the website.

All you must do is start making the inventory and new product list. In the e-commerce platform, all the teammates involving sales, logistics and marketing must be updated as the systems are interconnected. The product photography must be professional, which shows the product from every angle, so the users get an idea of the same. The e-commerce websites would have many products which should have categorisation. Also, mention the actual price of the product and the discounted price you are availing it for the users. Highlights the deals on the homepage to attract the users with additional details of the product and offer.

4. Blogs:

different websites - blogs

Blogs are the latest trend that the major brands and business have started to follow. It is much more of personal content when compared to magazine websites, but not the lines are blurred. This is now a thing to have your blog. It usually consists of updated articles, videos and photos. These kinds of websites are mostly suggested for more prominent brands as they have a wide array of the topic. Small business would find to maintain blogs a cumbersome activity.

For building a blog website, you would have to be ready for fresh and spontaneous content which you can publish on the page. Make sure you have the best team and a better strategy to give a kick start to your website. Keeping the content fresh would attract users to be on the page. Always keep the focus on the content and make sure the images used are subtle yet elegant. Make the navigation easier so that users can, at any point in time, keep sliding the content.

5. Portfolio Websites:

Portfolio website

A portfolio website is where a professional showcase his talent through his works. Portfolio website is best for writers, designers, filmmakers, artist and photographers. The portfolio must consist of the best work that you want to put before your clients or users. It is not necessary to put all your work out there to represent your work.

Portfolio website must show the creative side of you as you must present your work in the best possible manner and in a unique way. Try for exciting features and unique layouts. The website should have a blend of your work highlights and creativity. Choose the layout wisely so that the work is highlighted as the user’s scrolls and make sure the subject name is prominent.

Keep out a section where there are details about the professional about his field of study and the projects he has worked. A proper layout would help to get a focus on the work and would help the user to navigate easily throughout the page.

6. Landing Pages:

Landing page

Whenever conducting any marketing campaign there is call to action for users to take a specific action which leads them to a page, that page is landing pages. The landing pages usually have limited content just related to the call to action which the users have to go ahead with.

While creating a landing page, make sure the call to action must have much space around it which would give importance to the action. The landing page must-have elements that guide the users to follow a journey which would help them to get qualified to go ahead. Use of trendy and relevant image would help the layout look different from other pages. Also, add a 3D effect or give a short glimpse of the shopping site to which they must look forward to.

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7. Media websites:

Media Website

Media website showcases news stories and other reporting, which depict the current scenarios. It could also consist of content related to entertainment. Media website would keep one updated about the current affairs be it any social, political and global.

While creating a media website create a layout that differentiates all the categories which involves all the different fields. This would help the users to get directed to the topics of their interest. Moreover, the site could also present advertisements and subscriptions of specific models. There are some media websites which are an online branch of media channels.

If there are some magazines, TV channels or newspaper, and if they have an online platform, it should come under media website. So, you can create one of your media websites, keeping the necessary elements to be on the site.

8. Directory and contact pages:

Directory and Contact pages

Contact pages and directory websites have details and contact details of people, organisations and business. If you want to reach the address details and contact number of a business, it would be on such directory or contact page.

While creating a directory or contact page, you must collect the various data of different professionals and experts you wish to accommodate in your page. Once you have gathered the information, you can create categories like area, the field of profession and much more.

This website can create advertisements which would attract different business and professionals who would want their contact details in the directory page. Always make sure to optimise your page which would ensure more visitors.

9. Business Website:

Business Website

When a site represents just a business, it is called a business website. Most of the business site presents the product or services and other offers. It usually has a logo of the business and the same positioning in the site. It is expected by the users to have a website for every business that is in the market. Moreover, users tend to search in google any business they come across and expect to find a website. If users don’t find a website, they assume that the business is not legitimate. A business website may or may not be selling anything directly through the site.

While creating a business website, make sure it is not precisely an e-commerce site. A business website must showcase the services and product in a much more enhanced way with details. An E-commerce website is more of selling products under different categories, whereas the business website is more of the marketing and branding of a product. So, create a business website which attracts more of clients and attractive display of the product and services.

10. Non-Profit Website:

non profit websites

A non-profit website is the most straightforward way to get fund and donations for a cause or non-profit organisation. The non-profit website would have details regarding the cause it is working to raise awareness among the users and get donations.

Creating a non-profit website must bring faith to the people about the legitimacy of the website and reaching out to more people. You can list the causes that you are looking forward to accepting funds for. List out the causes you are working for and create a presentation which would enable the users to know the gravity of the cause. Also, you would have to create a merchant account through which you could accept card payments.

Whenever you create a website, it must have a good design and not just an appealing look. The website must engage the users by having a site which fulfils their need. Each project has a specific format and layout which works the best for them. Go with the layout and format, which gives you the feeling that it would work for you and could easily connect to the users.

Whenever you create a website, always consider what you expect out of the website and keep it in mind and design accordingly. Knowing the expectations would help you to come with the best website, which would appeal to your users.

Always know the best practices while creating a specific website. If you don’t want to follow the conventional way, make your unique style in creating one. Different categories of websites look different due to their traditional use of layout and format, which has always worked, and attention is on the designs.

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