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12 Free eCommerce WordPress Themes For Online Stores

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Online shopping and ease of internet access have led to more active participation in launching their online business. On the other hand, the ease of internet access has allowed a significant increase in users who browse such eCommerce websites by many folds. Anyone who wants to build an eCommerce website needs to ensure their website is strong enough to withstand heavy traffic and not crash. Optimizing websites is essential for getting high traffic. It is not possible to build such a big website from scratch, economically.  There are numerous options when it comes to creating an eCommerce website which include using pre-built Shopify themes, Bigcommerce themes or WordPress themes. If you choose to go the WordPress route, there are many free eCommerce WordPress Themes that are powerful enough to get your eCommerce website running in no time.

WordPress and WooCommerce:

Since other services offer secure website making solutions as well, it is essential to understand why choosing WordPress makes more sense. Firstly, WordPress has the most extensive range of collection of themes that are dedicated to eCommerce use. Secondly, it has a convenient plugin that makes eCommerce very simple- WooCommerce.

WooCommerce is a plugin that allows the user to transition an ordinary website into an efficient selling goldmine. It enables the user to add specific required pages for any eCommerce website such as Product pages. Product Pages have the capacity of showing important details like Product Images, Descriptions, Prices and Specifications. Such a compilation of all relevant content regarding the product at one place helps a customer get quick information about the product. It presses on all buying points, hence the chance of conversion increases. You then get the ability to let your potential customers add a product to their cart and continue browsing for more products. They can immediately checkout and make their payment on completion.

The best advantage of WooCommerce is that it brings all these technicalities down to such an extent that even a beginner at web design would easily be able to implement them in their free eCommerce WordPress theme.

Now that we have a brief about why WordPress is best suited for an eCommerce website, let us look at the 12 free eCommerce WordPress Themes that you can try out today:

1. Leto:

12 FREE eCommerce WordPress Themes- Leto

Leto is a great free eCommerce WordPress Theme that has some useful eCommerce tools and a well-designed shopping cart configuration. The layout is modern in its approach and follows a neat aesthetic. It has a large header image to display the user’s promotions and any other deals. This free theme is compatible with WooCommerce as well. Being compatible with WooCommerce allows this theme to be ready for any online shop. In the large header on the website, you have an option of including a video that could be utilized for explaining what your product or company is.

The theme has high customization for typography, colors, fonts and much more. Leto also supports several useful widgets that help develop the entire homepage. The user can quickly move around these elements on the homepage layout as they seem fit. Leto is ideal for small to large-scaled eCommerce businesses. It allows the user to brand their website as they seem fit.

2. Neve:

12 FREE eCommerce WordPress Themes- Neve

Neve is the perfect free eCommerce WordPress theme that emphasizes fast loading and easy customization. eCommerce websites need to loaf fast. Otherwise, the visitors might just migrate to any other eCommerce website. Even if a visitor has added product to his/her cart, and is trying to checkout, a slow loading site might change their mind about buying the product. Hence speed plays a vital role in conversion for eCommerce websites. Neve understands the importance of this.

Due to the AMP technology, Neve ensures that your website looks good on mobile devices as well. Firstly, Neve allows customization to a great extent as it allows you to choose colors, fonts and also upload your logo. As a result, it allows you to reinforce your brand making the website look more authentic to your brand.

Neve is ideal for all. However, it is best suited for established brands.  Moreover, businesses that want to make their digital footprint.

3. eCommerce Gem:

eCommerce Gem Preview Image

eCommerce Gem is a free eCommerce WordPress theme that has a great sense of aesthetics for colors and style. It uses the header image on the homepage and a top-placed banner that displays information like social media buttons, contact details and a shopping cart icon. The theme has multi-functionality, and it supports WooCommerce. The advantage of using this theme is that it has an integrated product search with the category selection tool.

This makes looking for a product very organized and comfortable for potential buyers. The theme allows the user to add multiple sections to the homepage with banners and promotions as well. The flexibility of this website lets the user use it for a jewellery shop, apparel shop or any other product. The theme has a responsive design which is essential for reaching out to more people. Responsive design allows the website to be optimized for all screen sizes. This gives eCommerce Gem a certain edge over the other free eCommerce WordPress themes.

4.  Shop Isle:

12 FREE eCommerce WordPress Themes- Shop Isle

It is a beautiful free eCommerce WordPress Theme. This theme has a more visual approach to selling products online. Shop Isle is based on Bootstrap, and it has an optimization to work well with WooCommerce plugin. By doing this, you wouldn’t need to spend much time in connecting a payment getaway, formatting or getting your products ready for the launch of your website. It is a reasonably flexible theme considering it’s free.

Shop Isle allows the user to build a one-page website; It has a full-screen hero image that is designed to appeal to the audience. Images are the most visual design element that people get attracted to instantly. Shop Isle capitalizes on this concept. To enhance the user experience, there is support for some cooling parallax effect that is generally not part of free themes. The user can place the CTA wherever they like on the website. It has a responsive design that makes it great for accessing it on any device.

5. Zigcy Lite:

Zigcy Lite WooCommerce theme

This is a beautiful theme that is built on Customizer. Due to this, you can customize your liking without any issues. You can customize the fonts and colors, moreover, you can construct the homepage as you want to showcase your best products and services.

The theme has deep WooCommerce integration hence it gives the user all the benefits of searching content and products, CTAs to invite visitors to look at the latest products, and a gorgeous slider as well.

6. Make:

12 FREE eCommerce WordPress Themes- Make

Make is an elegantly designed free eCommerce WordPress theme. The theme comes with a commendable list of functionality and can integrate most of WordPress’ best plugins. There is support for WooCommerce, Jetpack and Gravity Forms.

It is versatile to be used for various purposes like a portfolio site, a blog or a business site. Make allows you to design custom layouts to your pages with ease. It has a drag and drop page builder that makes it more accessible. The theme comes with 600+ Google Fonts and custom backgrounds. The theme is powerful enough to host an eCommerce website with ease.

7. AccessPress Store:

12 FREE eCommerce WordPress Themes- Access Press Store

AccessPress Store is a free eCommerce WordPress theme. It has a basic layout with a gorgeous slider and high res images. The slider has to overlay text and CTA buttons to generate a sales funnel to guide the audience to pages that would boost the user’s profitability.

AccessPress is designed to emphasize visual elements with banners, product sliders. Moreover, there are links to navigate the audience to different sections of the website. It complements WooCommerce very well. As a result, users can create their products, collect payments and do much more. You can add tags on your product listings, that allows the user to know when a product is on sale, or when a product is a new arrival.

8. Virtue:

Virtue Template Preview Image

Virtue is a great eCommerce WordPress theme. It is a versatile and multi-purpose theme. It has certain features that a user might generally only find in premium themes. Virtue has a clean, modern, and responsive design.

The theme has a great image slider and image carousel.  On the bottom half of the page, there is a blogroll with large featured images.  This makes Virtue an excellent theme for anyone who wants to build image-rich websites.

The theme has a vast range of functionality with social sharing buttons, contact cards, and an excellent portfolio gallery with support for animations like hover effect. The theme works great with WooCommerce. It has a beautifully designed product gallery view. The theme comes with a product page layout that has images, descriptions and similar product links as well that increases conversion chances significantly.

9. Responsive:

12 FREE eCommerce WordPress Themes- Responsive WordPress Theme

Responsive is a relatively simple yet effective free eCommerce WordPress theme. It doesn’t try to hide or be subtle about its intention. The reason for an eCommerce site has to be conversions and not just gathering traffic. Responsive highlights various CTAs in their right limelight and unapologetically to ensure more people make the buying decision leading to higher conversions.

There are gorgeously designed CSS buttons. These CSS buttons have color and size customization options. that can be customized in size and colors. Next, there are CSS info boxes that display bright, powerful messages to the visitors. This helps in capturing visitors’ attention to a sale or promotion you’re having.  As the name suggests, Responsive is a fully responsive theme and has many layout options to choose from. There are 11 customizable widget areas and social sharing buttons. It is fully compatible with WooCommerce.

10. Storefront:

Storefront Preview Image

Storefront is a great free eCommerce WordPress theme. It is tightly integrated with WooCommerce.WooThemes have developed this theme. Hence it is only natural to believe that this page would have the best of the WooCommerce support. It is a lightweight theme that makes its loading time a lot lesser.

This encourages people to not deviate from the site and spend more hours on it. Moreover, it is also bloat-free, which means there is an absence of any additional shortcodes, page builder plugins or any other such features. However, there is always an option to add all these functions to the theme. It has a full-width parallax image on the homepage.

In addition, the homepage has thumbnails for product categories and impressive product galleries.  You can change the color schematics of the theme to match your brand. There are unlimited colors to choose from. The theme is entirely responsive, as well.

11. i-Transform:

iTrnasform preview image

i-Transform is a super flexible free eCommerce WordPress theme that comes with many powerful functionality options. There are unlimited sliders, services, customer testimonials and a portfolio gallery. As a result, this makes them an all-rounder business website. The focus of this theme is content-centric.

The homepage is swamped with blog post snippets and thumbnails. These are horizontally and vertically displayed. This theme has support to add a store to your otherwise average business website. Hence shop isn’t the central idea, but it still manages to get an excellent job setup, as it has full support for WooCommerce. The theme comes with full-width layout, five background textures and prebuilt color schemes.

12. NanoShop Lite:

12 FREE eCommerce WordPress Themes- Nano Shop WordPress theme

NanoShop Lite is a particular free eCommerce WordPress Theme. It works best for selling technological or scientific products. The theme is lightweight and responsive. There are SEO capabilities and multi-lingual support. It has an appealing image slider, stylish image galleries and a standout blue color scheme. There are two layouts to choose from; full-width and boxed. It is  WooCommerce compatible and is designed for eCommerce.

These were the 12 best free eCommerce WordPress themes that you should check out today. Setting up a website manually can be a very costly affair, especially an eCommerce website. These themes provide a better alternative at no cost, which should motivate anyone to try them out for their next eCommerce website.

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