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7 Web Development Frameworks for Your Next Project

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With the evolution of the web and changing versatility of online space which is growing rapidly, the methods of developing feature-rich applications are getting more complicated than ever before. Applications are becoming more complex, and the requirements of the users are changing at a constant pace. Nowadays, it is not quite easy to create a sense of satisfaction among the customers with the basic online presence, since everyone expects to see you remain updated according to latest trends of technology, which you can look up in places such as websitesetup.org. However, the burden can be greatly reduced if the developers are well-trained and knowledgeable with the latest frameworks for web development.

Since there is a large number of web development frameworks which are currently available on the market, it can be quite a daunting and tedious task to pick and choose the right one for your upcoming web development project. In this roundup, we have gathered the top web development frameworks that you can use to obtain quality work at a considerably lower cost and faster time.

  1. Angularjs

In case you are already up-to-date with the latest web development technologies out there on the market, then Angularjs should be a familiar name which you might have heard. It is a JavaScript open-source framework that is designed especially for single-page website applications by the use of MVC architectural pattern. It is a front-end framework rather than  full stack, which deals basically with webpages.

After the recent release of Angular 2, there is a complete revamp of the previous version. This particular framework has been able to create a lot of hype among web developers. Now, they are coming up with Angular 4, rather than Angular 3, which is even better. It is a Google product which is there to stay in the top web development frameworks and will be considered as a top pick for many developers for their next web development project.

  1. Laravel

When it comes to discussion of backend web development frameworks, Laravel is among the best ones which come into mind. It came into existence in 2011 and has shown quite a bright path to web developers since then. It is a free as well as an open-source PHP web framework that is intended to build state-of-the-art web applications while following the MVC or model-view-controller architectural pattern.

Some of the salient features of Laravel are the modular packaging system along with a dedicated dependency manager as well as utilities which help in application deployment, along with maintenance, and many ways for accessing the different relational databases and its orientation towards the particular syntactic sugar. These are some of the few reasons which make Laravel one of best PHP framework and why it tracks PHP developers to build a new application based on this framework.

  1. React.js

ReactJS is essentially an open source JavaScript library which is managed by Facebook as well as a number of developers. This particular library which can also be used as a web development framework is used quite extensively in developing UI or user interface for a variety of web applications. This framework was created with the inherent purpose of developing large applications that contain data that gets changed constantly over time. Moreover, the developers of React.js are working on something quite interesting in upcoming futures which is termed as React Fibre. It is essentially an ongoing re-implementation of core algorithm of ReactJS. It has been touted as the culmination of research by React team for a couple of years.

  1. Node.js

The major notion of Node.js is to utilize the non-blocking as well as event-driven I/O such that they remain to be lightweight as well as efficient against the real-time applications which work with a large amount of data that runs on distributed devices.

It is simple not just as a framework, but in its complete environment. It remains to be the favorite among web developers for quite some time and is expected to stay for some time to come. Node.js also assists in creating scalable as well as fast network applications since it is quite capable of taking on quite a significant number of concurrent connections with excellent performance, which makes it extremely scalable. In case you want a complete JavaScript environment with all the essential tools,  development using this particular framework may be the best thing for you.

  1. Ruby on Rails

It is among the most favorite frameworks among  web developers and continues to remain so. It is quite a funny programming language which makes the developers happy at work. Few of the big and popular brands such as Hulu, Basecamp, Airbnb have developed their websites with this framework. It has become completely free of cost from 2005, and it runs on Linux, which is open-source too. It is quite easy as well as joyful to work with when considered from the developer’s perspective. Along with this, it allows web developers to move from the different planning stages to actual development very fast, and it makes it easier to handle this transition when it is compared with other technologies.

  1. Symfony

Symfony is actually a PHP framework that is quite well suited for large-scale, or in other terms complex enterprise level projects. It is essentially a stable framework. Symphony 3.1 is the current version which assists the developers in developing a scalable website which is flexible to the changing and evolving business requirements. Symfony can also work with few of the largest open source platforms like Drupal, Piwik and PHPBB.

It consists of a set of PHP components along with Application framework as well as Community and an inherent Philosophy. All of these work in tandem to assist in realizing a common goal. These are the different reasons which make the Symfony an advanced framework when it comes to web development.

  1. ASP.NET

Last but not last, ASP.NET is among the best web development frameworks built by Microsoft and is considered by developers as quite a powerful tool when it comes to creating dynamic websites along with rich web apps as well as web portals. .Net is essentially built on Common Language Runtime or CLR which provides the developer with an opportunity to write ASP.NET code using any language which is supported by .NET.

At present, a large number of software development companies along with a significant number of developers choose this framework as their preferred technology for web development. It is also open source which has over 15% of the market share. So, if the developer has a knack for Microsoft technologies, then he or she can build great dynamic websites as well as rich web apps without any hassle by using .NET.


Web development is changing at quite a rapid pace. It is essential for developers to be well-versed and up-to-date with the latest technologies in order to cater the requirements of the customers. The demand for applications which have cutting-edge solutions and features is getting quite high, and developers need to be able to keep up with the latest web development technological trends. It is imperative to be able to create the desired application with significantly less time and lower cost, while making applications that fit the needs and wants of the customers. The above-mentioned web development technologies are among the best ones to develop such applications. They are certainly the ones which have been able to deliver state-of-the-art applications which fit the requirement of the today’s customer – someone who is technology savvy and wants a lot out of the applications.

Do you have any additional web development frameworks that you are currently using or have used recently, and you’d like to add to our list? If so, please share them in the comment section below.

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  1. I tend to use ASP.Net, it has many promising features. They say, soon it will be mixed with .Net Core, so the functionality will be even more efficient.


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