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Top 10 Fun Halloween WordPress Themes

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Halloween is around the corner, and we have come up again with WordPress themes that are based on Halloween. All the themes here are styled with Halloween, and they are free for you to download and use on your website. When it comes to decorating your website during festivals, you can always rely on festive-themed style ups. And this time, it’s Halloween!

This blog lets you see and download all the Halloween WordPress themes and enables you to decorate your website with Halloween WordPress theme. These themes work correctly when you want to offer your website a horror, ghoulish, or gothic appearance. Let us take a look at each of the themes in detail.

1. Halloween:


This is the first Halloween theme with the same name that the professionals dealing with Halloween merchandise can use in their WordPress based website. The Horror industry can be used dealing with writers, artists, t-shirt printers, bloggers, musicians, and more. With this theme, you can customize the background, use custom colors, and custom headers. You also get a custom menu, featured images section, microformats, post-formats section, and sticky post customization. It also offers translation to other languages if your website means to target multilingual audiences. The threaded comment section is another advantage this WordPress theme has to provide you with. You can download the theme for free and try if your website needs a revamp during the festival.

2. Halloween theme:

Halloween theme

Halloween theme is a WordPress theme that is available free of cost. It manages to keep the spirit of Halloween alive. The theme not only celebrates the festival, but it also embraces it wholeheartedly. This theme is available in two primary colors related to Halloween – black and orange. The theme’s color scheme makes it suitable for websites that deal with kids’ websites or blogging platforms. The Halloween theme is based on SMT framework 2.0 and supports Ecwid and WooCommerce. It features a Dynamic content loader, customized sidebars, and Google Maps code snippet. Its primary feature is that it has a responsive website design, which makes the theme compatible for use on any device screen. You get readymade customized widgets, social media icons, readymade contact page, translation options, and SEO optimization. Since it is compatible with the latest WordPress versions, you can use it with any WordPress version that you currently have. With advanced editor options and multicolored posts that are interrelated, it makes the theme perfect for your website.

3. PartyMaker:


PartyMaker is a premium WordPress theme that you can implement if you are in the mood of celebrating Halloween. The theme is compatible with a one-page template and blog platforms. It offers a calendar, dropdown menu feature, Google map integration, Favicon, supports Google Web Fonts, Social media options, and cross-browser compatibility. You also get various options for background, live customization, comment section, and performance optimization. Moreover, the theme is responsive, search engine friendly backend code has an admin panel, visual editor, and optimized source code. It also has an Elementor page creator, Ecwid ready, sample data installer, and retina scan ready. You get long term maintenance and support from its developers whenever you run into an issue. It also supports contact form and search form.

4. Halloween Atmosphere Theme:

Halloween Atmosphere

This is a responsive theme that makes it compatible with every screen and looks great on every device. It has an inbuilt customization module that lets you customize the theme on the go. Moreover, it offers customized post types and post formats, 80+ shortcodes, ready for multiple languages, color options, and a filterable portfolio. You also can access sliders and personalized widgets. It also gives you access to sliced PSD, Back to Top button, integration of Google maps, support to Google Web Fonts, and social media buttons.

Additionally, customized page templates, tooltips, tabs, Favicon, dropdown menu are also a part of this WordPress theme. It has an admin panel, friendliness towards search engines, and it is WPML ready. The theme is based on the Cherry and Bootstrap framework and can be used for blogs and portfolio showcase.

5. Halloween Responsive Theme:

Halloween Responsive Theme

As the name suggests, it is a responsive WordPress theme that makes it compatible with devices of all kinds of screen sizes. It is a festive toned theme that makes your website and blog portal look quite attractive. With this theme, you get advanced theme options, sliced PSD, cross-browser compatibility, customized page templates, and dropdown menus. It also offers back to top button, access to the calendar, supports Google maps, and social media buttons. Tabs, tooltips, tag cloud, and Favicon are other significant features of the said WordPress theme. The coding of the theme is in CSS3, JQuery, HTML5, and LESS. It also offers integration with Audio player and Video integration. For galleries, it has accordion, carousel, isotope, and slider variants available. With online chat and Ecwid ready, it makes it an ideal festive theme for you to take up and show your website to the world.

6. Allhallows:


Allhallows is a clean yet responsive HTML5 based WordPress theme. This theme has been designed with a mobile-first approach keeping its modern theme intact. Moreover, it focuses mainly on ease of use and simplicity of the design. With a well-commented code, it makes it easier for you to track down bugs and errors. The theme is suitable mostly for the landing page, event page, product page, or particular web page. It offers one unique page, two unique pop-ups, font awesome icons and symbols, and support to Google web fonts. Allhallows provides cross-browser support and has been tested on real devices for its feasibility and appearance. The theme is perfectly valid and functional with HTML5 and CSS3 files and codes. Moreover, it is retina ready, making it the latest theme. You also get a useful contact form, and all the files have comments wherever required, which makes it easy to understand the code and track the errors and issues.

7. Kelleyroo Halloween Theme:

Kelleyroo WordPress theme

This theme is given out by the WordPress website and has a fresh design from the Halloween perspective. The most significant feature is it has three color options like purple, orange, and black. It is ready for widget customization, and you get a two-column layout for your textual content that makes it look sophisticated. The theme also includes a hero image slider, font awesome icons, and symbols support Google fonts and are Gutenberg optimized. It offers sliders, CSS animations, and provides support for WPML. You can access this theme from the link given above.

8. Halloween 404:

Halloween 404

When you want to include a spooky error page, you can use this template in your WordPress website and blog platform. It is a stylish page with responsive design, animations, and retina scans ready, making it the latest theme. The theme offers customization at so many levels, also for beginners. It has a contemporary layout with practical HTML and CSS codes. Font face integration makes it a WordPress theme that is ahead of time. It also consists of documentation that offers a complete understanding of the theme. Because of its high customization, the theme is widely accepted by WordPress theme enthusiasts. You can go and access the theme from the link mentioned above. The theme is compatible with Facebook, Bootstrap 3.x, Foundation 6, and Foundation 5. Halloween 404 package includes layered PNG, HTML files, CSS files, and JS files.

9. Zombie 404:

Zombie 404

So many people like zombies and Zombieland. They fantasize about zombies. Then why can’t we have a zombie as a 404 error page on WordPress? Hence, for zombie lovers, Zombie 404 is a 404 page not found error WordPress template. It claims to make your website scarier than it already is, with WordPress Halloween themes. The page shows a horrendously manicured nails on a green colored palm. This template features animated visuals, is creative in its representation with simplicity, and easy to use.

Moreover, the files of this template have LESS and CSS files included in their package. This template offers cross-browser compatibility, and you don’t have to worry about whether it renders correctly if the browser version changes. The package of this template also includes HTML, CSS, and JS files. It has a liquid layout, and it comes with well-defined documentation that helps you understand the code behind the template. Check the template on the link given above. There are also specific plugins that you can use with your WordPress website to provide it with even more of a realistic look.

10. Halloween 3D for WordPress:

Halloween 3D for WordPress

This plugin is a multi-purpose jQuery library so that you can smartly yet comfortably redesign or add embellishments to your WordPress website. It is easily integrated into any WordPress website and offers around 13 unique photos. The animation of the plugin seamlessly fades as you scroll down the page. You also get a hide button with the button’s customizable styling, and hiding modes are also included with the plugin. It features any png sprite. Halloween 3D offers modernistic yet smoothly animated visuals that keep your site visitors attracted to your website. It supports all IE browsers above the 11th version. You can configure a live camera, which is the most significant thing about this plugin. The plugin is fully responsive; hence it functions accurately when it is rendered on a different device. It performs well irrespective of the screen being used. With a highly optimized code, you get a well-performing, robust and secure plugin that you can rely upon when you use it on your website. It has been developed using Object-Oriented Javascript, and hence there are no complex HTML codes in the plugin. As this plugin has been tested on various real devices, you know it can function well on your device. Well-experienced developers have written the code, and it does not have any scope of malfunction or bugs creeping in.


People all over the world celebrate Halloween with great enthusiasm and pomp. Children dress up as tiny ghouls and ghosts and visit door to door for trick or treat. If the person on the door treats the kids, they offer candies to the children. But if they deny any treat to the kids, the kids threaten them to trick the family members and terrify them. It is a fun festival, and people dress up as monsters, ghosts, ugly creatures, and ghouls. The sales of Halloween merchandise rise every year. Hence you should also invest in WordPress themes based on it.

Moreover, you don’t require a web designer’s services if your website is based on WordPress. If you want to use up the Halloween theme, you can find the themes and templates based on Halloween from the above-given list. Additionally, you don’t need to redesign your entire website from scratch. The readymade themes can be installed straight away, and some can be customized in real-time. Hence, you won’t have to bring down the site under the pretext of maintenance, for customization.

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