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7 Fun Flash Games For Inspiration

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All of the talk in the video game world either revolves around Skyrim, Call of Duty; Modern Warfare 3, or motion activated technology like the XBOX Kinect. We have become too immersed in massive worlds, online multi-player gaming, and advanced technology to realize that the games we play aren’t as much fun as they are all-encompassing and addictive. While taking up massive amounts of online storage and high concentrations of RAM on next-gen consoles, these games never lack technology but too often neglect the element of fun.

With the power of Adobe Flash, some developers are eschewing the normal web design and development roles in favor of bringing back classic 8-bit gaming staples to the computer platform.

One of the best areas of Flash is the online games. Adobe Flash can be used as an excellent tool for creating the most dynamic and interactive web pages and cutting edge video players known to man. Their popularity lies in the fact that you can go online anytime and start playing a game. There is a huge variety of Flash games out there and we decided to look for some of the best, fun Flash games we could find.

We have chosen 7 fun Flash games that stand out from the crowd. If you are a Flash developer then these games are a great source of inspiration. Have some fun and play these cook Flash games on your work breaks today. You will love them for sure and they will most likely bring back great memories!

7-Moby Dick 2

Moby Dick 2 Flash Games For Inspiration

In this game, you get to be a great white whale killing humans to protect yourself. The controls of the game are really interesting here. You use your mouse to set the direction of the whale while the whale keeps on moving at all times. You have to use the momentum of the whale to attack boats. One of the many good things in this game is the upgrades. You can earn upgrade points which you can use to improve you whale’s size, speed and lots of other things. All in all, this game was well-thought, is it both highly interesting and catch and it is a great source of inspiration if you are a  flash developer.

Click here to playMoby Dick 2

6-Fireboy and Watergirl – The Light Temple

Fireboy and Watergirl – The Light Temple Flash Games For Inspiration

If you liked the previous example then you will definitely love this game as well. This game has a really unique gameplay. It’s a puzzle game in which you get to control 2 characters; fireboy and water girl. You have to use your brain and control both the characters at the same time to solve the puzzle. It is highly interactive and catchy! Check it out and see if you find your inspiration.

Click here to play Fireboy and Watergirl – The Light Temple

5-The Fancy Pants adventure world 2

The Fancy Pants adventure world 2 Flash Games For Inspiration

Flash games are always fun and that is the reason for this game being on this list, thanks to its ease of play and fun. This is the kind of game that people look for in flash games. The graphics and gameplay are amazing. There are a lot of levels so you wouldn’t get bored with this game anytime soon.

Click here to play The Fancy Pants adventure world 2


Shift Flash Games For Inspiration

Among all the puzzle games that I have ever played, this game is the most unique and most addictive. When you start to play this game, it’s just an ordinary jump and runs game but when the shift comes in, it’s a whole new world. Whenever you press the <Shift> key in this game, the stage would change states. You have to solve the puzzle while thinking about both the states of the game. This game is a great exercise for the brain. This example is really worth checking out and it can be a great source of inspiration.

Click here to play Shift

3-Liquid measure 2

Liquid measure 2 Fun Flash Games For Inspiration

There are a lot of games out there that look alike this game. But this game tops all of them because of the graphics, the gameplay and by introducing new things in every new level. In this game, you have to put the pipes together to form a path for the water to its destination. The game starts out easy but after a few levels, it gets really interesting and difficult. It’s the ability of this game to keep the user immersed that has earned this game the 3rd spot. Check it out!

Click here to play Liquid Measure 2

2-Shell shock live

Shell shock live Fun Flash Games For Inspiration

The capabilities of flash have always been underestimated. But this is a game that really leverages the power of Flash. The game offers a unique multiplayer experience in flash. This is a turn-based game in which all players have to target the other team in their turn. There is a huge variety of weapons in this game and all of them are really interesting. The in-game chat is also very interesting. Messages from a user are always shown as a bubble on their tank. This is a new concept and it is really interesting.  This game presents a lot of details and interactive ways to keep players interested and focused on the game, making this example worthy of the second place. You should really check this game out and see if you find your inspiration.

Click here to play Shell Shock Live


Raze Fun Flash Games For Inspiration

If we can choose one factor for determining a good game then that factor wouldn’t be graphics or gameplay or its multiplayer capabilities. The only factor that matters is how much fun you have playing the game. And Raze is a game which scores a 10/10 on that factor. Raze is an action game in which the main theme is to shoot and kill. There are 2 campaign modes and a lot of single player modes. The graphics of the game are impressive. The huge variety of weapons is amazing. If you are making a game then make sure that Fun is on the top of your list.

Click here to play Raze

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