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Halloween is only a couple of days away, and I thought I would compile a showcase of Halloween based artwork to inspire you.This showcase is made up of illustrations, vectors, drawings, and photos. Let me know what one you like best, and what one you think is the scariest.

If you have any more you would like to add to the list, or any ideas of Halloween posts for the rest of the week, let us know via email or feel free to drop us a comment below.


Bacardi Halloween Based Artwork

This awesome advertisement for Bacardi was created by Indigo Studios. They created the background first, printed it and used it for the shooting. It was created especially for Halloween. It looks professional and really creepy!


 Halloween Based Artwork

This is an awesome illustration for Halloween. It looks like an image from a game. It is dynamic and it would definitely scare people on this holiday.


GVSE Halloween Based Artwork

This awesome Angel & Demon illustration was created using amazing Photoshop skills and photo manipulation techniques. This example can be used as an inspiration for creating awesome Halloween illustrations! You can try out this technique and improve your photoshop skills!

All Hallows Eve

All Hallows Eve Artwork

This is a really nice Halloween illustration designed by IreneHorrors. The elements look hand-drawn and the grey color palette is a great detail. The red gargoyles are also a nice touch.

Art of Horror

Art of Horror Halloween Based Artwork

If you’re a fan of this holiday, then you’ll definitely want to have a look at this illustration. Art of Horror was created for “Halloween Castle Frankenstein”, a Horror-Live-Event that usually takes place in Germany. In this event, people adventure into surviving a horror castle!

Halloween Town

Halloween Town Artwork

Do you like cartoons? This is a very cool Halloween illustration with a very detailed vector character. It has its inspiration in anime characters. The scary character holding a Halloween pumpkin looks really nice and you can easily see that someone put a lot of effort into designing him. The background picture is also nice and blends in perfectly. The result is quite amazing and unique.

Art of Horror

Art of Horror Halloween Based Artwork

Just like the illustration you have seen earlier, this illustration was created for “Halloween Castle Frankenstein” a Horror-Live-Event in Germany. If you’ll dig in more into this event, you’ll find many scary Halloween posters.

Art of Horror

Art of Horror Halloween Based Artwork

This one is another great illustration created for “Halloween Castle Frankenstein” a Horror-Live-Event in Germany. Check out the link for more inspiration.

Crafty little demons

Crafty little demons by IrenHorrors on DeviantArt

Crafty Little Demons has a witch as the main character for this illustration. It was done by IreneHorrors who is quite a fan of Halloween. She has a dark red dress that looks great on that light grey background. The witch is surrounded by “crafty little creatures.


Halloween Artwork

This looks cute rather than scary. The color palette this illustration is based on is very nicely chosen. The character, details, and background mix well together and they make a really nice thematic illustration.

Jack O Lantern

Jack O Lantern Halloween Based Artwork

There’s no fun without Jack O Lantern! This is another fun and cute vector illustration created for Halloween. It’s not that scary but it is an inspiration for some more child-friendly Halloween-thematic illustrations.

This is Halloween

This is Halloween Artwork

This nice drawing was created by a very talented artist who definitely worked hard to create this awesome example. It’s not vectorized but it could be a base for a really nice thematic graphic illustration. You should definitely check it out and who knows, maybe you’ll start drawing your next project immediately.


Halloween vector Artwork

This is an Anime kind of illustration with a Halloween theme. It has a main character and a very detailed abstract background.

The Phantom Gourd

The Phantom Gourd by JamesBousema on DeviantArt

A lot of effort was put into designing this phantom gourd. The color palette is nice and so is the illustration. This phantom gourd supposedly came from another realm to bring the Halloween holiday upon us!

DN Halloween

 DN Halloween Artwork

What I like most about this awesome Haloween illustration is the way the characters were created. They have something really unique. Probably it’s their huge eyes.


16 Halloween Artwork

If you’re looking for a fun Halloween illustration then you have definitely come to the right place. Look at those sphere hands and wet eyes! This is a super fun, kid-friendly Halloween illustration.


17 Halloween Artwork

This one is kind of scary but it is great for a Halloween graphic project. The grungy, rusty background is a really nice detail and creates a macabre atmosphere.

Happy Halloween

18 Halloween Artwork

This looks like Sailor Moon was taken from its cartoon and placed in a Halloween land. It is nowhere near creepy but it makes a great Halloween illustration.

Halloween Tree

Halloween Tree Artwork

This is a great Halloween illustration. It is perfect to be used as a desktop wallpaper during this holiday.

Pumpkin Lantern

Pumpkin Lantern Halloween Based Artwork

Last but not least, this example is great and it can be a really good source of inspiration. This is a nice pumpkin lantern illustration with some cool glowing effects.

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  1. these are really cool, I love them all, they are stunning in their own right….. such talent, the “Jack O Lantern” one reminds me of what should be a Jack-in-the-Box commercial (hamburger joint in the SE) someday I’d like to learn how to design….ahhhh….so much to do, so little time…..thx for sharing!


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