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Top 12 Multipurpose WordPress Themes This Year

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There are plenty of all-purpose tools and gadgets on the market that can do some things well. But not everything they claim. This is in line with the familiar adage: “Jack of all trades, master of none.”

More than a few multipurpose themes also fall into this category. This is a situation that’s led some to believe that multipurpose themes don’t live up to their promotions.

The truth is, there are plenty of multipurpose WordPress themes you can use for any type of website. You can get exceptional results every time.

Your real challenge does not involve trying to find a genuinely multipurpose theme. It’s trying to find one that suits your particular needs.

We believe we’ve come across 12 products that will do just that as we regard them as being the best on the 2019 market. At least one of them should fit your needs – precisely.

With that, let’s get started.

  1. Be Theme

Be Theme lays claim to be the biggest WordPress theme ever. Its huge selection of core website-building features bears that claim out. It’s not simply due to its large size that you find it at the top of our list. It’s what it can do in the website building world – which is virtually anything and everything.

A brand new Header Builder is yet another indication that Be Theme just keeps getting better. The highlight however would be its more than 400 pre-built websites.

They are professionally designed, responsive, customizable, and feature the design elements and functionality that serve as a solid foundation for a robust and friendly UX – every time.

The 400+ pre-built websites also cover the complete industry and business spectrum and also address all the website styles and types you’re ever likely to encounter. A host of shortcodes together with a shortcode generator, layout generator, and advanced options panel extend Be Theme’s flexibility even more.

If the ability to create a website in as little as 4 hours sounds good to you, give Be Theme a try.

  1. Jupiter

Jupiter X is a makeover of the Jupiter WordPress theme that could claim 100,000 users. It’s the brainchild of Artbees a member of the Power Elite Envato wall of fame. Jupiter X is totally scalable and extremely user- and developer-friendly.

It’s biggest selling point may be that it enables its users to build virtually anything by being able to customize design elements that are normally not easily customizable in other themes, or not customizable at all. Jupiter X also allows you to build popups, create special forms, and design advanced menu formats and functionalities you won’t find elsewhere.

You can also design your headers and footers from scratch instead of having to try to customize templates to suit your needs. And, you can do the same for blog pages, portfolios, and WooCommerce shops.

With Jupiter X, you can customize everything.

  1. Uncode – Creative Multiuse WordPress Theme

This pixel-perfect multipurpose WordPress theme is definitely worth your consideration as it has everything you need to build attention-getting, fully-responsive websites of any style, of any type, and for any purpose.

Uncode demonstrates the results you can expect to see once you use it. Their showcase of user-created website examples is stunning and inspiring. We could go on and on about Uncode’s many features, but the showcase tells you all you need to know.

In addition to enabling you to create websites of virtually any type and style, this multipurpose theme, which is one of ThemeForest’s all-time bestsellers, really struts its stuff when you apply it to creating blog formats and portfolios.

Much of Uncode’s flexibility and impressive website-building capability is due to its popular adaptive grid system. Uncode is also easy to use and you don’t have to be concerned about coding – coding is simply not necessary.

  1. Brook – Creative Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Brook’s authors took great care to ensure their multipurpose theme provide the best smooth and seamless performance its users would expect. Having accomplished that, they produced an outstanding array of demos, blogs, portfolios, landing pages, online shop layouts for WooCommerce & Instagram.

With every big update, users will be given new homepages with fantastic features and the latest version of built-in plugins. ThemeMove team always keep it up, that’s how they became ThemeForest’s Power Elite Author.

  1. Kalium

Kalium has something for everyone. Its elegant coding will appeal to developers. Its ease of use, imposing array of drag and drop elements, shortcodes, and plugin-friendly features will appeal to designers. And the stunning websites its full-concept design demos make possible will appeal to clients and businesses.

All this, and with this purposeful and powerful multipurpose theme you can build a page, a post, or a blog in minutes.

  1. TheGem – Creative Multi-Purpose High-Performance WordPress Theme

Designed for creatives, TheGem is also a perfect solution for startups looking for a way to introduce their products and services. Many have chosen this multipurpose theme as their website-building toolbox because that’s precisely what TheGem is.

It’s not just any toolbox however; it’s the ultimate WordPress website-building toolbox with a host of features and tools than includes 50+ multi-purpose design concepts and 150 demo pages with which you can build a website in minutes.

  1. Bridge

Why select Bridge? Any of its 110,000+ happy customers would probably be glad to tell you. Some will say its Bridge’s library of 370+ pre-made websites. Others will mention the WP Bakery page builder and other premium plugins.

Still others will want to talk about this multipurpose theme’s open-ended customizability, and more than a few will say it’s all the above. Its 5-star rated support has also contributed to the best-selling theme’s popularity.

  1. Pofo – Creative Portfolio, Blog and eCommerce WordPress Theme

As the name implies, Pofo’s main strength may lie in its ability to enable its users to create one stunning portfolio after another; making it especially useful for agencies and creative types, and for other businesses as well.

Pofo also has everything you’ll need to build the eCommerce website you may have dreamed about. Whatever your needs, you’ll find this multipurpose theme is blazing- fast, responsive, flexible, and search engine optimized.

  1. KLEO – Pro Community Focused, Multi-Purpose BuddyPress Theme

KLEO is an ideal choice for startups hoping to make themselves known, but because of its extreme plugin friendliness it can easily be extended to satisfy your needs for any type of website for any purpose.

Being “interesting” doesn’t sell many website building tools, but it certainly hasn’t stopped this community-focused multipurpose theme from acquiring a large and devoted following.

  1. Schema

The Schema multipurpose WordPress theme has all the tools and features you need. That in itself doesn’t distinguish it from most other top WordPress themes, but there’s a twist. Schema hits head on the search engine optimization challenges that web designers often face.

Schema guides search engines through your site one content element at a time. It also loads your pages lightning-fast, a feature that earns high marks from the search engines.

  1. Movedo – We DO MOVE Your World

MOVEDO rocks – your website that is. It can be hard enough to keep visitors engaged, but what this multipurpose theme makes your visitors do is to want to hang around. The reasons; cutting edge designs, ultra-cool animations, ultra-dynamic parallax effects, and other ultra “things”, like making stationary images appear to wander around.

Yes, MOVEDO enables you to create websites that will keep people engaged – and entertained as well!

  1. Crocal – Premium WordPress Theme

When a WordPress theme is the new kid on the block, you might be tempted to give it a pass, at least until it’s proven itself. That could be a big mistake. Crocal already has proven itself. Created by a #1-rated ThemeForest Elite Author, Crocal has been making some big waves since its January launch.

Its advanced grid system is one key reason. Optimized for Gutenberg, GDPR requirements compliance, and being fully compliant with the most recent WordPress version are others.


We’ve tried to make your search for a better website-building theme a little easier for you. We narrowed it down to 12 we consider the best of the best. We hope we’ve succeeded. That said, there’s still some work for you to do.

You still need to find the one that will serve your needs best. That choice is of course entirely up to you. We’ve provided enough information to make this final part of your search effort go smoothly.

Happy shopping!

Julian Dorobantu
Julian is a talented writer and digital media professional with BawMedia. We are proud to have Julian as one of our contributing writers to help our readers get the most value in web and graphic design resources.

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