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Just over a month ago we asked you, the readers or WebDesignDev, how much you turnover annually in $$$’s just from internet revenue. We have had nearly 250 voters, and the results are amazing. Put it this way, we have alot of wealthy readers. But not all the results were up in the sky.

Many WebDesignDev readers struggle to earn over $500 / year from online income (from what we can see in the graph below). $500 / 12 = $41.67 per Month. Now that’s really easy to make if your a part web designer / freelancer who only works maybe a few hours a month.

The Graph Chart


As you can see from the graph, the most amount of people earn less than $500 / year. In second place comes the $50,000 or more category at the other end of the chart. The ratio between these 2 categories is 3:1. So for every 3 people earning under $500 a year, 1 person is earning over $50,000 / year, just from online income.

From the graph you can see the amount of voters each category had via the number at the top of each bar. If you think you are part of the under $500 or under $1000 a year category, then you may want to check out some of the following resources to bring yourself up the money scale…

  • List yourself at some of these, and scan the job boards – 20 places to go for professional web design
  • Three uncomfortable ways to make money as a freelancer – View Post At Freelance Folder
  • How to make a lot more money as a web designer – A useful article written by us
  • You may want to create a profitable blog alongside your portfolio – See our web designer to do list that teaches you how to create your first blog.
  • Yes you can make money in web design.

The Pie Chart


Unlike the bar chart, the pie chart displays the percent of votes that each category had. Coming in third place was the less than $5,000 category. This is the most likely category for the part time web designers and freelancers, along with the under $10,000 category.

If you have any suggestions for future polls that you think would be good to put up, then please feel free to email us, or even drop us a comment to this post. Also a big Thank You to all the WebDesignDev readers who voted in this poll. Keep the money coming in!

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8 thoughts on “How Much Money Do WebDesignDev Readers Turnover Annually From Internet Income”

  1. This doesn’t make any sense. Are all of these people students? Does this include web design and development? The industry standard is $2000-2500 for developing a *small* website. Otherwise, you should be billing at least $45-50/hour. If clients can’t pay those rates, they are a waste of your time. Why give away your skills for nothing?

  2. Interesting. I assumed most web designers maxed out at $45000 a year. Was this strictly “online” funding?

    I freelance and I make less than $500 from online sources, but much from local web companies projects.

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  4. Hello Andy,

    really interesting article. I think there is one little mistake

    In the 2nd paragraph the sentence “Many WebDesignDev readers struggle to earn over $500 / month from online income”

    I think you mean $500/year ?



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