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Top 10 Wedding Invitation WordPress Themes

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Weddings are one of the most important days of our lives. Memories created during a wedding are cherished forever by family and friends. If you would like to share your wedding memories online with your friends and family who may have not been able to make it to the big day, a WordPress website is a great idea. It also allows you to store the memories of your wedding day online, readily accessible with a single click.

Its a great idea to build a wedding website before the wedding and use it to invite your friends and family members to your wedding as well. You can also post information on what to expect and an itinerary of the big day itself. WordPress is a good platform to build a quick website showcasing your wedding photos and videos. What’s more, there are numerous wedding themes available that you can use to build your website.

Below is a list of WordPress wedding themes with different features that are perfect to be used for wedding invitation websites:

1. The Wedding Day: 

The Wedding Day

This theme allows you to motivate others to share their love story. People like love stories and this theme is designed for it. You can consider this theme as an opportunity to tell your beautiful love story because where else you will get a chance? This theme is extremely responsive and can be easily customized to suit your wedding invitation. You also get the additional features of RSVP form, countdown, and guestbook in this WordPress Theme.

Video tutorials for beginners make it easy to work around different features in this theme.

2. Wedding Planner:

This wedding invitation theme comes with much more than would expect in terms of information to be shared in a traditional invitation. With this wedding invitation theme you can get as creative as you like. Wedding Planner theme is a combination of modern style, elegance, and creativity as an ideal wedding invitation theme. If you or your partner are not familiar with coding then this is the theme for you. As this theme has a bespoke design and you don’t require coding to showcase everything on the wedding website.

3. OneLove:

One Love

OneLove is a great selection if you are planning to create an exclusive wedding invitation website. This theme has elegance and class along with a clean look for multiple ideas and purposes. You can use this theme for personal wedding blogs, wedding planning websites, marriage anniversary and all other wedding website. This theme has some exceptional features like beautiful in-built templates, RSVP form, slideshow, countdown, video slider, and photo gallery. As a result, it is best suitable for any kind of wedding invitation website.

4. Idylle:


If you are you looking for a unique wedding invitation website then, you definitely want to check out Idylle. Because this excellent wedding invitation website theme has great inclusive customization features. In fact, this theme will ensure that your wedding invitation website stands out with a unique look. Apart from the unique features, it is a clean looking theme with a modern appearance. Additionally, it is mobile-friendly and compatible with all popular browsers. It is a great choice for making a wedding invitation website or engagement invitation website.

5. Alis:


Alis can be your dream wedding invitation website theme. It has the capacity to help you create a bespoke wedding website. This theme allows you to select the colors and layout to stand out for your wedding invitation website. Subsequently, you will be able to reflect your and your partner’s unique personality on the website. It is a niche theme for weddings and wedding related businesses. If you don’t have any web development skills then don’t worry, this theme will let you build your website with a drag and drop builder.

6. Honeymoon:


If you want to have a lovely and beautifully designed website about your wedding then you don’t need to be a website developer. Honeymoon has natural and responsive design to build your wedding website. It is elegant and contemporary and has amazing design options for particular pages of your wedding website. This theme also allows you to create a guest list, helps you manage plus ones and share your wedding invites. With these exceptional features, it will help you to simplify your wedding planning.

7. Perfect Couple:

Perfect Couple

Perfect Couple comes with excellent visuals and beautiful responsive design for your wedding invitation website. With this theme, you can share and highlight your lovely wedding moments cherished with your loved ones. You can also make personal bios of Bridesmaids and Groomsmen with Perfect Couple. As the name itself suggests Perfect Couple is actually perfect for any couple desiring of creating a stunning wedding invitation website.

8. Jack & Rose:

Jack and Rose

You can create your wedding invitation website in no time with this theme. It is a simple theme that can be set-up easily on WordPress. You don’t even have to worry about the budget with this theme. It is a pocket-friendly wedding website theme. Jack & Rose is a fancy wedding website theme for your quirky wedding function. Apart from that, this theme is fast, smooth, and mobile friendly. If you and your partner are the type who don’t usually walk the trodden path, then this whimsical website theme will be a good fit for you.

9. Fleur:


If you are a professional wedding planner then you must understand that a wedding is a very important event in everyone’s life. People want everything to be perfect and on time for this event. Thus, they hire you for the smooth execution of the event. Fleur is the ideal option for you to create a wedding invitation website for the couple in that case. There are chances you might get more business from a single wedding invitation website. This theme has everything, home & inner pages, powerful elements and practical features. So use this wonderful theme to highlight your excellence as a wedding planner.

10. Lily:


If you feel that weddings should be grand, not simple, then this wedding website theme is for you. This lovely theme can make your wedding look grand online. You should know that your wedding website will create the first impression of your wedding functions. This theme is charmingly designed for creating a responsive wedding website. You can easily create a wedding website within minutes using of this remarkable theme.

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