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10 Awesome MacBook Accessories Every Designer Should Have

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Working and designing a graphic design project on Apple Mac Book is a dream come true for every graphic designer. And MacBook comes with its own set of uses and benefits. State of the art technology, the latest features are things anyone would want to use. MacBook comes with its own set of accessories that are helpful for a MacBook user. But, there are certain accessories that a graphic designer would require that are high-end technologies and are the best devices a human being ever saw.

And there has been a certain amount of hype around the Apple brand and its uber-fresh products. Hence, working with such devices is generally a graphic designer’s dream as well as a requirement to produce and curate high-quality digital graphics.

In this blog, we look at such accessories that are compatible with Apple Mac Book, which is completely necessary for a graphic designer to work on his graphic designing projects. It would make the work easier and would produce top-notch digital graphics.

In this blog, you would come across various devices like cork keyboards, slipcases, power hubs, data storage devices, and so much more. These devices have futuristic appearances and are useful in today’s world as well as in the future. The devices under consideration are user-friendly, easy to set up, carry and easy to use. If you have the right budget, you should think of investing in such smart devices.

1. Targus UltraLife Thin Canvas Slipcase:

Targus Ultralife Thin Canvas Slipcase

It is over the top slipcase from Targus is ultra-thin and designed to fit Ultrabooks up to 14-inch screen sizes. It features small pockets for extra accessories for a compact fitting, and the bigger compartment allows the Ultrabook to sit in comfortably. The interior of the bigger compartment is lined with micro-suede material to prevent the material from scratching. It also gives shockproof protection to the Ultrabook. Since it is a highly durable material, it does not wear out quickly and is perfect for rough, everyday use. Moreover, it also protects your device from scratches and dust, thus making it a favorite among the UltraBook users.

It has a magnet-based closure to ensure secure closure and easy access to the laptop. This slipcase seems to have a fresh design because the shoulder strap is easily removable for your ease of access—the way the slipcase has a design, that they have maintained the fashion trend for appearance-conscious professionals.

2. MiniDrive for MacBook Pro:

MacBook Accessories - MiniDrive

The mini drive is a compact and sleek storage-expansion device for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro edition laptops. It easily slides into the SD slot of the laptop and is ready to use on the go. It boosts your storage capacity instantly and can grant you up to an additional 200 GB of storage space. With this amount of storage, you can easily store 62000 images, 32000 media files or Full HD videos around 1920 minutes long.

With its ability to be shockproof and waterproof, it makes the device practically indestructible. Hence your data is protected like never before because the MiniDrive has a memory card that sits compactly in the sleeve of SD port. It does not require much hard work or other tools for its removal. With backup configuration available, you can easily set up a periodic data backup procedure. And because it is waterproof and shockproof, the data is retained in case of accidents.

3. Glocal Me – World’s first Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot:


The Glocal Me is a portable Wi-Fi hotspot device. A long story short, you switch it on, you can recharge the account, and start using it right away. It creates a Wi-Fi network the way your phone gives out hotspot network for other devices to connect and access the Internet. It does not need a SIM card, but it has two SIM card slots if you don’t want to top up the GlocalMe account. The dimensions of the device are 117 mmx63.8 mmx20.9 mm which looks pretty bulky and chunky. The device costs around 199 Pounds. This device is up for sale online in the US, but if you are living in the UK, you can order the device through email or phone which still seems like a bit of an old fashioned way.

4. TouchSlab Wooden Trackpad:

Touch Slab Wooden Trackpad

This trackpad is made of maple wood or walnut wood and is a multi-touch device which also features a number pad. This device originates from Oree artisans, and they built this device with an emotional touch to it. This trackpad is compatible with Mac OS, Windows 7 or 8 computers which are Bluetooth enabled computers. This design is worth giving a try if you are accustomed to using a trackpad along with your computer. The trackpad has a very excellent design which works smoothly and is well functioning.

5. Anti Blue Light Screen Protector for MacBook:

MacBook Accessories - Anti Blue Light Screen Protector for MacBook

This Blue light screen protector blocks 90% of the blue light effectively, thereby protecting your eyes. Exposure to excessive blue light associates with less production of melatonin leading to sleep disorders, eye-straining and fatigue. But this Anti Blue light Screen protector protects human eyes from having too much exposure at blue light emitted from LED screen and is applicable for kids as well as human adults. It blocks blue light without blocking out the colors. It also offers 98% of UV blockage. Above this, it protects screen from the scratches and offers resistance against dust.

6. Apogee Groove:


Apogee Groove is a portable USB DAC headphone meant to be used to listen to the music on your MacBook or PC. Groove has adopted the high-quality technology that the audio recording studios use worldwide, which gets delivered to your laptop. To experience high-quality audio, you can connect Groove with your laptop and connect the speakers or headphones to the Groove output socket. Apogee’s Constant Current Drive technology makes sure that headphones give out the best sound quality, which is entirely different from the music quality you can listen. You can make out the bass, the sounds, the instruments and the like.

Apogee has been the best in the sound and audio industry. It is trusted by the music directors and audio engineers all over the world because Apogee produces award-winning sound quality music. Be it any genre of the music, the sound quality from Apogee is top class.

7. Keyboard Shortcut Skins:

MacBook Accessories - Keyboard Shortcut Skins

Keyboard shortcut skins are for sticking the labels on the keyboard. Video editing professionals use these skins for post-production tasks. It looks at vital custom commands that have dedicated, color-coded keys and an explicit symbolization of each key on the keyboard. These skins are there to learn the Adobe Photoshop shortcuts on the keyboard. This skin has high-quality Japanese silicon. With the thickness of 0.5mm, it gives a smooth feel to the fingers. It surely claims to be protective of the keyboard from scratches and dust.

Along with this, it also covers up the typing noise of the keyboard. You can easily remove it to clean the keyboard. When you remove the skin, it does not leave any sticky residue behind. It is slip-free and stays in its place on the keyboard.

8. Hub+: USB-C Hub:

Hub USBC Hub

This Hub offers all the ports that were present in MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. It comes with 2 USB ports, 1 SDXC Card Reader, 1 Mini Display Port, 3 USB-A 3.0 charging points and an in-built Lithium-ion battery to charge any phone. Hub+ supports all your devices intended for work and also can charge your laptop. Hub+ comes with a compact and sleek size that saves you much space on your desk. You can get around 2.5 hours of battery usage of iPhone 6 when you charge it through Hub+. The device is durable with its aluminium exterior and is very robust. Also being a lightweight and compact device, it is easy to carry it in your pockets and is travel friendly.

9. Apple Time Capsule:

Apple Time Capsule

Apple Airport Time Capsule is a mini hard drive that comes with storage capacity equal to a lifetime’s memories. It also functions as Wi-Fi base station and has the latest 802.11 protocol functioning with dual-band support. It has two models: 2TB and 3TB. Easy to set up and manage the data on it, it offers super-fast data transfers. Users have claimed it to be compatible with up to 6 devices. Because it offers hassle-free connectivity and fast functions, it has become a favorite among the users across the globe.

10. Cooler Master NotePal X-Slim Ultra-Slim Laptop Cooling Pad:

MacBook Accessories - Cooler Master NotePal X Slim Ultra Slim Laptop Cooling Pad

This laptop cooling pad constitutes of plastic, metal mesh and rubber that makes it heatproof and durable. It comes with a single-speed adjustment fan that has the speed of 1400 RPM. It gives an airflow of 70 CFM and produces 21dbA noise level. For power input, it requires 5V DC USB port. It needs a USB 2.0 type for power input. It is slim in its form, lightweight and easy to carry around, which makes it travel friendly as well. It comes with two height settings that give you ideal viewing and typing angle. The metal mesh provides space for superior airflow and cools down the device quickly. It claims to support up to 17-inch laptop sizes which are a wide range of laptops available so far. With this device, you can get out the gamer in you with no hassles. Load the best of the games, and this device will ensure that your laptop will not heat up, be it any season – summer of winter. It is highly recommended for users who would be using their laptops for heavy-duty jobs like data computing, film editing and of course gaming.

10. Airpods Pro: 

Macbook Accessories - AirPods

Wireless is the new cool thing. With the new AirPods Pro, Apple has revolutionized the headphone concept for all. Why would you want to have the hassles of wires and all when one can easily go wireless. This little device allows a whole of mobility. You can move around the room in your house at ease. It offers excellent sound quality too. Its noise cancellation is par excellence and helps you block out the rest of the world. This allows you to completely focus on the job at hand. In terms of battery life, it is not far behind. One can easily use these pods for a complete day without running out of battery. Not to forget the cool case, Apple offers with it. And just like other accessories, you can now get them customized too. There are thousands of options available out there for them. Sleek and compact, these are the perfect companions for your travel as well. So when you are not working on your desk, you can pair them up with your mobile and use it wherever you go. These features make these AirPods, one of the most desirable accessories to have with your Macbook.


Above mentioned accessories make it to the list of the fantastic devices that a graphic designer must-have. In addition to this, it makes a professional look cooler and on the top of the trend. The devices are trendy, comfortable to carry, chic and sleek that makes a user want to have all of them. The coolest features make all the devices desirable to all the graphic designers as well as people from other professions and fields.

When you are talking about using Macbooks, these devices are made and designed while keeping in mind, the compatibility. These devices are compatible with MacBooks, but some of them are compatible with other devices as well. The best part of these devices is, it has tried to cover all the range of the laptops and Macbooks developed so far.

These accessories are useful and a perfect gift for the artists, graphic designers and other people from different fields. The designs are bound to make an unshakeable impression on your colleagues, clients and whomsoever you meet during your regular workday.

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  1. Awesome items! To sum up, the Apple MacBook accessories you need to start with are a USB-C hub, a power bank, a laptop case, a monitor, a keyboard with a mouse, and headphones.


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