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21 Ideas to Create Engaging Web Designs

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It can be challenging to design a website that will keep its visitors engaged for a long period of time. Without the proper tools, creative direction, and design experience, your web design can be subpar without the proper guidance. Here are 20 ideas to create engaging web designs that will keep your audience clicking. 

The UK Energy Consumption Guide from Evoenergy

This website specializes in the overall primary energy consumption recorded in the UK. They took the opportunity to take a relatively… dare I say boring subject, and turned it into an engaging, bright, colorful and beautiful website that will keep people informed about extremely important topics in a fun way.

The Skimm

The Skimm is a website and an app that keeps you in the loop. It pulls all the important information related to your interests, and translates them into bite-sized readings that will keep readers engaged for a prolonged period of time. The web design is simple and not too overbearing, creating a relaxed user experience.

Jo Ho’s

Jo Ho’s bean is a website about coffee, but the web designer went above and beyond. With a minimalist feel in the typography and logo design, a video begins playing in the background with a soothing soundtrack. This website will keep any user intrigued and clicking on the products they sell, just because the home page is so different, relaxing, and well put together.

Jo Ho’s

Amanda Martocchio Architecture

Artists and graphic designers show off their portfolios in order to attract possible customers. Architectures do the same thing, except they show off their houses. Along with beautiful photography and an easily accessible web interface, Amanda Martocchio is able to engage viewers with her beautiful homes with an easy, quick web design.

Museum of Ice Cream

Creating a website that reflects the fun of your establishment is optimal. The museum of ice cream created an interactive website that allows you to interact and move letters around to create words, ultimately leading the website visitors engaged and entertained while simultaneously gaining info about the museum.

Mind Meister 

Mind Meister is an interactive website that allows expressive note taking, brainstorming, and organizing thoughts in a way that keeps it fun and interesting. With a simplistic web design and intricate designs for note taking, this site will keep users online instead of clicking off after losing focus with regular, boring notes.

Black Negative 

Black Negative is an engaging website that offers a sensory experience by offering to tell fascinating stories with art. Whether it is photography or poetry, even news stories, black negative presents these topics in an extremely beautiful and engrossing experience to its audience, who won’t be able to tear away.

Species in Pieces 

Species in pieces is an interactive website that informs about endangered species. It is called an interactive exhibition, because it is just that- an exhibition that is made personal and interactive because it is a website that anyone can visit for free.

Great Divide

Brewing companies have a  world of opportunity when it comes to advertising. On this website, there is a funny video featuring their beer, interesting changing pictures that both advertise and engage the viewers, and interactive quizzes that will humor the potential customers.

Auto Draw

Auto Draw is an AI experimental website that learns and creates as you draw, by taking the lines and shapes and gives you suggestions on what you might be trying to draw. A simple site that uses engaging interaction with AI technology to promote a longer stay on the website by users.

Royal Plate

A prime example of a business using their full potential in web design to promote more traffic online, while also creating a piece of art with the designs simultaneously. The ease of the user experience, the quality of the photos and typography, it is a simplistic yet professional and eye catching website sure to keep the average user engaged (and hungry, too).

Jay Z’s Life+Times

This website is a digital experience that allows the users to stay up to date on entertainment news. The web design is interesting and everything is on one page instead of having to scroll for hours like most websites. Making everything readily available on the front page is important for user experience.


Vizual Tech

Vizual Tech is a web design website that makes it easy for businesses and people in general to find information about web developers with impressive visuals and helpful information on the home page. 

Pacific 54

Pacific 54 is an engaging website because it includes informational graphics, features easy navigation, and promotes clear intentions-aggressive web marketing.


Crudo is a website centered around organic vegan food. Although the website isn’t in English, you don’t need to read the content to get the idea that their web design is well done. With bright colors to match the rainbow assortments of the fruits and vegetables, an interesting way of scrolling through with different screen-changing backgrounds, it is easy to tell why this website would engage any user.

James Turrell

James Turrell is a well known artist and architecture all over the world. It is no surprise that when I first viewed his website, I stared in awe for a good five minutes at the softly changing colors of his work. The web design is immaculate, reflecting his artistic abilities with a website.

Kick My Habits

Another way of getting people to actually read and care about the things they should probably stop doing, is to get them to enjoy it. This website includes fun, colorful illustrations and animations that can help you kick your habits.

NASA Prospect

Illustration can take a website a long way. Another way of storytelling is through illustrating, and this website takes you on a ride by telling a story as you scroll, the illustrations of planets, an astronaut, and a robot will blow you away. Sometimes storytelling can keep users engaged, while also teaching them something, too.

Make Your Money Matter

Learning about banks can be fun and engaging too! This website talks about joining a credit union as opposed to big banks, explaining why with fun animations and illustrations.



It’s almost like you are there in the room. This interior design website allows you to view current projects with interactive highlights when you move your mouse over certain images, allowing for an engaging web design.

Karim Rashid

Including art, design, products, and so much more, this website is one of the most well put together, interesting and creates a wonderful user experience. All web design should look after this to be able to create something that is worthwhile. It’s important that your business is reflected in your web design, and this is an example of just that.

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