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Landing pages are a very important part of your online business. They are the digital storefront of your online activity, and they serve as helpers for advertising and merchandising. A successful landing page can help you dramatically improve your business, so take a look at these exceptional landing page examples.

What is a landing page?

Essentially a landing page is exactly what it sounds like. It’s where a website user “lands” on your page. These pages are designed and designated to take the website user through a funnel or sequence of engaging tasks to ultimately get them to complete your desired action such as joining a newsletter.

Landing pages are very focused pages with one specific goal in mind which is usually a clear and simplistic CTA or call to action. You’ll see what we mean when browsing through the landing page examples listed below.

25 excellent landing page examples to consider

Below, you can find a list of 25 of the most effective and appealing landing page examples on the internet. We hope these will offer some inspiration if you plan to create your own landing page soon.


Bankjoy is a website that offers a wide range of mobile banking services to its clients. Their landing page has a simple, orderly, and minimalist design that clearly conveys the purpose of their work. The intro consists of the company’s name and description and then offers a call to action that consists of scheduling a preview. There is a possibility to sign up for a demo at the bottom of the page where you just need to give your email address. This is definitely one of the better and more effective landing page examples.

1 Bankjoy Landing Page Examples Pin


This is a very helpful service especially nowadays when internet fraud is so popular. BlockScore offers business verification services in real-time so that you can check your customers. The principle is simple, they just analyze the users through a sophisticated algorithm that can verify any fraud regarding your customers.
The landing page is clean and has a high-tech look, offers a clear message about their services – business verification and personal verification.

2 BlockScore Landing Page Examples Pin

Adobe Creative Cloud Express – Free Video Maker

Adobe’s Creative Cloud Express (formerly Adobe Voice) is a platform dedicated to helping you create engaging videos. Users can create and edit videos absolutely free to portray ideas and stories and use them for marketing purposes. Another cool feature is that users can record their own voices which you can mix up with visual content elements from the Adobe Voice library. Check out Adobe’s landing page and while you’re there, take their free video maker program for a spin – it’s free.

Adobe Creative Cloud Express - Free Video MakerPin


Checkr is an interesting service that allows you to check a business or a startup before entering into any collaboration. More accurately, Checkr helps you to do more thorough background checks for the people you need to hire or work with, thus presenting an extra step of security.

The landing page is simple and clearly shows what is the service they provide and displays also how they provide it, by showcasing a report example. Basically, you get a GIF image on the homepage that you can interact with and check each section and feature and have a detailed review of each category.

3 Checkr Landing Page Examples Pin


Flynn aims at becoming the only tool web developers require to develop, extend, and maintain running software. It is created to run anything that can run on Linux, has built-in database appliances, and manages TCP traffic, HTTP and HTTPS.

The landing page has a quite simple and neat design and an intro that leaves you wondering what they offer. The big headline, video example, and the neat menu represent a concise approach accompanied by the call to action buttons for product examination and e-mail subscription.

4 Flynn Landing Page Examples Pin


Payable has a neat and modern design, with a clear and well-structured menu and images, and a big headline and intro. They offer the possibility to manage stuff like paying your contractors, their taxes, and also their benefit entitlements.

5 Payable Landing Page Pin


Fundera is a service that provides the possibility to obtain funding for your startup. So far, they reached a funding value of more than $150,000,000 and helped more than 3000 businesses to obtain funding. The process is quite simple, you just have to enroll your business, specify the amount you require to start or grow your activity, the purpose of the loan, and that’s it.

6 Fundera Landing Page Pin


Benchmark is a powerful email marketing platform and has a more unique, modern and interactive design. The landing page has a big headline explaining what they offer, and it also contains a free plan for customers, to try the service.

7 Benchmark Landing Page Pin


Buzzsumo helps users to analyze what content performs best regardless of the topic and the competitors, and find the key influencers to promote content. Buzzsumo is a highly used service for marketers, content creators, and bloggers who need to improve their content.

8 BuzzSumo Landing Page Pin


MailChimp is the world’s number one marketing automation platform. Their free plan allows 2000 emails within an email list, and that’s without any restrictions. Their landing page is built on a simple and minimalistic design and with a quite simple approach – just a headline, an intro, a photo and a large call to action button.

9 MailChimp Landing Page Pin


Contently is a company that offers content marketing services for your business. They help you take your idea and build massive content around it so that you can deliver it to your public for a great performance.
Their client acquiring process is quite simple: they offer customers some data, a preview of the service, offer some freebies, a review and that’s it. The landing page design is based on high-quality pictures, big headlines, and compelling service explanations.

10 Contently Landing Page Pin


Ahrefs is a toolset for SEO & marketing for analyzing and monitoring anything in relation to search engine marketing and includes backlink checking, competitor analysis, keyword research, and much more.
The landing page has a neat design and is centered on big headlines and showcasing popular clients.

12 Ahrefs Landing Page Pin


Coinbase is a digital currency exchange that offers broker exchanges services for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

13 Coinbase Landing Page Pin


Svbtle is a writing and reading network created to work in a similar way the brain works. Svbtle has a neat and minimalistic design and its service is very popular amongst developers, designers, and creative professionals who require simplicity.

14 Svbtle Landing Page Pin


Wistia is an internet video hosting and analytics company created to help filmmakers collaborate remotely online. The landing page has a simple and minimalistic design centered on a one-field form for creating accounts.

15 Wistia Landing Page Pin


Unbounce is a software company that produces creative landing pages for websites. They usually create high-converting landing pages containing interactive elements that attract the visitor’s attention.

16 Unbounce Landing Page Pin


Muzzle is a much-needed app that silences on-screen embarrassing notifications while screen sharing. Their landing page says it all. The simple design actually helps to highlight the big header line and the pop-up embarrassing notifications.

17 Muzzle Landing Page Pin


Trulia is an online residential real estate site dedicated to home buyers, sellers, renters and real estate professionals. Their landing page is modern and well-structured and centered around a simple form asking for “an address”.

18 Trulia Landing Page Pin


Webprofits has a minimalistic and modern landing page with a simple header line, a short description, and a big call to action button.

19 Webprofits Landing Page Pin

Velaro Live Chat

Velaro is the top-rated live chat software for websites and their landing page is quite simple and centered around a big headline.

20 Velaro Live Chat Landing Page Pin


Airbnb is the largest real estate company that owns no real estate. For their landing page, Airbnb tries to hook the clients by offering an estimated weekly average earnings projection based on their location. That is because Airbnb is so popular and anyone knows about them.

21 Airbnb Landing Page Pin

IMPACT Branding & Design

IMPACT landing page has a simple layout, centered around a large headline and an image.

22 IMPACT Branding & Design Landing Page Pin


Bills.com is a company that offers financial planning tools and financial services for individuals. Their landing page offers you the possibility to check how you can benefit from their services by just checking a certain debt amount.

23 Bills.com Landing Page Pin


Teambit is a company dedicated to helping teams and workgroups to improve engagement and performance with real-time feedback, performance reviews, and employee surveys. Their landing page is simple and centered around the big headline detailing what they do.

24 Teambit Landing Page Pin


Landbot is a service that creates chatbot-based landing pages. On their landing page, online visitors are greeted by a welcoming bot that encourages them to provide information in a conversational format, instead of through the conventional form.

25 Landbot Landing Page Pin

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