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Are you working on a Sci-Fi or techno-themed project and need to transport viewers into the future? The typeface you choose is vital to connecting the reader with your design, and the good news is that our featured list of the best futuristic fonts will help.

Our handpicked list of futuristic fonts is excellent for both web designers and graphic designers who need a little project boost. The typeface styles you’ll see here go beyond just modern-looking fonts as the creators put a ton of artistic and creative effort into making them visually – out of this world!

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So now it’s time to check out the features of each premium and free futuristic font in order to find the best fit for your project.


Futuristic Fonts from Envato Elements

The Best Futuristic Fonts – Premium

Here are the best premium futuristic-style fonts we found online and they come with a license for commercial use. The creative typeface features of each option will lift your designs, showcasing unique and advanced typography.

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Ishimura – Futuristic Font

Ishimura – Futuristic Font

Ishimura is a classic condensed modern font worth adding to your font collection, given its versatility. The letter design is kept simple, but the heavy width, sharp curves, and edges render it a futuristic feel. You can use this font for titles, logo text or taglines, movies, books, and other media related to technology or the future.

Techno Space

Techno Space Futuristic Font

As the name suggests, the Techno Space font is exclusively created for designs related to technology or space or other such future-based themes. The letters are uniquely designed and have a 3D feel to them. This can help your text come out more appealing. You can use this font for designing logos, magazine covers, books, website banners, and more.

Exodar – Futuristic Font

Exodar – Futuristic Font

Moving away from thin fonts, we have a font with an outline-based design next to the list. The letters are formed through circular but strong font outlines. In addition, certain letters are given a unique treatment which adds creative appeal to the font. Exodar font would be best suited for large text displays, and hence you should use them for banners and headings wherever possible.

Blackpast – Futuristic Logo Font

Blackpast – Futuristic Logo Font

Modern logo fonts are always good options for designing technology or future-based designs. One such example is Blackpast, a futuristic logo font. The letters are given ample width, which makes them stand out. But the interesting part of the font is the creative treatment of the extenders and unique cuts in the letters making the overall typeface look unique.

Ornacle – Futuristic Font

Ornacle – Futuristic Font

If you are looking for a modern font that also retains a lot of geometric design, then check out the Ornacle font. This handcrafted font has each letter that is unique and highly artistic. The unpredictability makes it a good font option for typography, logo design, apparel design, and other print media applications.

Cyberion – Futuristic Tech Font

Cyberion – Futuristic Tech Font

A font similar to the Future X font family, Cyberion is one of those bold and strong futuristic fonts, but it leans more toward the cyborg cult style. The letters are strong and extended and have very refined edges. Such a font can help you make your text stand out wherever you use them. Some of the best applications for this font are logo design, outdoor branding, signages, books, and magazine covers.

Future X

Future X - Font

One of the best fonts in the list, the Future X is a highly versatile font family. A total of 14 different styles are included in this family. The letter design is simple but strong, which gives this typeface its value for making your text stand out. You should use this font family for books, magazines, brochures, websites, and even logo designs.

Equinox – Logo Font

Equinox – Logo Font

Modern, bold, and stylish, the Equinox font packs a strong visual appeal. The letters are formed from heavy bars, and the interesting cuts give the font a creative feel. This is the type of font you can use when working on projects related to technology, future travel, space, and the cosmic world. The font also comes with alternate ligatures and glyphs.

Mavis Sans – Futuristic Typeface

Mavis Sans – Futuristic Font Typeface

Mavis Sans is a classic minimal-styled font that comes in three styles – light, regular and bold. The letters are skinny and delicate, and the missing joiners give the font a clean but artistic appeal. You can easily apply these fonts for projects such as logos, websites, social media posts, or even print media such as magazines or book covers.


Kusanagi – Futuristic Font

If you are not willing to experiment and want to use a safe font for your modern-day designs, then you can use the Kusanagi typeface. Nothing is happening with the letters except for the sharp, round-edge combinations and bold letters. But this is enough to give it a strong visual appeal and make your text creative and easily readable.


Evolve - Modern Font

The Evolve font family comes with variations of 10 font styles. The trending minimal design theme inspires the san serif typeface. It uses thin letters with smart cuts and also offers a good amount of alternate characters. You should use this font for logo designs, movie titles, book and magazine covers, and even websites.

ENIGMATIC – Modern Futuristic Style Font

ENIGMATIC – Modern Futuristic font

If you want to go really bold and deploy a super futuristic-styled font, then you should experiment with Enigmatic. This font has been designed based on the dash-dot style, meaning that a dash and a dot are used to create all the letters.

Varino – Futuristic

Varino – Futuristic

If you want a stuffed and strong futuristic font, you should choose font styles like Varino. The letters are well structured and have rounded edges, giving a pleasing visual feel to the design. Given the bold design of the fonts, you can easily use them for headings for sci-fi movies, books and magazines, logos, and branding applications.

Fenomeno – Futuristic Font

Fenomeno - Futuristic Font

The Fenomeno futuristic font uses a neat two-line structure, especially in the middle section of the letters. In terms of design, the typeface is simple and a treat to look at. While slightly disruptive, the font ensures a good amount of readability. This font is used for logos, movie titles, covers, and corporate branding.

Averox – Futuristic Sans

Averox – Futuristic Sans

Minimal fonts work well as modern fonts as they are simple and have a futuristic feel. Averox is one such minimal font you can add to your font collection given its versatility. The letters are created from thin bars, and some of the letters have been given a creative spin. For example, as shown in the image, you can add the neon color gradient to give the font the light effect.

Milano – Retro Futuristic Sans

Milano – Retro-Futuristic Sans

Not many fonts come with the versatility that the Milano typeface offers. A modern sans serif style font, it has a fine blend of retro and display style at the core of its design. The letters are sharp, clean, and precise, allowing a good visual presence for the text. Milano font comes with over 300 glyphs and supports both cases.


GRVTY – Futuristic Font

Jumping from a clean font to a highly ornamental font, we have the GRVTY typeface next on the list. This font design is highly unique and is a mix of graffiti-style display font and calligraphy script fonts. This is the type of font you can use to describe the human civilization of the distant future visually.

Invasible Modern Typeface

Invasible Modern Typeface

A strong font that can easily give a futuristic feel to your design, Invasible is a good design asset to collect as it comes with over 300 glyphs and other bonuses. In addition, the designer has done a fine job of adding a thin line in the letters and providing a few unexpected cuts that make the font look creative. You can use it for t-shirts, logos, outdoor branding, and even websites.

The Game – SVG Color Font

The Game – SVG Color Font

The Game is an exclusively designed SVG font that can be used for technology, science, and future-based designs. Each of the letters is handcrafted with technology-related elements added to it. However, the font is only suitable for headers; hence, you should use it only for large-scale applications like banners, posters, hoardings, or covers.


Alcova is a great option if you need a smooth-looking futuristic display font with rounded edges. This option will also work well with gaming, sports, movie designs, and posters. It comes in three weights and the following character sets; Latin Extended-A, Basic Latin, and Latin-1 Supplement.

Futuristic Neon 3D Lettering

Futuristic Neon 3D Lettering

Our list would not be complete without a Neon-based typeface. This Futuristic Neon 3D Lettering font is simple in design as it just uses light blocks. When you download the font, you will get many bonus design assets like PNG backgrounds and other graphic elements which complement the font and can help you make your design more creative.

Free Futuristic Fonts With Sci-Fi & Techno Designs

As with any free download of design assets like fonts, make sure you have a license for commercial use. Most include a license for personal use only.

Stacker Font

Stacker Font

There are many good free modern fonts, but not all are suitable for future theme fonts. On the other hand, Stacker is designed keeping the modern theme in mind. It is a creative outline-based typeface. You get over 200 glyphs with interconnected letters, which can take your design to another level in terms of creativity.

Tarrget Font

Tarrget Font

If you are looking for a free font family that you can use in future based designs, then you should check out Tarrget typeface. The good part about the font is that a very large range of variations is available. You will get the bold, outline, and shadow styles starting with regular fonts. You can use this font for websites, social media posts, websites, and print media.

Zero Hour

Zero Hour Font

Having a quirky name, this font could be more creative in terms of design. But that is its strength as well. Zero Hour Font has a simple design with curves and smooth edges. The letters are outstretched, giving the extra text visibility. Given its simple design, you can use both the font for big and small text applications.

Origin Tech

Origin Tech

Strong fonts with little creative play inside them are always safe bets when you need display fonts. The Origin Tech font is one such font where the designer has nicely carved lines that give the font a futuristic feel. Available just in uppercase, you can use this font for logos, outdoor branding, magazine, book covers, and other print applications.


Tourner Font

An amazing free futuristic font, Tourner is worth adding to your collection. It is stylish and can make your design look modern and unique. The letters are given an overlapping effect, giving a perception of 3D fonts. In addition, grunge styling is applied, further accentuating the fonts’ artistic appeal. You should use this font for logos, branding, digital marketing, and large-size print display applications.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a futuristic font?

A futuristic font would be considered a typeface that is designed or styled around future-based or modern technology themes. These fonts are generally modern, minimal and san serif based. Many of these fonts would also qualify as display fonts and are used in applications like technology, science fiction, space, and other designs.

How to choose fonts for futuristic designs?

Any font you choose for your design should complement the design and the purpose of the design. When working on future-based designs, fonts play an important role in adding that flavor. For example, go for modern, sans-serif style fonts that have extra width and are easy to display. These are good for headlines. Alternatively, you can also go for minimal and clean fonts if you want to have a refined design.

What are the most used technology fonts in 2022?

In the list compiled above, we have added some of the most used technology fonts of 2022. In addition, the list has a good variety of minimal, display, and exclusive technology fonts for you to choose from, like Blackpast, Oracle, Varino, Exodar, Milano, and Evolve.

What are the best free science fiction fonts for designers?

Finding a good free science fiction font is easy, as many are on the internet. But you must ensure that the one you are using matches your design and includes a commercial use license. We have identified some great free options you can add to your collection and remember you can have all the premium fonts from Envato Elements totally free with a 7-day free trial.

Get Your Futuristic Fonts Today

Fonts have the ability to make or break your design and so you must work with the best-suited options. The good news for designers is that our list includes the best premium and free futuristic fonts that will fit any sci-fi or techno design project. These are great for headlines, titles, and more. Get yours today.

We love hearing from our readers, so please let us know in the comments section below which options are your favorite futuristic fonts.

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