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15 Best Mobile Friendly Product Landing Pages of the Year

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When you are developing a website and apps, you invest a lot of time and effort to make everything right. And when it comes to your brand performance, you want to make sure nothing goes wrong. So, it can be a little challenging to think simultaneously about the landing page as well. The product landing pages are a significant subject from a marketing perspective. Your customers would probably reach your landing page first through some marketing channels and then after your complete website and app. We know that you can focus more on the development and performance part if you can get away with the landing page’s hard work. Here, to make your task quicker and easier, we have collected some of the awesome mobile-friendly landing page templates to help your brand and product shine on every device. So let’s check out our list of the 15 best mobile-friendly product landing pages of 2021:

1. Single Page/Multipage Layout Template:

Mobile Friendly Product Landing Pages - Multiple

This template is available on the Themeaisle website. This template has two different kinds of layout options: single-page layout and multipage layout. The design is minimal and straightforward, which can go perfectly for many decent categories of products and services. It is a super fast and lightweight template and completely customizable.

This website allows you to download it for free and take a demo of the template as well. There is an option on the header to check the preview of this template on different screen sizes of various devices. This template is an attractive option if you are looking for a responsive, SEO-friendly, and customizable template to showcase your premium brand quality.

2. Single Product Landing Page Template:

Mobile Friendly Product Landing Pages - Single

A single product landing page is an essential requirement for any eCommerce website. You want to showcase all the necessary information about that particular product in which your customer is interested. This template is from the Themefisher website, and you can download it for free. This template is built-in using the latest Bootstrap 4 framework with the latest technology. It is a fully responsive template that makes your landing page versatile on any browser and any screen.

It has a well-crafted design and comes with customizable elements. You get the product showcase section, features, email subscription, and reviews section as well. To conclude, it has all the necessary elements and flexibility which is required for any good single product landing page.

3. Sabil Multipurpose Landing Page Template:

Mobile Friendly Product Landing Pages - Multipurpose

You can download this template on the Envato elements website from your subscription account. Talking about this template is an HTML multipurpose template that means the design and layout are immaculate, general, and neutral, which can go for any kind of product and service. It is a high converting template and fully customizable as well.

This responsive design comes with working forms, google fonts, and Google Maps. Moreover, it is a fast template, and you can use it for any purpose related to the business introduction, lead generation, or product or service explanation. This template can save your time and effort in creating a responsive and beautiful landing page.

4. High-Quality Service Landing Page Template:

Mobile Friendly Product Landing Pages - Service

The look and design of this template are highly professional and rich. It can showcase the brand image in the most optimum way. And this high-quality template is available on the Templatemonster website, where you can purchase this landing page template for your professional service.

This responsive template is unique and trendy; you can customize this as per your requirements as this template is fully customizable. You get web form, services, testimonials, key people, and email subscription segments from this template. And you also get a demo preview of different screens from this website. It is an HTML and JavaScript-based template designed for different kinds of creative and professional services, agencies, and portfolios.

5. Pluto – Material Design Inspired Template:

Mobile Friendly Product Landing Pages - Material

Pluto is an excellent template available on the Designsmaz website to download for free. It is a material design-inspired HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap3 template with all the necessary and customizable features. Modern web technology and easy-to-use features make this an excellent mobile-friendly template.

The design part is very professionally crafted. There is a lovely visual hierarchy, color pallet, and layout arrangement which can make an impressive product landing page for some technology product or machinery product. You get a free preview of this template where you can see CTA, banner, features, testimonials, gallery, contact page, and all the other sections as well.

6. Advertica Lite Landing Page WordPress Theme:

Mobile Friendly Product Landing Pages - Light

Advertica Lite is a modern, attractive, and exciting landing page template. It is available on the Sketchthemes website, where you can purchase this template at different rates for different licenses. This template can give an edge over the typical landing pages because of the well-designed graphics, fonts, animation, and colors.

It is a Bootstrap-based landing page which means it can look great in all kinds of screen sizes. Besides, it is SEO optimizable, mobile-friendly, and loaded with all the necessary features templates. You get the header, a footer with important tabs, features, CTA, projects, teams, and partners section from this purchase.

7. Smart Health Segment Landing Page Template:

Mobile Friendly Product Landing Pages - Health

This fantastic template is available on the Unbounce website, where you can purchase this from your subscription account. The calm and soft color scheme of this template is ideal for health and fitness-related product or services. You get to see the preview of this template for desktop and mobile screens to get a better practical idea.

It is a fully customizable responsive template to make it yours. You get a banner with form and CTA, services, features, testimonials, and footer sections in this template. This sincere and minimal template can be your beautiful and trendy landing page for the health, fitness, and spirituality segment.

8. Stunning Evelyn One Page Template:

Mobile Friendly Product Landing Pages - Stunning

Minimal themes and single-page landing pages are the latest trends that are surely not going out of style any soon. They give a unique, appealing sense to the viewers, and therefore this template has to be on this list. It is available on the One Page Love website for free download. This Evelyn template is an HTML-based one-page landing page that is compatible with all devices.

It is fully responsive design and completely customizable as well. It has unique gradient colors and drops shadow effects to make it more attractive and real. You get a better scrolling effect, features products, pricing, and other segments as well to craft it according to your product and preferences.

9. Classy Banquette Hall Landing Page Template:

Mobile Friendly Product Landing Pages - Banquet

It is an elegant and sophisticated template available on the Motocms website. You can purchase this template for $49 from this site. The good part is that this template is straightforward to use for any beginner or expert level person. It comes with a drag and drop option, which helps you to customize this template with the highest convenience. It is a responsive template. Thus, it looks perfect on various screen sizes.

You get about us, services, prices, and gallery section with a classy design, fonts, and layout to create an appropriate landing page for hotel, restaurants, banquet, event management, venue promotion, and decoration supplying segments.

10. Beautiful ClickThrough Landing Page Template:

Mobile Friendly Product Landing Pages - Clickthrough

This pretty purple landing page template is from the Swipepages website. You can download this through your subscription account and take a preview of this template as well. It is a delicate theme ideal for skincare, cosmetic or feminine products. You can customize this as per your requirements and create an excellent interactive landing page for your products.

It offers a unique click-through feature, through which you can add links and redirect your users to desired pages. This mobile-friendly template has enough segments to showcase your products, reviews, descriptions, and photos attractively. It can be the right choice for both offline and online stores.

11. Excellent Jewellery Segment Related Landing Page Template:

Mobile Friendly Product Landing Pages - Jewelry

This template is available on the Themeaisle website. You can download this for free and take a preview as well of different screens. It is a fully responsive and easy-to-manage template. You can edit the blocks, images, fonts, and other things as per your requirement with this lightweight and fast template.

This template’s design is very opulent and polished, which makes it perfect for the jewelry and gems segment. And from this download, you get products, relevant products, other categories and brands, testimonials, and an offers section for your landing page. Here, the soft color theme and exquisite layout give you a designer platform to showcase your valuable and luxurious products.

12. Versatile Click Through Landing Page Template:

Mobile Friendly Product Landing Pages - Versatile

This Coser template is available on the Unbounce website, where you can purchase this through your subscription account. You can use this template for almost any product because of its versatility. Here you can see a monochrome theme with an exciting layout and patterns. This template is mobile-friendly hence suitable for all screen sizes, and it is fully customizable as well.

This template has a banner, mission statement, features, pricing grid, testimonial, and offers section that can work great for eCommerce and offline business. Moreover, this template has a grounded theme to get fused with any product and service easily.

13. Clean Single Page Template:

Mobile Friendly Product Landing Pages - Clean

This is an HTML-based single-page template from the Themewagon website. You can download it for free and customize it as per your need. Talking about the features, it has a responsive layout with a hero header. It is adaptable for different screen sizes, a large footer area, various essential sections, and it is integrated with google maps.

It is a single-page landing page template with a clean and focused design. The features, about section, pricing, banner, contact page, FAQs, and all the other necessary sections in the single template, highlight this template. You can check the preview of desktop and mobile screens and use it for your professional products and services.

14. Luxurious Theme Landing Page:

Mobile Friendly Product Landing Pages - Luxurious

This template is designed for luxurious hotels and resort categories. It is available on the Motocms website, where you can download it for different rates and licenses. If you look at the design part, it is a highly focused, classy design with balanced color schemes and typography. It can make an excellent landing page for luxurious hotels, resorts, spa-saloon, and venue promotions.

This template is easy to manage and edit because it comes with a simple drag and drops feature. It is fully responsive hence looks perfect on various screen sizes. It is also an SEO-friendly template with several blocks and placements to present your location, amenities, services, benefits, pricing, and many other things.

15. Creative Landing Page Template:

Mobile Friendly Product Landing Pages - Creative

This is a brilliant creative landing page template. The vibrant gradient color theme is what makes this template attractive and unique. It is available on the Designdrastic website, and you and you can download this for free from this site. There are several color themes as well in this template so that you can make it according to your brand and your product.

It is a fully responsive template for all the devices, and you can customize this as per your required elements. You get CSS files separately from this template to customize the colors and themes easily however you want. This template is also a single-page template. The overall layout and scrolling performance make this the right choice for many kinds of creative, unique, engaging, and casual products or services.

Desktops and mobiles are two different interfaces, and they both require extra attention while designing a landing page. There are many sources available that can offer excellent landing page templates, but you may not have all the time to roam around on the internet and go to every resource. And that is why we have curated this list. These mobile-friendly landing pages are suitable for different requirements and are high-performing and easy to manage. You can select anyone as per your criteria, and then you just have to fill in the blanks to take off. They are comfortable, time-saving, and highly efficient. Hopefully, this would help your need to launch the best landing page for your customers.


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