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25 Logo Design Ideas For Outrageously Good Logos

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When creating a brand for a company, designing the logo is the important part of the branding process. The logo and the name, are the first things the clients will remember, therefore, they have to be spectacular!

That is why we came up with this list of hand-picked, awesome logo design ideas! We hope they will serve you as inspiration or your future branding projects. We decided not to comment on each of the logos below, but rather offer you some useful and practical tips on how to design better logos for your clients.

You will find stunning logo designs that you can use as an inspiration for your future projects that will stimulate you to create exemplary works. Have fun! Check them out below and get inspired!

Fish Food Logo Design



Tomot Creative Logo Design


The logo defines your business.

The logo defines your business and it is extremely important to have a powerful design that strongly correlates with your brand. Don’t think that creating a creative logo is an easy task! It involves lots of brainstorming sessions and adjustments to multiple ideas, until finding a final logo form that meets both the client’s requirements and the designer’s standards.

The final logo design is found through an intense analytical process of a client’s brand’s values, mission, goals, personality, strategy and more.

Giant Owl Production Logo Design


Unique. Easy to Remember. Timeless.

The main characteristics of a successful logo design are uniqueness, easiness to remember, recognizability, and timelessness.

There are two types of logo designs, each one with its beauty. You can create a logo with text and graphics, or the text can become a logo itself.

Sushi Logo Design Idea



Boundary Logo Design


Graphics + text, or just text?

The logos with graphics and text are more complex, and they need to have a strong graphic design and an easy-to-remember name. The other type of logo design emphasizes the name, so choosing a remarkable and original typeface is very important.



Synthesize into the graphics.

The first thing you need to do when working on a logo branding project is to come up with a good brand name, in case you don’t have it already from your client. If you do, think about what makes that brand unique and try to synthesize brand uniqueness into the graphics.

It also helps to make a quick research and look at the brand’s competitor logos.

Be analytical and see what you like and dislike and then try to use what you learn in your logo, to make sure that your design is at its best. Make a list of good and bad things that you can take into consideration when creating your new design. Write down several brand names that first come to mind, ask people around what they think, then take a look again the next day to see if you still find them suitable.

Bird & Worm Creative Agency -Artistic Logo Design


Commuter Network Logo Design



Be original!

Your logo must not copy a design from other brands and it needs to have a powerful idea behind it, to make sure that people will remember it. You might subconsciously mimic some features of another design that you have seen, that is why it is important to ask people around you, get opinions, and rethink some parts, if needed. Just sleep on it!

Killed Productions Logo Design Idea


Freelancer Logo Design


You can also take into consideration if your design requires a slogan to display your brand values, mission, strategy, etc. But you have to keep it simple and make sure that the slogan you choose is not more important than the logo itself. Think, for example, about the popular slogans ‘Just Do It’, ‘I’m Loving It’, ‘Connecting People’.

Impala Creative Logo Design Idea


Always vector!

Moreover, it is extremely important that when you create your logo, you do it in a vector format, which is scale-able at any size.

This may come in handy when you want to use the logo for various promotional objects, whether you want to display it on bags, t-shirts, cars, to big billboards and posters.

Make the logo perfect from the beginning, so that you don’t have to redo it later. Then, you might want to take into consideration whether your design looks good in a black & white situation.



Centro Books Creative Logo Design Idea


When creating a logo, a designer requires a mixture of skills, experience, and good program knowledge that enables him to use various techniques. Check out all of these logo design examples and use them for inspiration.


Silvia Logo Design



Motion Animation Studio Logo Design


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