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Today I am bringing the spotlight to a successful web design company called LogoBee. LogoBee is a web design company which specializes in logo design.

LogoBee, Inc. was established in 2000 and has been providing its customers with professional logo design services for over a decade. LogoBee creates high-quality custom logo designs for all types of businesses around the world. Over the 11 years they have been doing logo design, they have won numerous awards in the industry.

If you are into custom logo design, you should know of a great free resource page that LogoBee offers with a number of free customizable logo templates. There are a total of 51 free logo templates, which definitely makes this logo design resource page worth bookmarking.

Click To See The Resource Page

Here are just a few samples of their free logo templates:






As I said earlier, there are a total of 53 free customizable logo templates that LogoBee has made available to all web designers who do logo design. They will likely add more in the near future. If you don’t design your logos from scratch, definitely check out their free logo templates. Even if you do design yours from scratch, you can always browse through their collection to get ideas.

This article has been sponsored by LogoBee.

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