20 Icon Design Tutorials in Illustrator & Photoshop


Using beautiful, eye-catching icons in your website or app projects is important, as these small details make a huge difference in increasing the overall design’s value. A great icon should be simple enough to be remembered and creative enough to be appreciated. Designing new and creative icons can sometimes be a difficult and time-consuming task, … Read more

40 Amazing Cartoon Tutorials for Aspiring Illustrators


If you’re passionate about cartoons and either work as a cartoon illustrator or simply practice drawing cartoons as a hobby, these fun cartoon tutorials will surely help you out! Cartoon characters and illustrations have a great ability to make people laugh and feel good. Cartoon characters are also used by different companies to create their … Read more

10 Inspirational Websites with Angled Graphics

Étienne Godiard

Large typography and diagonal lines make websites more eye-catching. It is very difficult to create a website that is both attractive and user-friendly by using angled shapes. Some of them tend to look a bit chaotic. We’ve looked around the web and selected 10 beautiful websites which use angled graphics, to give you inspiration for … Read more

10+ Free Useful Tools To Make Infographics

Photo editor online Pixlr.com

Data has revealed that people not only find infographics more explanatory due to their visual nature but also that having infographics on your website can increase the chances of it being shared on social media sites significantly, up to 832% in some cases. However, not all infographics are created equal; some infographics are better than others and … Read more

Creating Infographics: 10 Tips and Tricks for Infographic Designers

Infographics are graphic visual representations of data and information. They are very useful when you need to explain complex information, numbers, or data in a quick and effective manner. Infographics can be pretty hard to design, so here are some great tips for creating effective infographics. Also, there are lots of free infographics packs on … Read more

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