18 Free Halloween Vectors for Spooky Designs

That time of the year is right around the corner when elaborate costumes and spooky signage grace the streets. Not only is Halloween the holiday that brings out the spooky in everyone, but what makes it iconic is the vivid and graphic symbolism. Flying witches, pumpkins, spiders, and brooms usually denote Halloween’s arrival; however, it … Read more

8 Cool Illustrations You Can Learn From

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Illustrations are a web designer and a graphic designer’s best friend. Whenever an illustration is made differently from a design perspective, the designer should be inspired by it. Illustrations are a way to express a designer’s creativity levels. It shows the thought process of a designer. Moreover, illustrations can be used for a lot of … Read more

Raster vs Vector Graphics: Differences, Similarities and Best Uses

Explaining the Difference Between Vector and Raster Graphics - Header

Designers, webmaster, and marketers that are starting out find it difficult to understand the difference between Raster and Vector graphics. Vector and  Raster graphics are two types of digital graphics used in various projects. The vector image consists of mathematical formulas that control the path of the image. While a raster image comprises of a series of … Read more

16 Best Websites for FREE Graphic Design Resources

Graphic designing reminds us of the time when we didn’t have enough planning to cope with an excellent idea or produce a smart design. The only resource we had were the high-quality free images present on the internet. Still, we weren’t fortunate enough to fulfill our demands through that. Designing includes typography, photography, and illustrations … Read more

Halloween Themed Web Design Freebies for the Month of October


Everyone is familiar with decorating their home or office for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day. But does anyone get excited to decorate their website with themed designs? Updating your web design with some fun and spooky Halloween themed free resources can be fun, make your website appear updated, engaging, and more enjoyable for users to navigate through. Today, we will showcase a list of Halloween themed web design freebies for the month of October, including Halloween themed vectors, patterns, backgrounds, banners, fonts, and even emoticons!

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