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Are you an illustrator or a graphic designer, or you just like playing with vectors in Adobe Illustrator? If you fit in any of those categories, then you’ll definitely need to take a look at these 20 must-have Illustrator Add-ons for designers.

Ever since it was launched, Adobe Illustrator was one of the most helpful tools for web and graphic designers when it came to creating premium vector graphic, logos, prints and other vectorized elements.

With the help of Illustrator, you can create designs that can be scaled infinitely without any loss of quality. This is amazing for logo designing, creating complex vector artwork or creating illustrated typography designs.

These must-have Illustrator add-ons will help you save a lot of time when designing. You can sketch logos/portraits/drawings, create chalkboard styled graphics, add stunning long shadow effects and beautiful font styles, all with just a few clicks.

Here they are! Which one of these great Illustrator resources would you want to use?

Sketch Your Logo is a template and action for Adobe Illustrator that could come in really handy in all sorts of projects, not only logos. You can use it to present your work as a hand drawing sketch.

Sketch Your Logo Illustrator Add-ons

Ink Sketch Lines – 21 Illustrator Brushes

You can never have enough brushes and this set contains 21 amazing hand-drawn ink sketch lines for you to use as you please. The sketch lines were created with various sized quill pens and they’re really nice. They’re perfect for giving your vector lines an imperfect hand-inked look.

Ink Sketch Lines - 21 Illustrator Brushes Illustrator Add-on

Chalk Board Illustrator Graphic Style

This is yet another awesome add-on for designers. This is a chalkboard illustrator style which will make your presentation look it was hand-drawn with chalk. This style can also be used on objects and shapes and it is also vector based which means you can size it without losing any detail.

Chalk Board Illustrator Graphic Style Illustrator Add-on

Stitch Brushes – Illustrator Brushes

You can use these vector illustrator stitch brushes to spice up your creations! The brushes are easy to color and the Ai and EPS file with the original vectors are also included in the pack. All in all, this pack can come in really handy and it will definitely bring you awesome results. Feel free to check it out and see in how many ways you can use these brushes.

Stitch Brushes - Illustrator Brushes

3D Sketcher  | Illustrator Add-ons

The 3D Sketcher is an action pack for Adobe Illustrator CS3 and above. You’ll find 6 hand-drawn action styles – Grass, Hair, Knot, Plain, Stone, and Wood – with 3 types and 8 extrude directions. If you count them up you’ll see that you have a total of 144 actions in this pack!

3D Sketcher - Vector Actions Pack Illustrator Add-on

Zipper Brushes and Sliders – Illustrator

This is a really nice designer tool pack that could definitely come in handy. These zipper brushes and sliders were nicely crafted. This file has fifty different zipper sliders and eight zipper brushes which you can use in any way you want.

Zipper Brushes and Sliders Illustrator Add-on

Magic Eraser Illustrator Script

With this magic eraser illustrator script, you can easily delete paths and shapes outside the Artboard without affecting your artwork. It also keeps illustrations editable after usage.

Magic Eraser Illustrator Script

Retro graphic styles for Illustrator

With this add-on, you’ll get 28 graphic styles which you can use in any retro design. You can easily customize and adjust the effects.

Sticker Maker. Adobe Illustrator Graphic Styles

Check out this Sticker Maker add-on for Adobe Illustrator. This pack contains various graphic styles which you can use to convert your text or any other vector object in your project to a sticker. With this pack’s help you’ll definitely achieve great results, so make sure to check it out!

Sticker Maker Illustrator Add-on

Illustrator Graphic Styles. Stars Deco

If you were looking for a simple way to add a magic glitter effect to your text then check out this illustrator graphic style add-on. It is available for AI and CS+.

Illustrator Graphic Styles Stars Deco Illustrator Add-on

Grunge Text Styles | Illustrator Add-ons

Grunge textures never get old and with this Illustrator add-on, you’ll be able to use them any way you want. This set contains 250 styles which you can use to give your text a distressed look. There are 8 styles variations for you to choose from and each variation come in loads of different colors.  Grunge Text Styles Illustrator Add-on

Ice Illustrator Graphic Style

This Illustrator Graphic Style can help you add an ice texture to your texts and vector objects. This graphic style is vector based which means it can be sized as needed without losing detail.

Ice Illustrator Graphic Style Illustrator Add-on

105 Borders Cycle Patterns Brushes for Illustrator

How about expanding your borders collection with a fine set of 105 borders cycle pattern brushes for Illustrator. You can use them in many creative ways which will definitely grab people’s attention. Do not miss the chance to have this amazing add-on!

105 Borders Cycle Patterns Brushes for Illustrator

Vect-Art Sketcher – Illustrator Actions Pack

The Vect-Art Sketcher can turn your photo into a vector hand-drawn sketch in 3 easy steps. This add-on works with Adobe Illustrator CS3 and later versions.

Vect-Art Sketcher - Illustrator Actions Pack

Vector Pencil Sketch Brushes

Do you want to have more vector pencil sketch brushes? Then you definitely came to the right place. In this set, you’ll find 50 hand-drawn pencil sketch lines created using various pencil techniques. This set could come in really handy and it will help you give your vector lines an imperfect hand-drawn look.

Vector Pencil Sketch Brushes Illustrator Add-on

Advanced Text Wrappers

This add-on is perfect for advanced text wrappers. They’re ready to be used for Ai vector text templates. This pack contains 32 unique styles.

Advanced Text Wrappers Illustrator Add-on

Illustrator Graphic Styles – Burner

This is a really nice illustrator graphic style which you can apply to any text or object to give them a burning effect. This add-on is available for AI10+.

Illustrator Graphic Styles - Burner

Nautical Rope Brushes   |  Illustrator Add-ons

Nautical Rope Brushes set contains 8 rope styles. They’re great if you’re working on a nautical theme project and you need a cool border, or if you’re working on retro labels, badges and much more.  8 Nautical Rope Brushes Illustrator Add-on

Comic Laugh Pattern

Patterns can be used in so many ways and this pack contains 6 fun and bright illustrator pattern swatches. These patterns are 100% vector which means you can scale them to any size without losing quality.

Comic Laugh Pattern Illustrator Add-on

Fabric Graphic Styles and Patterns

Last but not least, this is a really nice set of graphic styles for Adobe Illustrator. This set has its inspiration in handmade textile crafts and they were designed with 120 font size.

Fabric Graphic Styles and Patterns Illustrator Add-on

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