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20 Best Photoshop Layer Styles Packs For Every Designer

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Photoshop is an amazing tool for designers and it provides a variety of effects (such as shadows, glows, bevels, and others) that change how a layer ‘s content looks. This is done in a non-destructive way, with the help of layer styles.

Layer styles are linked to the layer contents, so any changes you make to the layer, the style you applied remains.

If you don’t want to create layer styles from scratch, there are plenty of Photoshop layer styles bundles on the web. We selected here 20 of the best Photoshop layer styles packs we could find. You should definitely have these in your collection. Check them out!

Free 3D Retro Text Mockup

This is a free 3D Style exclusive Photoshop layer style which will give your text the desired retro look. The download contains 1 PSD file with the 3D Retro Tekst in a Smart Object. This style and any other style you download from this website are free to use for any kind of project.

Free 3D Retro Text Mockup

Watercolor PHOTOSHOP Lab

This is yet another cool Photoshop layer style that adds a painting effect to your texts and graphics. This effect will make your designs look like they have just been painted thanks to the shading effect on the edge of the paint image and action that creates a rough edge. This effect can come in really handy and can be used to achieve eye-catching results.

 Watercolor PHOTOSHOP Lab

Gold Rush For Photoshop

This set contains effects that will give you all those trendy metallic, glitter and foil effects to your designs. You can use them in different ways, for example, you can paint with them or simply apply them by just one click. You have gold, silver, rose gold or any other color you choose. As a bonus, the download contains 35 stamp brushes and diamond templates, plus 17 dynamic confetti and glitter brushes which you can use on all sorts of projects. 3 Gold Rush Photoshop

550 Photo Overlay Bundle

In this bundle, you have 550 photo overlays categorized in 10 sets. There are plenty different sub-sets in this bundle ( 20 Falling Petals Photo Overlays, 60 Light Bokeh Overlays,100 Blowing Glitter Photoshop Overlays , 100 Bubbles overlays , 75 Floating Dust Overlays , 80 Golden Lights Overlays, 60 Natural Sunlight Photo Overlays, Red Petals Photo Overlays, Scrambled letters , Funny Bubbles). With this awesome set you will definitely achieve the desired effect on your photos, so download it and use it with confidence!

 Photo Overlay Bundle

Liquid Gold for Photoshop

This is a realistic liquid gold effect bundle which would definitely look great in both your design resource library and your projects. Gold effects are quite trendy nowadays and you can use them to add a dose of shining elegance to your projects. This layer style contains a liquid gold effect which, if you ask me, looks much better than normal gold effects. This can be used for various types of projects and adds an elegant, gold effect to any layer.

5 Liquid Gold for Photoshop

90 Watercolor AI Styles + EXTRAS

Watercolor styles can’t miss from a designer’s resource library and this set offers plenty of watercolors AI styles for your projects. It is packed with 90 unique watercolors and lots of extras you will find useful. In the download, you will find 200 vector elements and patterns, 20 vector watercolor forms and also some gold foils.

 Watercolor AI Style EXTRAS


This is a cool watercolor layer style which will convert your pictures, logos, lettering and any other creative project into an artwork that looks like it has just been painted.  Add this amazing style to your collection and use it whenever you please!

7 Watercolor ONE INSPIRATE!

The Authentic Chalkboard Bundle

This is a multi-platform, authentic chalkboard design bundle which contains many backgrounds, styles, vectors, and more! All the design resources you’ll find in this bundle can come in handy and can be integrated into many designs, especially retro ones. The best part is that it works on Illustrator as well.

8 The Authentic Chalkboard Bundle

Gold Styles InstaGlam Photoshop + Ai

If you just can’t have enough of gold styles here’s another awesome layer style. InstaGlam is a unique creative system that allows you to take anything in Photoshop and instantly apply gold and glam styles to it. If you want to make your projects more glamorous then this is the perfect Photoshop style for you. Go ahead and download it!


Text Effects Bundle for Photoshop

If you want to make your texts look less dull then this text effects bundle will come to your aid. This bundle includes 6 text effect kits for Photoshop which you can use on any text layer. In the download you will have a total of 43 effects with which you can easily add great, customizable effects to your text and vector shapes with just a few clicks using Smart Objects in Photoshop.

10 Text Effects Bundle Photoshop

Photoshop Overlays MAMMOTH Bundle

The Photoshop overlay MAMMOTH bundle will help you speed up your work and create beautiful images. This is a large collection that contains 492 overlaying effects. Check out each and every one of them and you will surely find that one you had in mind for this current project. Keep the rest close as you never know when you’ll need them!

11 Photoshop Overlays MAMMOTH Bundle

100 Glitter AI Styles + EXTRAS

Are you up for more glamorous effects? If yes, then this set contains 100 glitter layer styles that come with a glamorous and unique, high-resolution look. Thanks to this awesome set, you’ll be able to choose between gold, silver, pink gold, blues, mints and you can also create your own colored glitter in no time! The glitter styles and swatches are rasters.

 Glitter AI Styles XTRAS

500 Gold Foil Layer Styles Photoshop

24K Gold is a collection of tiled one-click layer styles for Photoshop which you can use with confidence to add glamorous effects to your projects. It includes 500 styles in gold, blond gold, rose gold, copper and more!

Gold Foil Layer Styles Photoshop

ExposureX2 – Advanced Photo Effects

Exposure X2 is an advanced photo effect that will help you create double exposure effects to your projects. This is a smart PSD which lets you do it just a few clicks.
 ExposureX2 Advanced Photo Effects

Penman Vintage Graphic Style Kit

If you are a fan of vintage styles and effects here’s an awesome style kit which you will definitely love using. Penman Vintage Graphic Styles Kit for Illustrator CS3+ allows you to achieve realistic Victorian Era looks within one click!

15 Penman Vintage Graphic Style Kit

21 Photoshop Professional text effects

And if you haven’t had enough of Photoshop text effects then you will definitely want this set as well. The download contains 12 PSD files which are fully customizable. It also comes with preview JPEG files and a readme.txt which will come to your help if you’re having trouble. The readme file will tell you which fonts you need to easily edit the layers. All you have to do is make a few clicks to adapt these effects to your own text.

21 Photoshop Professional text effects _ 21 efectos p

POWDR – Black Edition

This set is called POWDR and it is the black edition. This example offers the ability to quickly make awesome typographic posters using hi-resolution powder photos. You can use over 60+ individual transparent PNGs.

17 POWDR Black Edition

Chalkboard Automator – Chalk Effects

The Chalkboard Automator makes your illustrations look like they were drawn in chalk. All you have to do is just drop your files in and you’re ready to go. Click start and have your chalkboard design ready in just a couple of minutes.

18 Chalkboard Automator Chalk Effects

Glass & Water Photoshop Styles Pack

Looking for a cool text effect? This Photoshop style set contains 9 premium Photoshop styles ranging from smooth water to refractive diamond. All these styles look awesome on texts.

19 Glass Water Photoshop Styles Pack

The Modern Vintage Print Pack

This PSD file will give you a grainy vintage ink print effect to your projects in just a few minutes. It has its inspiration in the 70s t-shirts, classic album covers, and high school art classes.

20 The Modern Vintage Print Pack

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