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10 Girly Pink Websites with Great Graphics

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Pink is known to be girly, but there are so many different shades of pink used today that pink does not have to be an ‘only-girls’ colour at all.

Pink can be found in logos, websites, banners, billboards, and if used correctly it is really eye-catching! We’ve selected a bunch of feminine pink websites, which use the color pink as an emphasizer; whether they use the colour heavily or sparingly, it is certain that these websites are attractive and creative. What do you think?


Snog Pink Websites

Snog is a company selling a delicious frozen yoghurt that lacks fat, shuns sugar and has hardly any calories. This is the product’s presentation website. It uses vibrant, neon pink and many other bold colours all over the design! This site has some amazing visuals and the interactive design layout is as delicious as the product looks. With the help of parallax effect, this site looks dynamic and very user-friendly. Have a look and see if this example inspires you in future projects.

We Shoot Bottles

We Shoot Bottles pink inspiration design

This is a commercial photography studio in the UK has narrowed its business to focus on the bottles niche and hence the birth of We Shoot Bottles. They have a great website design with large typography and a cool photo manipulation of a glass bottle. They use pink as an accent colour on a horizontal web design layout. The whole website design is vert simple, straightforwards and has an unusual navigation system. Have a look at this example and check out their project.

Creative Debuts

Creative Debuts Pink Websites

Creative Debuts is an online platform for artists and art lovers. This website has an elegant design that uses a fading pink background on which a large thumbnail gallery of artworks is showcased. Each detail is carefully thought, especially the choice of typography and a really elegant menu bar that blends in perfectly with the web design layout. It also has some smooth transitions between pages and elements and uses a simple, masonry grid design to showcase the blog posts. Have a look at this website and check some amazing artwork along the way!


geekletics.com Pink Websites

Geekletics.com has become the #1 fashion brand for geek athletics. The brand was created and designed right in the heart of Silicon Valley. They have a pink logo which matches their pink website. The design has some really nice illustrations and effects but besides this, it has a pretty simple layout and design. What makes it stand out is the great color choice and fun, cropped image on the homepage. Check out their unique menu bar, pink buttons and details and see if this example inspires you into creating the perfect pink themed website.

Victoria Spicer

Victoria Spicer Pink Websites

The next example can be a great source of inspiration thanks to the care and effort which was put into creating this amazing web design project. Victoria Spicer is a set designer and a prop artist with an elegant design with plenty pink details and large photos. This website has some amazing and powerful visuals and you can easily notice all the effort that was put in designing even the small details. The choice of typography also blends in really well with this design. As you scroll, the transitions are really smooth and create a pleasant experience. Also, the photo effects are subtle and effective. All in all, this website has quite an eye-catching design.

Motherhood India

Best Maternity Hospital Pink Websites

This is an online store for moms and babies. It has a very feminine design and uses subtle pink and girly curls, to create a soft, warm and friendly atmosphere. This site also uses pink to highlight certain keywords phases or buttons. This website has an elegant and minimalist design, with powerful images and some nice and effective illustrations about motherhood. The layout is basic, with a large slider on the homepage, followed by some boxed elements with the main categories of the website.This example is definitely worth following. Have a look and see if you find your inspiration on this website.


Wonderfour Pink Websites

Wonderfour’s website starts with a powerful large pink image with huge typography. Even the logo is cool and looks great on this pink background. Continue scrolling and have a look at this minimalist design. Another cool detail of this website is the grid gallery and its large thumbnails. Some of the thumbnails have a pastel background. This site uses an interesting shade of pink, which looks more neutral rather than too girly. It also combines powerful graphics and beautiful photos with great typography. This example is definitely worth following!


Pink Websites

Are you up for yet another amazing website that uses pink as the main colour? As their motto says, life shouldn’t have to be stressful and that is exactly what this website’s design expresses. It uses huge typography with a pinkish gray that covers only a part of a square and representative picture. The home page is entirely designed in pink tones and it looks really great and elegant.

Etienne Godiard

Étienne Godiard Pink Websites

If you like interactive websites then you will probably love this example. Etienne Godiard is a French graphic design lover with an awesome portfolio website. The interface is really friendly and it uses pink as background for his latest project.  This website design also uses parallax effects to add some dynamism and life to the vector elements. The navigation is also very interesting, make sure you check out how the links to the Works and About pages are written! This is a creative and unique idea, isn’t it?! This is an example worth following and can be a great source of inspiration.


Odopod Pink Websites

Last but not least, this is yet another good example worth following and which can be a great source of inspiration if you are looking to build a good-looking pink website. Odopod is a global design and technology consultancy that works with some of the world’s most innovative companies. They use both vibrant and pastel pink shades on their website design. The website has an overall simple design with a large horizontal band on the upper part of the website with huge typography. This site’s color palette successfully combines a darker, neon, pink shade with a bright orange color, in a subtle gradient all over their homepage.

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