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Resume templates for graphic designers are becoming increasingly popular as designers have now realized the importance of showcasing their skills, experience, education, and most importantly their portfolios.

Understand that graphic design resume templates tend to be very heavy on design or quirky and flashy. Rather, the templates showcased here are modern, but more on the minimal side of design with an easy-to-read outline.

The employers and clients you’re looking to impress are also in a hurry and want concise, clean, and minimalistic resumes. While at the same time, you do need to display creativity on your resume that helps them understand your ability to design.

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The Best Graphic Design Resume Templates

We are excited to present 15 of the best resume templates for graphic designers that have a good balance between design and structure, and that can be downloaded (for free) instantly.

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Designer Resume & Cover Letter Template

Designer Resume & Cover Letter Template Pin

Starting the list with a wholesome package, we have the Designer Resume & Cover Letter Template. This template consists of a CV or a resume template along with a cover letter template. Of late, many organizations have started asking for cover letters and resumes wherein you have to express more about yourself and why you are fit for the particular job. This template will make that task easy for you.

The best part about this template is that it comes in MS Word and Photoshop. So if you are in a rush or do not want to tweak the base design, then you can open up the MS Word format and flow your details. Otherwise, if you want to edit the design, then you can always do that in Photoshop. In addition, the template comes in three color schemes and covers all requisite fields like name, work experience, educational qualifications, and more.

Graphic Designer Resume

Graphic Designer Resume - Black Pin

Black and white design always look classy, and when you use this for your resume, it will look all the more impressive. This resume template is minimal and very elegant. It has the right balance of vectors, icons, shapes, and white space. There is a placeholder for adding your photo as well.

The resume is available in EPS and MS Word files so that you can customize it. It is designed for standard A4 size and comes in ready-to-print format (CMYK @300 DPI). The template also includes a cover letter in the same design style which is a bonus.

Graphic Designer Resume (Colorful)

Graphic Designer Resume (Colorful) Pin

Moving away from the bland black-and-white style, we have a highly vibrant graphic designer resume template next on the list. As you can observe, the template has placeholders for almost all possible information for a resume, be it contact details, skills, experience, or about me. Showing skills through those rounded infographics is surely impressive.

The template uses all free fonts and comes in AI and EPS formats. You can easily customize this template to change the color scheme to your liking and add/delete sections. But we recommend that you use the template to preserve its visual appeal.

Graphic Designer Resume Template

Graphic Designer Resume Template Pin

If you are looking for a clean, structured resume template, then this one would be more suited, given its simple design. The designer has restricted color to only black and white but has done a fabulous job structuring the content, which allows expressing a lot about yourself. There are dedicated sections for profile, education, experience, skills, and even references.

A good point about this template is that you get it in three formats – AI, EPS, and PSD and hence you can edit it in whichever tool you are most comfortable with. The template size is A4; the file comes in a ready-to-print format.

Graphic Designer Resume (Yellow)

Graphic Designer Resume (Yellow) Pin

For graphic designers who prefer working on documents in InDesign, we have included this graphic design resume template as it comes with CS4 & CS5 files. At the same time, a Word file is also available for those who do not want to customize the template and transfer their information into it.

In terms of design, the template is very well structured and uses Yellow as the primary color. You can always change it to your preferred color. There are sections for adding your name, photograph, and all the other details. We must mention that this format offers a lot more writing space in case you want to be more elaborate about yourself.

Graphic Designer Resume (8ST32B2)

Graphic Designer Resume Pin

Designers looking for a template that allows them to be more descriptive will find this template quite useful. The overall design is very balanced and has space for all sections. More importantly, it leaves almost 75% of the page for you to talk about work experience. Such a template can be very useful for senior graphic designers who want to showcase their work experience in detail.

There is a cover letter template also available in the same design style. You will get EPS and MS Word format files, and you can use whichever format suits you best. Do note that you will not get the images on download but will get all the icons and shape designs.

Creative Graphic Designer CV Resume

Creative Graphic Designer CV Resume Pin

A very attractive CV template catches the eye no matter how big the competition. The latest design trends are nicely deployed in this template, covering almost all the needed information fields. You will get the resume and cover letter templates in four formats: PSD, AI, EPS, and PDF.

The design consists of well-organized layers and smart object placement, making editing easy. The original design uses pastel colors, but you can change them to colors that suit your personality or the firm you are applying to. Interestingly, a help guide is also included in the downloads if you get stuck somewhere while designing.

Graphic Designer CV Resume Template

Graphic Designer CV Resume Template Pin

Deviating from the standard resume structures, this template offers a two-column (¼ + ¾) design style. The name, profile, and contact details are covered in the smaller column, while the bigger column includes sections like experience, education, skills, and references.

The use of orange and grey colors along with white makes the resume stand out and gives it a feel that it is a CV of a designer. All the sections are already well balanced, and you just need to flow your details. For this, you will get AI and PSD formats with organized layers making editing easy.

Senior Graphic Designer Resume Template

Senior Graphic Designer Resume Template Pin

Want a really flashy resume that becomes unmissable wherever you apply? Then go for this stunning resume template. Highly modern in design, the design uses bold colors and strong fonts to grab eyeballs. The template also covers a resume and cover letter, making it more value for money.

As you can observe, there is a space for adding your full photo. Apart from that, there are sections for all information but what is good is the generous use of icons in all sections, which gives a stylish design appeal. Furthermore, you will get the template in 5 formats, including PSD and Word allowing you large editing bandwidth.

Graphic Designer CV Resume Template (Dark Theme)

Graphic Designer CV Resume Template (Dark Theme) Pin

Many designers have an affinity for using dark colors to express themselves, and we have included this CV template especially for them. The CV is smartly designed as it uses a black and white background as a base and then has a blue gradient patch on top. You can add your photograph, personal information, skills, and socials on this patch.

There is good space left in the white section for including more details about yourself, your experience, and your education. Flowing gradients is surely eye-catching and gives a highly professional look to your resume. On download, you will get AI and EPS files which are well-layered for easy editing.

Graphic Designer CV Resume Set

Graphic Designer CV Resume Set Pin

This resume set template is simple and elegant in design and can be used by designers when applying for larger corporates or creative agencies. It uses many white spaces and the right amount of icons and shapes. This ensures that the resume does not come out very flashy and bold.

There is a large section for adding your photograph, and we suggest you use a black-and-white photo to match the theme. There is a small use of yellow color to help your name stand out. You will get AI, EPS, and PSD file formats upon download. The good part about this template is that it uses free fonts and comes in a ready-to-print format.

Designer Resume Template

Designer Resume Template Pin

While most resume templates try to use all the space available on an A4 size paper, this template does something different, which is why it has the scope of standing out amongst other resumes. It generously leaves out a lot of open space, which makes the design look more elegant.

There is still ample space for covering all sections of line experience, education, profile, skills, and even languages known. There is a good space for adding your photograph as well. The designer used a very good combination of Lime Hawk Moth color and dark black and white, but you can always change them to the combination you want.

Graphic Designer CV Template (Modern)

Graphic Designer CV Template (Modern) Pin

If you want to leave a lasting impression with your CV of you as a designer, then we highly recommend this template. One look at it and the reviewer is bound to be impressed, increasing your chances of getting the job. A two-page template uses modern theme design elements, big icons, and bold colors.

On the front side is a large section for you to add your photograph, name, and personal details. On the other side, you can showcase your skills using icons. Along with that, there are sections for work, education, and even a summary. The design uses well-organized layers, and you can resize it in different proportions in case you do not want to go for the conventional A4 size printing.

Graphic Designer Resume CV (Minimal)

Graphic Designer Resume CV (Minimal) Pin

Balancing out modern and flashy designs, we have a minimal resume template next on the list. The designer has ensured a lot of white space to make the resume look simple and elegant. On the white spaces, there are well-spread-out sections for all needed information.

The template uses a light grey patch to highlight the experience. Even with the use of empties spaces, the template covers all details. There is also scope for adding a QR code which is a smart thing to do. You can direct users to your online website or portfolio using this code. The template includes a cover letter in AI, EPS, and INDD formats.

Graphic Designer CV Resume (Colorful)

Graphic Designer CV Resume (Colorful) Pin

Last on the list, we have a colorful resume template that will ensure that the reviewer will register you as a smart graphic designer. The template is loaded with all the requisite sections and comes with a cover letter that you can use to express more about yourself and your experience.

The template uses modern elements and has space for a photograph in terms of design. The base design uses a dark green and cream palette, but you can change it to whatever suits you best. You will get AI, PSD, and PDF files for such customizations. The design includes bleeding space and comes in a ready-to-print format.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I write a graphic design CV?

The best way to write a graphic design CV is to talk about your experience, skills, and the tools you are proficient with. Of course, you can always showcase your work through your portfolio, which you can attach to your resume or place a link to it if your portfolio is online.

What is a CV resume?

The letters CV are the initials for the Latin phrase “Curriculum Vitae” which means course of life. The word “resume” is a french word that means summary. So, the common pairing of the two together is a meaningful way of saying that you are presenting a summary of your course of life in relation to your work, education, skills, and experience.

What should a graphic designer put on a resume?

A graphic designer should put on a resume about designing skills, work experiences, references, and links to their portfolio or design sales platforms. The resume allows them to pitch themselves and therefore should be very impressive. The best way of doing that is using a ready-made, high-quality resume template.

Where can I download a resume template for free?

Many sources on the internet allow you to download resume templates for free. But be aware that some of them do not share editable formats. The best source to download resume templates is Envato Elements. They only offer premium-designed templates and you can always sign-up for their free 7-day trial to get what you want for free.

The Best Graphic Designer Resume Templates – Summary

In this article, we have covered the 15 best resume templates for graphic designers. There is a good variety ranging from very simple and minimal designs to modern and flashy ones. All of them come with editable open files that you can tweak as needed.

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