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If you need a logo and can’t afford a 100% custom one, then you can choose one of these free logo templates and with just a few easy changes, you can customize them and make it yours. Here are over 300+ high-quality free logo templates in fully editable PSD formats! These free logo templates can be customized and modified to match your preferences.

They come in various colors, shapes, and styles. Here you’ll find, monochrome, colorful, square, rounded, flat, 3D, retro, abstract, badges, vintage, geometric, minimal logos and more!

So, here’s this massive post with over 300 free logo templates any designer should have! These great sets of free logo templates can be used to create future logo designs. Get inspired and create awesome logos!

Logotypes collection

Logotypes collection Free Logo Template Pin

This logotypes collection is really nice and it can be a great asset to your collection. Each element is well thought and looks like it is floating. This is a very useful set for designers. Just add text, a slogan and your logo is done! Or you can use some of the elements to create your own concept. All logos are vector based.

Pack of elegant ornamental logos Free Vector

Pack of elegant ornamental logos Vector Free Download Pin

Check out this pack of elegant ornamental vector logos and use them with confidence. You can easily modify it, change colors and re-scale it. Customize it and use as you please.

Collection of business icons

Collection business icons Pin

This set contains 100 business icons amongst which might be the one you were looking for. Use them as icons or as logos and modify them as you please.

Colorful logos in abstract style

Colorful logos abstract style Pin

These colorful logo templates are exactly what you need to make an awesome design. They’re abstract and you can use them, customize them to best fit your interests. These are some really creative logo templates that will make your brand to stand out in a crowd. Download the file sources for free!

Design badges in retro style

Design badges Free Logo Template Pin

These design badges templates are black and white and they have a retro look which will definitely look great in your projects. This free logo vector template has an excellent combination of text and simple vector illustrations.

Free abstract logo templates

Free abstract logo templates Pin

This is a cool set of free abstract logo templates which can come in really handy and save you a great deal of time. Try them out, customise them and see what comes out.

Vintage badges

Vintage badges Pin

These vintage badges will clearly inspire you to make awesome logos in the future. These are perfect for restaurants, bars, and pubs but with the right dose of imagination, they can be integrated into any kind of project.

Real estate logos collection

Real estate logos collection Pin

Looking for some real-estate logo templates? You’ve definitely come to the right place. These look great, especially the middle one, don’t you think?!

Free abstract logos collection

Free abstract logos collection Pin

If you are looking to expand your freebies collection you may want to start with this abstract logo set. They’re all free and they look great! You can easily edit them, as they come in vector format, change their colors, shapes and sizes and add your own texts.

Beauty logos

Beauty logos Pin

Designing a beauty salon or a spa logo and you need some inspiration? No worries, this set will definitely come to your aid. It contains several logo templates which you can customise and change to fit your interests. These are perfect for any other feminine business and even for personal blogs too!

Colorful geometric logos

Colorful geometric logos Pin

You can use these colorful geometric logo templates with confidence. They look great and they mix simple shapes with bright colors.

Lotus flower logos

Lotus flower logos Free Logo Template Pin

These lotus flower logo templates can be used to design future awesome projects. They’re black and white but they can be customized in all sorts of ways to fit your project.

Colorful-wave-logo Pin

This colorful wave makes a great logo template. You can easily customise it, add your own company name along with a different typography.

Globe logos

Globe Free Logo Template Pin

These globe logos use 2 simple colors, blue and green. They’re perfect for a company’s logo.

Abstract globes

Abstract globes Free Logo Template Pin

And if you’re looking for more globes to play with then you might want to try out these abstract globe templates.

Abstract vector logo templates

Abstract vector logo templates Pin

These logos have their inspiration in flat design. Each one uses earthy colors and has small shades.

Mineral water logos collection

Mineral water logos collection Pin

These logos are the perfecttemplate to start with when designing  for a mineral water business. This collection might come in really handy if you are working on a similar project. You can download them and customise it or you can use them to find your inspiration.

Hands logos

Hands logos Pin

These hands logos are perfect for hospitals, NGOs, charities. They can’t miss from your freebies arsenal.

Variety of elegant logos

Variety elegant logos Pin

This set contains a variety of elegant logos. They have a clean design based on a flat logo.

Retro logos collection

Retro logos collection Pin

Retro logos are a must in a designer’s collection and this set is exactly what you need. These templates are elegant and they could be used to design other awesome logos.

Arrow icons for logos in blue and green

Arrow Free Logo Template Pin

Let’s continue the series of awesome logo templates which you can use with confidence in your future projects. These are nicec and they’re perfect for a company’s logo and not only!

Mesh spheres logos

Mesh Free Logo Template Pin

These logo templates have their inspiration in flat design. They come in different color variations and they’re very geometrical, in fact, they’re spheres and they have a polygonal mesh surrounding them.

Eagle logos

Eagle Free Logo Template Pin

These eagle logos are also great and they could be a great addition to your collection. They’re black and white but they can easily be customised.

Variety of floral logos

floral logos Pin

These logos are diverse and they use various abstract flowers. They could be used to design a spa or beauty salon’s logo.

Abstract icons for logos in orange blue and green

Abstract icons logos Pin

Last but not least, these abstract icons for logos are great. They use green, orange and blue as main colors. They’re also diverse and they can easily be customised. Make sure to download them and try them out!

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