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Creating a web designer resume can be challenging due to the limited space most resumes have for key information, so using a professionally designed resume template can be super beneficial.

Today we are excited to be showcasing 14 of the best resume templates for web designers.

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Whether you are a website designer or a graphic designer creating a resume for a client, the templates listed are well-designed and have excellent blocks (or structure) allowing you to showcase all the vital details such as experience, education, skills, and portfolio website information.

You can download all of these printable templates totally FREE! More on this in a moment.

14 Best Web Designer Resume Templates – quick list

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick list of all the attractive resume templates we cover:

We cover some really great templates here along with FAQs, but what you won’t find is:

  • Web designer resume examples, only actual templates, created by professional graphic designers.
  • This post is not about web design resume builders.
  • You won’t see plain, simple, and outdatedlooking templates.

All these printable resume templates come with editable files (EPS, Docx, INDD, PDF, AI) and are easy to flow content into. As a designer, you can use your designer’s eye to tweak some elements, customizing the template to your liking.

Let’s get started!

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Templates For Web Designer Resumes:

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14 Best Web Designer Resume Templates – detailed list

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1. Web Designer Resume

Web Designer Resume

We start the list with a simple yet visually appealing web designer resume template. It is a two-page resume that uses structured sections. Both these aspects allow more room for providing detailed information about yourself. The sections have space for skills, languages, work experience, education, awards, photographs, and more.

You will get EPS and Word files when you download this template. This means that if you are in a rush or do not want to alter the design of the template, then you can open it in word and just add your content. Likewise, you can edit the EPS file in Adobe Illustrator to modify the design as per need or add/delete content sections.

2. Jane Website Designer Resume

Jane Website Designer Resume

For a web designer, the reviewer must get an opportunity to know more about their work and web designing skills. A simple resume may not be able to do this job. This Jane Wed designer resume template comes in three pages – covering letter, resume, and portfolio. Using the three pages in tandem can help you express yourself more effectively.

In terms of design, the layout and color palette are kept simple. Using large white spaces with light grey patches and black font renders a professional look to the resume. You will get an INDD file format on download, which can be edited in InDesign. As the design is layered and simple, you can make changes easily.

3. CV Resume for Web Designers

CV Resume for Web Designers

A minimal but eye-catching template, this web designer resume template has much more to offer than what you can observe at first glance.

To start with, it has a cover letter where you can provide details about your web designing journey and convince the reviewer why you are the best person for the job. Then it has a one-page resume format. The good part is that the sections are structured so nicely that it opens up much content space.

The template has a bold header patch where you can put up your name. The template offers four color combinations for this header; you can add your favorite color when editing. You will get EPS and Word file formats for editing the template, which offers you more creative bandwidth.

4. Web Designer CV Resume

Web Designer CV Resume

The extra large white spaces make the resume look professional and elegant. This web designer’s CV template has done exactly that. The overall layout of the template is quite different from the usual resume templates, which can help stand out.

The contact details are at the top, followed by your name in big typography. The template has a cover letter and a one-page resume.

You will get the editable files in PSD, INDD, and EPS format. You can work on whichever software you are proficient at. The good part about this template is that the design comes in a ready-to-print format with a 300 DPI resolution and CMYK color format. A help guide is also included in case you need assistance in editing.

5. Web Designer & Development – CV Resume Template

Web Designer and Development - CV Resume Template

This web designer resume uses a smart combination of contrasting colors to help key information stand out. In terms of structure, it deploys a two-column structure (¼ + ¾) for both covering letter and resume. The smaller column details your education, socials, and references. At the same time, the bigger column details work experience and skills.

The template also has an interesting way of displaying your contact information and skills. You will get AI, EPS, and JPG formats when downloading. The designer has used layers and placeholders, making it easy for you to flow your content. The template is set up on standard A4-size paper in ready-print mode.

6. Modern Resume Template for Web Designers

Modern Resume Template for Web Designers

Looking for a modern web designer resume that allows you to express yourself more creatively? Then we have a brilliant CV template for you. It uses modern design trends and vibrant colors to help your CV stand out from the competition. The template has three parts – cover letter, Resume, and portfolio/achievements.

The template comes in AI, EPS, and PSD file formats and has a Help guide. Given the fancy design of the template, this help guide will be handy. Using icons, vectors, and modern design elements makes the template look interesting. There is also an option for adding a QR code which you can use to direct reviewers to your online portfolio.

7. Resume CV – Web Designer

Resume CV - Web Designer

This option is worth checking out if you are looking for a resume template with a good color presence. It follows a two-column structure. The smaller column has color and contains key information like photos, skills, awards, and contact information. The bigger column has a white background and presents information in a very structured manner.

The template is in A4 size, ready to print format. On download, you will get the template in three formats – EPS, PSD, and DOCX. There are five color options, but you can change the color to the one that suits your persona. The unique icons used in the template and clean layout can help you create a very outstanding resume.

8. Web Design – CV & Resume

Web Design CV and Resume

This Web designer template combines elegance, class, and modern functionality. The best part about this template is that it is available in seven different formats, including PowerPoint and Google Slides. This means that you do not need to design software skills to work on the template.

The composition of the resume is interesting as it manages to provide all required details for the candidate, starting from the photograph, education, awards, skills, reference, and work experience. The formatting is so good that we advise you to stick with it and just flow your information in the sections. In terms of design, the use of maroon, grey, and white colors gives the resume a classy feel.

9. Web Designer & Developer Resume

Web Designer and Developer Resume

This Web Designer & Developer template is a neat and clean template for those who want to write a lot on their resumes. It offers both resume and cover letter templates. The design style is kept the same for both to ensure consistency. The name, photo, and contact details header is quite impressive.

In terms of structure, it also follows two-column formatting. The smaller one shows skills, education, and contact details. The bigger one is kept open for discussing yourself and your work experience in detail. The format is print-ready, saving you the additional time and energy of deploying it for printing.

10. Resume CV – Web Designer

Resume CV - Web Designer

Modern-day resumes tend to take the liberty of being vibrant and loud. If you are a web designer, then having a creative resume can help. This template is for users who want to add color and smart icons to make their resume stand out from the competition. The template includes a cover letter, resume, and three color options.

The Orange color patches for the name and headers are very interesting. The designer has nicely separated the two columns using light grey background color. The image cloud used to express various interest areas is unique. You will get both EPS and Docx files on download.

11. Web Design & Developer Resume Template

Web Design & Developer Resume Template

This Web Design and Developer Resume Template is a bit fancy but can help you leave a good recall on the reviewer. It uses heavy colors, shapes, and icons to give an overall impressive look.

The template offers a 2-page resume format and a cover letter. Spreading the resume across two pages has the advantage of having more space to talk about yourself.

The template uses standard fonts – Montserrat and Arial, which can be downloaded and used for free. When you download the template, you will get an EPS file, DOCs, and also a helpful guide. The design uses placeholders; hence, editing the template will not be challenging.

12. Multipurpose Resume for Designers & Developers

Multipurpose Resume for Designers & Developers

One of the most creative Web Designer resume templates on the internet, this one is sure to draw the reviewer’s attention. As you can see, it is very well-designed and incorporates many creative elements. However, the most interesting part about the template is the use of coding language in the headers.

Do note that the editable file you will get will be for InDesign, so go for this template only if you have a working knowledge of InDesign. As such, the formatting is done in layers, so making the changes won’t be difficult. Make use of the QR code, as it effectively directs people to your online portfolio.

13. Resume CV – Web Designer

Resume CV - Web Designer

If you are looking for a clean and simple CV template that can allow you to add a lot of content, then this one is a good choice. The template deploys a two-column structure. The first column allows you to add your photograph, name, profile, and contact details. The bigger column has space for skills, education, experience, and even hobbies.

You can always add/edit sections if you want to include references or awards. For editing, you will get an EPS and a Word file, and we recommend using the Word version. The formatting and design of the template are so simple that any edits are easy to make.

14. Resume – A Template for Developers & Designers

Resume - A Template for Developers and Designers

Ending the list of best resume templates for Web Designers on a high, we have a very modern and stylish template for you. This template uses pastel and vibrant colors, large typography, and smart icons to give your resume an impressive look. The template consists of three pages – a cover letter, a front resume, and a detailed resume.

Right on the top, it has a smart, catchy line to introduce yourself. Make the most of these words, as they will help you grab the attention of the reviewers. There is a QR code in the header, which you can use to direct users to your website or portfolio.

Each section is creative, whether education, achievement, or skills, thanks to using vector and typography combinations. You will get the template in IND and Docx format, using which you can add your details and make changes as per need.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I write a resume for a web designer?

Writing a resume for a web designer needs to be done creatively to impress the reviewer and stand out from other applicants.

First, thoroughly read the job description you are applying to and then draft the content with an emphasis on how your skills relate to that job description. Format it in such a way that it is captivating but still covers important details.

Why use a resume template?

Using a resume template, professionally designed, for showcasing your web design skills and experience will save a lot of time. So, there’s no need to create one from scratch. For this, we recommend the use of a high-quality, well-designed resume template like those listed here.

What is the “CV” on a resume?

The initials CV stand for “curriculum vitae” and means “course of life” in Latin. These days we often see this term used in conjunction with the word “resume” because our world is now more connected and other nations outside the USA identify with both CV and resume.

The word resume is a french word translated as “summary“. In relation to our work, experiences, and skills, a “CV resume” can be seen as “a summary of our life course“.

What’s the best web design resume template?

Some of the best web design resume templates are those created by professional graphic designers. The best overall would be our Editors Choice, which is entitled “Web Designer Development Resume CV Template“.

What should a web designer resume look like?

The web designer’s resume should cover all the important information about the designer’s creations, experience, and skills in an organized manner. One-pager resumes are encouraged. The resume should cover the following details:

  1. Professional Summary
  2. Key Skills
  3. Work Experience
  4. Portfolio Links
  5. Education & Certifications
  6. Contact Details

How do I write work experience for a web designer?

Work experience is very important for a web designer to mention in the resume. Always block out an adequate amount of space for this. As you have seen in the templates shared above, work experience is a key focus and is nicely placed. This is a big advantage of using resume templates.

In the work experience section, mention the companies you have worked for, the duration, and in which capacity. Also, include a brief about key responsibilities and projects you handled.

The Best Resume Templates for Web Designers – Summary

A good resume template is the easiest way to create a stunning resume as well as save time! This feature compiles the best 14 resume templates for web designers. All the templates come with editable files, the format is compatible with a variety of editing software, and you can choose the ones you are comfortable with.

In terms of design, there is a good variety here and some are quite simple and minimalistic. At the same time, some are vibrant, flashy, and modern. You should go through the list and opt for the template that you find most professional, appealing, and captivating and that fits your style.

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