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Editor X is emerging as one of the best website builders thanks to its amazing templates, simple user interface, coding options, and affordability. Originally created for professional web designers and developers, now Editor X, with its state-of-the-art platform, is for everyone!

If you have considered Editor X to be your new website builder, then rest assured that you will be joining the likes of some very well-known and reputable companies such as Dribble, Vevo, and Vigin Pulse.

Editor X corporate clients

There are many good reasons why large companies and thousands of users have entrusted Editor X with their websites. We are excited to share with you here only 10 reasons why Editor X is the best website-building platform today!

Why is Editor X The Best Website Builder?

Coming from the house of Wix, the Editor X team has covered all the essential elements of web development such as design customization, advanced SEO optimization, marketing resources, feature-rich product pages, plus training webinars and design classes with professionals.

Here are ten reasons why the WiX Editor X website builder is the best:

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1. Editor X Templates are Stunning & Optimized

Editors Note: These templates are highly responsive with animated movement and video. I strongly recommend previewing and testing the live templates to see load speed and functionality. Out of the many stunning templates available, we’ve only listed (4) favorites for your convenience.

First impressions are vital when it comes to your online presence and having the best theme or template to start with will make a huge difference. Not to worry, because the Editor X website templates are not only modern looking, very responsive, mobile friendly, adaptive, and customizable, but visually stunning!

One of the biggest reasons Editor X stands out from its competition is its templates. The design team has ensured that each template is unique, designed with pixel perfection, and in line with the latest design trends.

Additionally, the templates are designed with the best and latest optimization elements regarding loading speed and easy navigation for a great user experience. They can be used as landing pages or fully functional websites with multiple pages.

Unlike other website builders that offer hundreds of templates, Editor X currently has 30+ templates with an emphasis on quality, not quantity. Still, it ensures one superb template for each sector, be it creative agencies, portfolios, architects, consultants, or even wellness centers.

While these templates are brilliant in design, they also come loaded with all the requisite features you would need for your website, starting from sliders, animations, forms, bookings, and much more. If these editable templates still don’t work for you, you can use a blank one to create just what you need.

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2. The Editor X User-interface is Easy To Use

Editor X User-interface

The second biggest reason for Editor X’s popularity is its ease of use. It does not matter if you are a professional designer or an amateur trying your hands on website building for the first time; Editor X ensures you will get the hang of the features in no time.

Every new software or online tool has a learning curve, and Editor X tries to make that curve small and easy to transverse. It offers a short guide right at the start, and even during use, it provides a tooltip for each function.

The first step of your website-building journey, it will ask if you want to use a template or start from scratch. Once you choose the template, it will open its wide range of features to customize the template. You can change the overall look and feel, adding your branding and flowing your content in just a few clicks.

The developers claim that the features are intuitive, and you will feel it when working on them. Without any major hassles, you can set up your personalized website in no time.

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3. The Editor X Design Features Are Amazing

Editor X Design Features

For all online website builders, designing features will always be at the core and a paramount reason for its success. The more features, the more in-depth designing they can offer, and the better it will be. But at the same time, they need to ensure that too many features do not overwhelm the user.

Editor X finds the perfect balance in this. It outsmarts most other website builders through features like docking, CSS grid, resizing handles, formatting copy-paste, and text scaling.

Website responsiveness is a very important feature for better user experience and SEO ranking, and Editor-X emphasizes it. It allows you to design as per breakpoints. This will give you complete control over how your website will look on different-sized devices.

At the same time, it offers some highly stylish design options in terms of scrolling, animations, transitions, sliders, and more that help your website look beautiful and stand out in the crowd. Also, not to forget its vast design library offers thousands of illustrations, icons, and vector shapes that you can quickly deploy in your design.

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4. Editor X is Empowering Coders

Editing Code in Editor X

While it is always beneficial for website builders to offer a lot of design capabilities without coding, there will be times when professional website developers will feel handicapped.

Editor X understands that and has therefore allowed a whole new range of advanced features that developers can use to get a better command over the website backend and also build exactly what they want for the front end. 

Users can write and edit the Node.js backend code. Editor X also allows you to import NPM packages and convert your website into an app or a large-scale complex website. You can also integrate APIs with your website and get them talking to third-party content or information.

Another promising feature of Editor X is the release manager, which allows you to control various versions of your website and release them online when you have tested them to satisfaction. A word of caution would be that go only for custom coding features if you are confident otherwise; Editor X offers many customization options even without coding.

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5. Editor X eCommerce is Simple & Easy to Set Up

Editor X eCommerce

One of the biggest shares of new websites is the ability to create online stores or eCommerce. People have now understood the power of online selling and believe in its unlimited reach. Therefore, even homemakers or small-time artisans sell their products and services over the internet.

Editor X is on a mission to empower these and cater to the needs of large-scale organizations dealing with huge volumes of products. It has dedicated themes for online stores, which are the best way to create an online presence in no time.

Editor X eCommerce has made online selling easy with its array of tools. While it offers all the essential eCommerce requirements like product listing, testimonials, product pages, shipping, and more, it also provides many additional features.

Some eCommerce features available are:

  • Recurring Subscriptions
  • Ticket Sales
  • Memberships
  • Online Booking
  • Appointment Calendars

Many of its templates come loaded with these advanced features and so it becomes very easy and time-saving for users. All that’s needed is a little tweaking of each eCommerce feature to meet specific needs.

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6. The Editor X Pricing Plans are Competitive

Editor X Pricing and Plans

Cost always plays an important role when choosing an online website builder. Editor X has clarified its pricing plans and divided them into various categories, accepting new users worldwide.

It offers three website building plans starting from $22 per month and going up to $49 per month. This includes custom branding and domain, a free SSL certificate, and 10GB+ storage space. These plans are best suited for informative websites or brand websites.

Want to try Editor X for free? Here’s an opportunity to take it for a test drive to decide if it’s the right website-building platform for you. On their website look for the big blue box in the upper right corner that says “Start Creating” to set up your free trial. It’s simple to get started with Editor X!

For eCommerce, Editor X offers three plans starting from $29 per month and going up to $229 per month. As it is understandable, the features keep getting better with the price. However, even for the basic plan, you get features like a custom domain, unlimited products, ticketing, online booking, and 20GB storage. This is good enough for you to start your online store.

You can always scale up as needed and all plans include just some of the following at no extra charge:

  1. Collaboration & Teamwork Functionality (huge advantage)
  2. SSL Certificate with PCI compliance
  3. Enterprise Security of the highest-rated international standards of security
  4. Personal SEO plan catering to your specific needs
  5. Coupons for customers
  6. Video Maker on your site dashboard for promo videos
  7. Email Marketing & Analytics Integration
  8. API Integration & Automatic Backups
  9. Custom social media post templates
  10. Academy X for valuable training in all things web design and development

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7. Responsive Editor X Customer Support

Editor X Help Center

Custom support responsiveness should always be a parameter you should check before finalizing any online tool. With the advent of automated messaging, finding solutions to problems or roadblocks is becoming increasingly difficult.

Editor X has provided two-way support through calls and through email. Whenever you run into any difficulty, you can request a call. A human agent with good knowledge of the system will call you and help you out.

There are options for raising a ticket for higher technical issues, which are also addressed within 24 hours. The overall approach of the customer support team is to help you solve your problem quickly. This enables you to save a lot of time and effort.

There is also in-built access to its help center, which is loaded with a lot of information. If you are stuck with a basic query of how to edit your text on the slider, you can quickly check that out in the help center, where they provide an easy-to-understand stepwise process of editing the text.

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8. Top Training via Academy X

Academy X

An online university in itself, Academy X is the initiative of Editor X to empower its users with more knowledge about its platform and proper website building in general. This is a very smart way of accelerating the users’ learning curve and showcasing the full potential of its features.

On Academy X, users will find a massive collection of detailed video tutorials, lessons, and hands-on exercises on various website-building aspects. Apart from the design features, they also cover essential topics like website responsiveness, content management, grid designs, search engine optimization, and much more.

In addition, there are lectures from expert designers that give you a further understanding of highly technical subjects along with a massive forum platform called Community X. Access to all of this is free and an excellent way to update your knowledge.

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9. The Editor X Content Management System: Better Than WordPress

Editor X CMS

Content management systems (CMS) are vital to website development. Managing content becomes all the more important for large-scale websites or online stores. If you’re tired of using WordPress, the Editor X CMS can make your design and development life less stressful and more efficient.

Editor X allows you to create custom content types which can vary from simple team or service listings to complicated taxonomies. All of them will be linked to databases.

You also have the power to integrate APIs that can either import or export data from your website and run custom functions as per need, including sending out notifications and mailers or managing inventory. In summary, Editor X can handle all your content irrespective of its scale or complexity.

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10. Wix Ecosystem

Wix Marketplace

One of the biggest advantages of Editor X is that it is a product of the extremely popular WiX platform. Wix has decades of experience in website building, designing, hosting, and more with over 200 Million users. It has leveraged all of this into churning out a brilliant product in the form of Editor X.

While Wix continues to enjoy its dominance in the market, Editor X is targeting users who want a visually stunning website with higher building control, customization, and editable features. This allows average web designers to customize a website without feeling like they have to hire a web developer.

There is a lot of brand value associated with Wix, which also makes Editor X more trustworthy. You know you are in good hands working with professionals who have been in this sector for over a decade.

With Editor X, you also get access to the Wix marketplace which has over 200 applications or plugins. This is a huge advantage over other builders and there is a solution for practically every design and development challenge.

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Background on Website Builders

In the last decade or so, the website-building sector has seen a rapid evolution. The first development phase focused on how to offer non-tech users a platform that can build websites without having to code.

Drag-and-drop builders like WiX took prominence, and users were soon comfortable building websites without dealing with a massive learning curve.

Soon this concept also spread across the website developer community, and they wanted a platform to help them build quick, good-looking, and functional websites without starting from scratch. As a result, many more online website-building platforms emerged to cater to this demand, including Editor X.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Editorx different from other website builders?

Editor X has left its competition in the dust through its two-pronged approach of ensuring ease of use for developers and beginners, at the same time, not compromising on the final output.

With that said, all websites created on Editor X are visually appealing, loaded with functionality, highly responsive, modern, fully customizable with a seamless user experience.

What features are available with the free trial?

The Editor X 14-day free trial plan has limited feature access and is based on which “paid” plan you choose when signing up. For example, if you signup for the “Ultra” plan at $49/mo, you get limited access to all of the Ultra plan’s features with limited storage space. Additionally, you can not connect a custom domain or collect payments unless upgrading.

Are wireframe templates available to use?

Yes, and currently 7 Editor X wireframe templates are available to use ranging from eCommerce to portfolio websites. Using these wireframe templates as a foundation, you can practically create any type of website.

Does Editor X have a showroom?

They do, and you can find inspiration after viewing many actual live websites that were built with Editor X. This is a fun due diligence task and a great way to see how others have taken one of the provided templates and customized it.

Final Thoughts on Editor X Being The Best Website Builder

In this article, we have taken up the most important aspects you need to consider before choosing a website builder, and EditorX comes out on top, delivering a complete package, from its stunning templates to easy-to-use design features. As a result, it caters to everyone, whether professional website developers looking to build complex websites or new users wanting just a small informative website.

Furthermore, with its simple plans, Editor X is very cost-effective. As it covers hosting, domain, and website building and becomes a one-stop solution for your online presence.

Want to try Editor X for free? Here’s an opportunity to take it for a test drive to decide if it’s the right website-building platform for you. On their website look for the big blue box in the upper right corner that says “Start Creating” to set up your free trial. It’s simple to get started with Editor X!

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