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Personally, I love to change my desktop or smartphone wallpapers depending on my mood at the moment. A nice wallpaper can motivate, inspire or energize you! Choose wisely and get ready to work with these 20 perfect desktop and smartphone wallpapers, all free to download! Vectors, cartoons, patterns and textures, here you’ll find lots of types of smartphone wallpapers for you to download!

Choose yours! Which one do you like most?

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iPhone Wallpaper

Just a little something for you. Download this cool wallpaper, which is part of The Promise Project created by the designer. Free of charge!

iPhone Wallpaper Pin

Mickey Zombie wallpaper

Want a fun Halloween desktop or smartphone wallpaper? Download this cute and creepy Mickey Mouse zombie wallpaper! Fun!

Mickey Zombie wallpaper Pin

iPhone Lockscreens

This is an illustrated “polysm” smartphone lockscreen collection. Free to use and download. Available in the following resolutions: 1136 x 640, 960×640 and 800×480.

iPhone Lockscreens Pin

Spongebob Wallpaper

These wallpapers are for all of you SpongeBob fans! I love reflection in Sponge Bob’s eyes. Download for free.

Spongebob Wallpaper Pin

The City Wallpaper

(no longer available)

Every Wednesday the designer releases a wallpaper for you to use throughout your devices. This week he’s pushing for the city dwellers and those who can take on its mysteries and wonders. Download the free wallpaper and spread the digital word.

The City Wallpaper Pin

Handmade iPhone Wallpaper

The designer created some iPhone wallpapers from his poster design. Available in the following colors: Brown, Burgundy, Gold, Grey, Tan.

Handmade iPhone Wallpaper Pin

Adventure Time iPhone Wallpapers

IPhone Wallpapers adventure time! Love these, but I would also like to see a version more based on how they appear on tv.

Adventure Time iPhone Wallpapers Pin

Shards Fragments iPhone 5 Wallpaper

Here’s a followup to the designer’s previous post with an iphone 5 wallpaper version. Download this one for free! Cool for minimalism fans.

Shards Fragments iPhone 5 Wallpaper Pin

Moustache in the Cloud

Moustache in the cloud Iphone 5 wallpaper. This is 100% made by the designer. It is also retina optimized! Feel free to download it!

Moustache in the Cloud Pin

Apple Store Regent Street, London iPhone Wallpaper

This is another Apple Store themed wallpaper. This time Regent Street, London. Download it for free. Update: Now also available for Retina iPad and iPad mini!

Apple Store Regent Street, London iPhone Wallpaper Pin


(no longer available)

Wind is a free wallpaper for all your devices:   iPhone 5/5S/5C  ·  iPhone 4/4S  ·  iPhone 3  ·  iPad 2  ·  iPad Mini.

Wind Pin

Monsters Full Color

(no longer available)

Monsters illustration. Available as free wallpaper and as print (also on mugs, throw pillows, phone cases, tote bags etc).

Monsters Full Color Pin


A little love for Japan. See attached in the link above for free wallpaper. Prints and iPhone cases are also available to buy.

Japan Pin

Quattro Hot and Quattro Electric (Mobile)

This is a variation on a theme the designer has explored before, but this time modeled in 3D, rather than entirely in Photoshop. Quattro Hot shown. Quattro Electric is a blue/purple variation. iPad Retina (2048×2048) and iPhone 5 (640×1136) sized.

Quattro Hot and Quattro Electric (Mobile)Pin


Full view available! This is a follow up on the previous space illustration Deck 23c, taken to the next level. The designer has recorded the process, check it out!

Recon Pin


New galaxy wallpaper! Prettified the amazing M106 shot from NASA. Get it in optimized iPad & retina macbook pro versions.

M106 Pin

“You will never influence the world…”

“You will never influence the world by trying to be like it” wallpaper and poster – Now available as an 18? x 24? Screen Print.

“You will never influence the world…”Pin


(no longer available)

The designer toyed with some pretty neat patterns by Neil Dieker and put together a modern/abstract/pattern based wall pack. Attached walls are iPhone5 size only. 

Patterning Pin

Son Goku Wallpaper

Tribute to Akira Toriyama of Dragon Ball, I hope you enjoy! This is for all Son Goku fans! 

Son Goku Wallpaper Pin

Hacksaw Ridge Wallpaper 

This is a really amazing illustration wallpaper! Looks pretty amazing! Free to download of course.


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