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Web Design isn’t just about keeping up with the latest trends, but about setting new ones. Hand Drawn websites designs can attract alot of attention, and if done correctly can look simply amazing! The list I have compiled features 17 beautiful of these hand drawn website designs. All 17 websites feature hand drawn elements such as backgrounds, sketches etc. Remember to click on the image to visit each site, and leave us a comment if you have any others you would like to share with us.



Boompa amazes with its wonderful header design. The watercolor painting is superb and the whole color palette of the website is very well chosen. 

Tennessee Education


Tennesee Education’s website has a hand drawn feel because of it’s interesting background drawing. The scribbles make it look childish but in a good way!

K4 Lab


This website design has multiple hand drawn elements which are creating a more personal atmosphere. The header is very colorful and has some really nice vector graphics. 

Agami Creative


This is another great example of how to use watercolor painting in your website deign. The colors used are absolutely amazing. The header design for Agami Creative’s website is truly special. 

Sarah Hyland


Sarah’s pink website has a super girly atmosphere and a very personal touch. The thing I like most about this design is the custom made, hand drawn menu bar. Beautiful!



Bootb website looks great! The vibrant colored elements are emphasized by the black background. Also, the drawings are very nice and show the creative side of the designer. 

Elan Snowboards


This super creative hand drawn website design has a sporty, grungy feel. It looks great and has an innovative way of displaying graphic elements. 

Web Designer Wall


We’ve showcased this website a lot, and probably you’re familiar with it too. Web Designer Wall has a cool, feminine design. It has a crafty, hand drawn effect added to it, which I personally like. 

Casio Exilim Lab


Casio Exilim Lab’s website has a nice pastel color palette and some really unique elements. The sticker YouTube icon is a really nice detail. Also, the splatter effects are making it look a bit grungy. 

Dawghouse Design Studio


What makes this website design so special is the awesome drawing used as a background. The whole website looks friendly and fun.



Booma has a very unique design. The navigation bar is hand drawn and a bit unusual. 

Sawyer Hollenshead


The woodent textured element and the ckalkboard header go great together in this awesome website design. 

Miki Mottes


Fun and creative, are two words that best describe Miki Mottes’ website header. The whole website is hand drawn. 

Idiotic Adventures


Idiotic Adventure’s website is pretty simple. The curvy lined navigation bar is a very nice graphic element.



Matt’s graphic illustration are cartoonish and show his advanced creative skills. 

Deborah Cavenaugh


Deborah’s hand drawn website design is amazing! It shows her personality and it’s full of beautiful, imaginative drawings. 



Satsu is a simple, hand drawn website with some unique, graphic elements you’ll love.

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29 thoughts on “17 Dazzling Hand Drawn Website Designs”

  1. I really like the look of these sites. I found some cool hand drawn icons but now I realize I need to draw my own blog header. Yea, that will be fun.

  2. Marvellous, outstanding work. I am sure this must have taken a lot of effort to design these websites by hand. Great work.

  3. Another awesome post. Some very talented designers here and I like all the sites listed. They are definitely dazzling and all very colourful. Good stuff.

  4. Another excellent post!
    Thanks Andy.

    These designs are awesome- the only thing that I think is missing…not criticising I wouldn’t dare…just suggesting…is perhaps a few more designs that use more subtle colours. These web designs are awesome- but they are for a certain audience. I would love to see examples of hand-drawn websites for a more serious and older audience.

    I hope this makes sense.
    great stuff.
    I will keep stalking you 🙂

  5. I’m really digging the “Bootb” and “K4” sites, nice to see these people think outside the box. Awesome list!


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