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Want to start a blog, the quick and easy way? Opting for a ready-made free blog template from Wix is a great choice! This website builder is easy to use, highly customizable and you can choose from a great variety of free blog templates from Wix.

To make thing easier for you, we selected 20 new, free blog templates from Wix with gorgeous designs. These Wix blog templates are suitable for many types of niches, such as personal, food, beauty, writing and more! Enjoy!

Food Blog

This is a fully responsive, feature rich and beautifully designed Wix template for recipes related websites. This theme is perfect for professional Chefs and Cooking Experts. It has a very clean and simple look and it’s very easy to customize. You can change the colors if you want to make it more striking.

Food Blog Pin

Fashion Blog

This is one of the cleanest blog themes and it’s ideal for a fashion personal blog. It’s most suitable for creative persons who enjoy writing. This template focuses on readability and reduces distraction from any unusable elements. It has enough space for big, gorgeous photography that always works well with successful fashion blogs. The post design is simple and effective and you can customize it if you want.

Fashion Blog Pin

Gaming Blog

This template will offer every feature someone might want in a gaming blog or magazine because this thing is packed with great features and admin options. It’s dark themed and has a beautiful layout. The color choice is simply awesome but you can always change these in order to achieve the best look for your game or project.

Gaming Blog Pin

Literature Blog

This is a theme for bloggers, writers and product owners who want to tell a story about their subject matter. It’s ideal for writers and book lovers. It can also be used as a book review blog. It works perfectly for big text blocks and it also features a stunning header. The title is unforgettable because of the bold colors and simple typography.

Literature Blog Pin

Business Review Blog

This template was designed with creative business professionals in mind. This is a perfect canvas for creative businesses, small businesses, teachers, tutors, instructors and other personal service industry professionals. It has a very clean layout that’s based on the contrast between black and white with bold yellow accents. It’s clear that this template is focused on text and it’s dedicated to entrepreneurs that want to focus on writing.

Business Review Blog Pin

Entertainment Blog

This template can turn your website or blog into an outstanding source of information and entertainment for all the people. It has a vibrant color palette and a very interesting layout. The background pattern makes it impossible for people to forget your website and the post design is simple and clear. Use this template to write your thoughts and entertain your readers.

Entertainment Blog Pin

Sports Blog

This is a responsive sports news template for Wix. This stunning, professional and feature-rich sports news template is built to ensure the highest quality and features. It has a masculine design and a simple layout. The strong color contrast makes this theme a really powerful choice. This theme has a great accent to post titles and makes it really easy for viewers to read the information they find on your website.

Sports Blog Pin

Techno Music Blog

This is a responsive Wix theme focused on readability with a minimalist, modern design and optimized for mobile. It’s great for people who want to write about music, especially techno. This dark themes blog design has a very catchy and simple look to it.

Techno Music Blog Pin

Beauty Blog

This is a beautiful and minimalistic two-sidebar blogging theme. It has an elegant and feminine design with a pastel color palette. It’s easy to use and customize. Best used for beauty or personal blogs. It’s perfect for people that want a background pattern and some beautiful, vivid colors for their blog. This theme is very easy to read and customize.

Beauty Blog Pin

Tech & Gadgets Blog

This great gadgets theme is responsive, which means your readers can easily read your article everywhere, on there mobile or tablet. It has a simple, flat design, great futuristic fonts, and nice layout. Use this template if you want a very clean and comprehensive look for your blog where the readers never miss a new post! This is great for blogs that want to showcase big, beautiful photographs.

Tech Gadgets Blog Pin

News and Current Affair Blog

This is a modern Wix theme that lets you write articles and blog posts with ease. This template is excellent for a news, newspaper, magazine, publishing or review site. It has an user-friendly design your readers will appreciate.

News and Current Affair Blog Pin

PR Blog

This is a professional Wix template created with PR websites in mind, but it can also be used for simple personal blogs. It has a large slider on the homepage and many useful features you can use. The bold colors and simple typography make this theme stand out from the crowd. Use it for awesome text posts and big photography and to show people that you’re a real professional.

PR Blog Pin

Travel Blog

This is the perfect template for any travel, nature, culture-like blog or website. Its rich graphics will make your website stand out! The WIX builder allows you to customize about anything you can think of, including the fonts, background colors, lines, shapes, and icons! We like this theme for its simplicity and pastel colors.

Travel Blog Pin

Parenting Blog

This is a really cute, feminine-looking blog template created especially for stay-at-home moms. It has a pastel color palette, ribbon graphics, and cool elements. We love it because it gives you the possibily to use big, beautiful photography that stands out! It’s perfect for documenting you and your child’s life and daily activities.

Parenting Blog Pin

Entrepreneur Blog

This is an easy to customize template with awesome features like Slider, Admin panel for settings. This entrepreneur blog template is also SEO friendly and it contains lots of features. The patterned background gives it a personal note and the clean design makes it perfect to show your clients that you’re a professional. The post design is very simple and comprehensive.

Entrepreneur Blog Pin

DIY Blog

This DIY blog theme is a simple, clean, personal, modern and professional blog ideal for spreading stories and your DIY projects. It’s totally responsive so it adapts to your style as well as the device it’s viewed on. It’s loaded with great features too. The clean, textured background gives your blog a lot of personality! As usual, you can customize it and change it to suit your needs!

DIY Blog Pin

Scientist’s Site

This is a cool, minimalist portfolio website. It can be used for various types of portfolios. Its design is highly customizable. You can use it as you please and you can also change the header photograph. We recommend this template for it’s specific background and gorgeous typography. Keep a clean look and limited color palette to make your blog stand out!

Scientist's Site Pin

Business Intelligence Blog

This business blog template has clean aesthetics and straightforward functionality. It has a corporate blue color palette and it can be easily customized to suit your needs. It has great color accents, especially for titles. The entire theme creates a wonderful experience for your visitors! Use it for blogs that focus on writing rather than images.

Business Intelligence Blog Pin

Music Blog

Allow your content to shine with this crisp blog theme. This template was created especially for you to feature your music or talk about music. It’s great for musicians, bands or music lovers. It has a very clean and comprehensive look that makes the navigation fast and easy! You can customize it as you please and also change the colors to achieve your desired look.

Music Blog Pin

Healthy Living Blog

This is a feminine blog template with pink accents. You can use it to write about your weight loss journey and post delicious food recipes. It is minimalist but also has all the features you will need to set up the blog in minutes. As usual, you can change almost anything you can think of to really make this blog template ‘yours’. It’s great for blogs that want to focus on text as well as on photography.

Healthy Living Blog Pin

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