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Wix: New Wix Builder and WixMusic

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Wix is one of the leading online website builders. It allows you to create a website that looks beautiful and professional – all without knowing how to design or code, by simply using Wix’s drag and drop website editor. In this article we are going to look at 2 new additions to Wix: WixMusic and the Wix Website Editor.



If you are a band or a musician, it is extremely important for you to have a website that properly represents yourself or your band. But that’s not all you need. You also want to be able to sell your music. WixMusic allows you to do just that by first allowing you to create an awesome website for yourself or your band, sell your music commission free on your website, and easily sell and distribute your music to 120+ online music stores and streaming services.

Check out a video overview of what Wix music is and how it can help you:

Some of the features of WixMusic include:

  • Selling your music commission-free, straight from your website. You can sell high quality MP3 and FLAC digital downloads of your music directly on your site.
  • You can distribute your music to 120+ music streaming services such as iTunes, Music, Spotify, Google Play, Tidal, Deezer, Rdio and many others.
  • Easy, seamless integration with BandsInTown and Songkick.
  • Detailed analytics for your downloads, music sales, music streams and more.
  • Ability to sell merchandise directly on your website by using Wix’s eCommerce functionality – all commission-free.

Although it was launched not long ago, WixMusic is already used by many artists and bands such as Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.

New Wix Website Editor


When people hear Wix, they associate it with making websites. Many companies out there will create a product to the best of their abilities at a given time, and then stop developing it. Wix isn’t like that. They constantly listen to people’s feedback, develop and improve Wix’s editor to make sure it always stays up to date with the latest design trends, and that it offers everyone the most comprehensive website building features.  Some of the most important features the New Wix Editor has are:


Strips are Wix’s building blocks for your website.  By using Strips, you can easily add any content you want, such as photos, text, video, buttons, text, icons, lists, galleries, section by section on a given page, and easily re-arrange them at any given time.

Video Backgrounds

Video backgrounds have been extremely popular recently. Video background means that as a visitor arrives to your site, behind the content they see is a video that is usually playing automatically upon the page load. Videos allow you to connect to your visitors in a way that plain text or photos simply can not do. Some people may say that video backgrounds do add some loading time to the pages, but these drawbacks can easily be outweighed by the benefit of showing video content and connecting with your visitors.

Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling refers to the process of having the background of a section of your site move at a slower pace than the foreground, making it seem like the page has a three-dimensional effect. It is an illusion, but this practice has been really popular and is an excellent way to showcase and separate content into sections and blocks on a given page. Wix’s new editor allows you to easily insert parallax sections in your website. All you have to do is insert a parallax strip first, and then specify what kind of content you want to put into the strip.

Numerous Templates

Perhaps one of the most famous things that Wix is known for is the sheer number of amazing, beautiful templates that they give you access to.  Wix’s templates are broken down into the following sections:

  • Business templates. This section is further broken down to consulting & coaching, services & maintenance, advertising & marketing, automotive & cars, real estate, finance & law, technology & apps, pets & animals.
  • Online store. This section is further broken down into clothing & accessories, health & beauty and home & electronics.
  • Photography templates. This section contains the following sub-sections: events & portraits, commercial & editorial, travel & documentary.
  • Music templates. These contain solo artist, band templates, DJ templates and music industry templates.
  • Design templates. This section is further broken down into designer, agency and portfolio.
  • Restaurants & Food. This section includes the following templates: restaurant, cafe & bakery, bar & club, catering & chef, food & drinks.
  • Accommodation templates. This section contains templates for hotels, vacation rentals, B&B, camping & hostels and general travel templates.
  • Events templates. This section includes templates for wedding & celebrations, event production, performance & shows and parties & festivals.
  • Portfolio & CV templates. This section contains templates for portfolios, resumes & CVs and personal templates.
  • Blog templates.
  • Health & Wellness templates. This section includes templates for health, wellness and sports & recreation websites.
  • Fashion & Beauty templates. This section includes templates for hair & beauty websites as well as fashion and accessories websites.
  • Community & Education. This section also includes templates for religious and non-profit websites.
  • Creative Arts. This section contains templates for painters & illustrators, performing arts, writers and entertainment websites.
  • Landing pages. These include coming soon pages, launch pages and campaign pages.

All of Wix’s templates are beautifully designed and, by starting your website from a pre-built template as opposed to creating it from scratch, you are able to save an enormous amount of time in building out your website.

John Culotta
John is the chief editor here at WebDesignDev. He is a creative who enjoys writing, research, and all things design related as well as (formerly) a full-time musician. As an entrepreneur, he has many years of experience in designing websites, packaging, logos, photo editing, and the development of his own top-selling products on Amazon and Shopify. You can see his motivational Instagram account or connect on LinkedIn and follow him on Twitter.

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  1. Wix is an efficient web builder tool that can be used even by a non-programmer and can still deliver interactive websites. It has designs and industry specific tools that covers all niche markets and are up to date according to the latest trends. The ability to grow with the business is appreciable.
    Due to lack of efficient security features it is less used for high profile enterprises. There are many such easy to use yet powerful platforms like WordPress, Sitefinity CMS etc. that can be used efficiently as enterprise web content management services for web development and management.
    Identify business requirements and select the tool that suits it the best.


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