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Wix Review – Is Wix.com Worth It?

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We have been very pleased after reviewing Wix, a free website builder. 37 MILLION people who have created their website with Wix can’t all be wrong 🙂 Most website builders do not deliver, but Wix is much different. With Wix you can create your own website with ease without adding even a single line of code. The admin panel is built with a beautiful, graphic drag & drop interface and allows for total creative freedom. Choose from 1000’s of professionally-designed web templates or create a website from scratch. If you want to create a site from scratch, it’s extremely simple to add items like titles, logos, clip art, photo galleries and more as you go. Publish in 1-step and your site is live online. Another huge benefit of Wix is that all sites built with Wix are search engine friendly. After finishing our Wix review, we can honestly say that this is the best website builder that we have seen to date.

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Check out some of the websites built with Wix:

Wix Review - Mountain Grill

Big John’s Mountain Grill used the Wix website builder to create a mouth-watering, eye-catching free Flash website, with Flash animation, automated photo galleries, beautiful sliding page transitions and high-contrast text and logos. This Wix powered website makes a powerful impression on its visitors and is an excellent tool for promoting and enhancing the restaurant’s brand

Wix Review -  Comics Shop

The designers of Excelsior Comics took full advantage of the latest design elements offered by Wix. Their free Flash website uses a dynamic combination of Flash design elements, and HTML widgets, resulting in a visually stimulating, highly interactive website.

Wix Review - Monkey Buns

Cherie Michels, the creator of Munkybuns, used Wix website builder to make a free website to showcase her hand-made creations and offer them for sale. The playful look of the Munkybuns sock toys is replicated in the design of the Munkybuns site.

Wix Review - Tattoo

Immortal Tattoo used the Wix website builder for their business website. Watch videos of the artists at work, and check out photos of their remarkable creations.

Wix Review - Animation Artist

Animation artist and cinematographer Torgeir Ensrud used the Wix website creator to show off his talent. Have fun exploring the depths of his dark universe.

Wix Review - Really Big Snowman

Wix’s website builder enabled Samuel Vernon Crowder to create his graphic design site, Really Big Snowman. Watch animation videos and visit the artist’s blog.

Wix Review - Social Website

This organization expertly combined Wix’s free website design elements to get its message across. Jump into the color world created by this visionary group.

Wix Review - Gotham Sport Management

Gotham Sport Management’s impressive Flash website is another one of more than 37 million websites built with Wix. It uses design and sound to convey professionalism and class. Visit their website and see for yourself.

You should also know that Wix.com itself is built using their website builder. What are you waiting for?

Sign up for free and make an amazing website using Wix.

Iggy is an entrepreneur, blogger, and designer who loves experimenting with new web design techniques, collating creative website designs, and writing about the latest design fonts, themes, plugins, inspiration, and more. You can follow him on Twitter

20 thoughts on “Wix Review – Is Wix.com Worth It?”

  1. It’s good to know these sites – sometimes I get so bogged down with “stuff” and to go to this free suoermarket of goodies is hell a va relief. Thanks Iggy – glad I signed up with you – keep ‘s me going!

  2. As with all Flash sites, you have to be especially mindful of content that is inaccessible for SEO kinds of things. Will be interested to see if our designers can work with this on a limited basis and test against some SEO metrics.

  3. The site for Centre for Social Brilliance is a great layout design. I love how they place elements in such a creative manner!

  4. Ah so that’s what wix is? I saw a website built with it once, I rented a beach house in Miami and the site was nicely done with this builder.


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