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Uscreen Review – Is it the Best Way to Sell Videos Online?

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Today we will be reviewing Uscreen, an online service that allows you to sell your videos to customers.

Uscreen is tailored towards anyone who sells or wants to sell any sort of videos online. Uscreen can be used by someone who sells workout videos, tutorial videos, a yoga teacher or anyone else who wants to profit from selling their videos online.

Let’s take a look at some of Uscreen’s features:

Security & DRM

With Uscreen you don’t have to worry about someone stealing your videos and distributing them for free via file sharing websites or the like. Uscreen uses proprietory DRM and encryption on all of the videos you distribute through their service, making you feel safe and confident that they will not be pirated.

Watch Videos on Any Devices

Your customers and users can view the videos on any device, including their mobile devices such as iPhone or Android-based devices, TVs and more.

Chapters & Episodes

A really cool feature that Uscreen has is the ability to put chapters and episodes for videos. For example, if you have a workout video that teaches how to work out shoulders, you may have 10 chapters, each of which will show a different shoulder exercise.

Multiple Monetization Options

You can choose multiple business models with Uscreen. Your users can rent, buy and even subscribe to your video products.

Mobile Apps for iPhone and Android

In addition to having a fully responsive and mobile friendly website, Uscreen allows your users to view your videos through the Uscreen mobile apps, available both at the iTunes and Google Play Store. The apps are very user friendly and allow your customers to stay signed in to easily view your video products.

If you’d like to watch a video that outlines all of Uscreen’s features, you can do so below:

You can also check out some of Uscreen’s screenshots below:

011 041 101 111

Seen enough? Check out Uscreen website and see how it can help you sell your videos online.

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