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Are you searching for the Best Number Fonts? Then search no more, because we have the top 40 options featured for you here.

Numerical fonts are designed from various typefaces that can present your important numerical values with stylish designs, just like alphabetical fonts, making them memorable and boosting your message. In a world focused on numbers, it’s vital for a graphic designer, web designer, and tattoo artist to make the right choice.

After looking around on the internet we came up with this list that contains a variety of designs which includes modern, minimal, curvy, vintage, neon, and grungy, and we are confident our list consists only of the best-designed numerals.

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1. Didone Room Numbers Display Font Family

Didone Room Numbers Display Font Family

As the name suggests, the Didone Room Numbers Display Font Family was inspired by vintage room display fonts of hotels. They used to Serif styled, loud, and easily readable from a distance. This font is a non-alphabetic font which means it supports only numbers as it is specially designed to display numbers artistically.

2. Date Stamp

Best Number Font - Date Stamp

Date Stamp is a fun and retro pair of display fonts and is based on a 14-segment LCD screen. These digital-looking fonts can be used in various ways such as a digital clock app or vintage display board, and are intended to replicate the date imprint on conventional film images.

3. Summer 0f 76 Multi-Line Font

Best Number Font - Summer 0f 76 Multi-Line

Here’s a fun retro and nostalgic multi-line typeface with a 70’s groovy vibe called Summer 0f 76 – Multi-Line Font. You can’t go wrong using this cool number font for headers, banners, posters, t-shirts, and more. This one includes both multi-line and solid font styles along with numbers, letters, and glyphs.

4. Retrofuturism OTF Vapor Wave

Retrofuturism OTF Vaporwave - Best Number Font

Retrofuturism is a font worth adding to your collection for two reasons. First is a unique font that combines the part’s retro feel with a futuristic design style. The second reason is that you get the font in PNG and PSD versions which support symbols and punctuations, allowing you room for customization.

5. 0261 – Numbers Font

0261 - Numbers Font

If you need to add a little funk or retro to your project, the 0261 – Numbers Font is a great choice. The inspiration for this numbers display font came from the designer’s hometown Maracaibo, Venezuela. There are so many great options to use this font on projects that have vintage, retro, and classic themes.

6. Thrifty Numerals

Thrifty Numerals - Best Number Font

Here are your classic vintage and retro numbers set with OpenType features called Thrifty Numerals. If you were around in the 50s, 60s, and 70s, this style of numerals should look familiar as they were commonly used in convenience stores, especially grocery stores. This font set will be a fun boost to your project!

7. The Money Font Duo

The Money Font Duo

The Money Font Duo is a serif typeface in a handwritten style. This option is perfect if you need a grunge or vintage style number font. It’s considered a “duo” because you’ll receive both a modern, think-line style script along with an inline style display font with regular and grunge versions.

8. BoldPrice – numbers & currency

BoldPrice - numbers and currency

The BoldPrice typeface bundle is one of the more elegant and fancy designs you’ll discover on our list. The sole characters in the OpenType typeface are numerals, punctuation, and standard money symbols. A great choice for posters, banners, headers, and websites. It pairs well with vintage, western and classic themes.

9. Numbers Style Three Fonts

Best Numbers Style Three Fonts

The designer of the Numbers Style Three Fonts collection has taken a number font and placed it inside a square, a circle, and a diamond providing you with an assortment of numbers with shapes around them.

This unique and creative style will help you with your sports-related, lottery, and other numerical design projects. You’ll receive 6 fonts with 100 characters in the mentioned various shapes.

10. Project 9 – Techno Number Font

Project 9 - Techno Number Font

Project 9 – Techno Font is a great choice for your futuristic techno designs. The numbers are clean, smooth, and very easy to read. You not only get a set of numbers (0 to 9), but you will get the entire font family that includes the alphabet, punctuation, and characters.

Boost your designs with this top choice for social media, movies, posters, schools, presentations, and more. Another great font from Envato Elements!

11. Helofone – A Numerical Sport Font

Helofone - A Numerical Sport Font

We can’t leave out a classic sports-style number font like the Helofone Sport Font. After all, the scoreboards, scorecards, game tickets, and team jersey numbers have to be clear and easy to read. You will be a winner with this option and it can be yours for free with an Envato Elements trial subscription.

12. System Glitch – Display Font

System Glitch - Display Font

Numbers play an important role in technology or cyber-related designs. The System Glitch is a display font that, as you can guess, is inspired by the visual effects that happen when there is a system glitch on a computer or similar device. The lower part of the numbers has a prominent glitch effect.

13. Drugsther – Decorative Font

Drugsther - Decorative Font

A modern and bold typeface, Drugsther can ensure that your numbers get special attention from the viewers. You can easily use this number font to showcase numbers in headers, infographics, or any applications where you want to emphasize the numbers.

14. JUST Sans® – Geometric Typeface

JUST Sans® – Clean Modern Minimal Geometric Typeface

In most number applications, your numbers should be displayed in a very clear and legible manner. JUST Sans is one of the clean, modern, and minimal typefaces with stylistic numbers. In addition, its geometric design and neat finish help the text stand out. It includes a host of characters and even number fractions.

15. Rosterine – Condensed Font

Rosterine - Condensed Font

If you are looking for a condensed number display font that is strong and at the same time has an excellent visual appeal, then try Rosterine. This font is specially designed for projects like logo design, magazine and book covers, invitations, greeting cards, and even packaging.

16. Whitefield – Handcrafted Serif

Whitefield – Handcrafted Serif

A handcrafted serif font, Whitefield will get you nostalgic with its curves and overall design style. The good part is that the font supports both cases, numbers, and punctuations and comes in two variations – regular and italics. In addition, the number styling offers variations that will come in handy in design.

17. Original Burger Font

Original Burger Font

The Original Burger Font, as the name suggests, was designed for food menus and other food-related designs. For example, in the food menu, it is essential to display the pricing numbers in the best possible manner. This cool and quirky typeface allows you to create your menu in a fun way and impress your customers.

18. Hakuna Font

Hakuna Font

The Hakuna font draws its inspiration from the phrase “Hakuna Matata”; hence, it is evident that the font will be fun. The typeface has a cool and quirky feel to it and is bold. You can use it for projects related to children’s books, posters, invitations, and even digital marketing applications.

19. Scourge Typeface

Scourge Typeface

Jumping from a kid’s font to a Runic typeface, we have the Scourge Typeface next on the list. It is a display font with a multilayer display for the upper part of the font, as seen in the image. You can download this font while working on futuristic or mystic themes.

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20. Skadi Typeface

Skadi Typeface

Skadi typeface is an elegant font that can add class to your creativity. The letters are given a strong width, and the abnormal curves make them look unique. The number display in the Skadi font is kept simple but retains the elegance of the base font.

21. Rogtrilla – A Unique Display Font

Rogtrilla – A Unique Display Font

A unique display numerical font, Rogtrilla showcases the numbers in a very cool and quirky manner. No two letters in this font are uniform, which gives the typeface its artistic flavor. You can use this font for projects related to youth, logo design, packaging, signage, and posters.

22. Pumpkin – A Script and Handwritten Typeface

Pumpkin - A Script and Handwritten Typeface

There will be projects where you will want to display your numbers in a handwritten manner. The Pumpkin font is worth trying in such projects. The additional advantage is that the font has a chalk effect, making it more useful in projects related to kids, classrooms, and teaching.

23. Degolite Extrude Typeface

Degolite Extrude Typeface

If you want to turn back the clock with your design, then a font like Degolite can be useful. The vintage Western type of font heavily inspires this typeface, but at the same time, it has a hand-drawn appeal. You can use this font in projects where you want the numbers to stand out and draw attention.

24. Ember Typeface

Ember Typeface

Bold and beautiful, the Ember Typeface is worth collecting, given how it merges many design styles. The designers claim that the font is inspired by urban post-apocalyptic times and has added the grunge effect. Otherwise, the Ember typeface is a stencil-based font with a heavy display of letters.

25. RS Numerals

Here we have the RS Numerals which is a set of 5 styles. This set is a nice assortment of font styles that include outlined, shadowed, stenciled, tooled and regular. The numerals are 0 to 9 and the glyphs are the dollar, cents, euro, yen, slash, period, and percentage.

26. Heatwave Typeface

Heatwave Typeface

When you combine a big brush style with a display font, you will get a font like the Heatwave Typeface. The letters are large and bold and have the characteristic stroke effect. The numbers, too, are designed in the same fashion, and you can deploy this font for graffitis, apparel and fashion design, and such cool applications.

27. Omicron Typeface

Omicron Typeface

Do not be apprehensive about the name of this font, as it is anything but related to a virus. The Omicron typeface is modern, bold, clean, and perfect for strongly showcasing your numbers. The font does play some tricks for numbers like 2 and 4 by adding artistic curves to it, but this will only make your text more creative.

28. Airbag Font

Airbag Font

The Airbag font has a slab look and comes in variations with a shadow or hatched extension. The font has over 380 glyphs, giving you a lot of variety in design. You can use this font wherever you want to give your numbers extra depth or want them to come out predominantly.

29. Colorblind OTF Colorful Font

Colorblind OTF Colorful Font

An interesting name choice, the Colorblind OTF (OpenType Font) Colorful font is a fancy design with numbers, symbols, and letters. The font is colorful, including the numbers, which have been made of small shapes of various colors. Along with the font, you also get a variety of backgrounds.

30. Wrangler


The Wrangler is one of the best-looking numerical font options, especially when you want to display your number in headers. An elegant and modern font, the Wrangler typeface does exhibit hints of serif styling in some letters. However, the width varies even for numbers, making this font artistic.

31. Stamp & Co – Vintage Stamp Font

Stamp & Co – Vintage Stamp Font

Based on the vintage stamp style design, the Stamp & Co typeface exhibits visual attributes of the olden days. The numbers are slightly distorted and also have a grunge feel to them. The same goes for the letters as well. You can use this font for projects where you want to boost the nostalgic effect.

32. Kocha – A Playful Ligature Font

Kocha – Playful Ligature Font

Kocha is a funky and fun typeface which a unique letter design for all its characters. While some are kept modern and bold, some are provided with extenders and curves. There are two variations available in the font – clean and rough and you can use them for designs related to kids or quirky projects.

33. Sandwich Font

Sandwich Font

A beveled typeface, Sandwich Font works wonders when you want to add a 3D feel to your design. For numbers, this becomes an advantage as they will pop out of the design and draw users’ attention. In addition, you can use this font for signage, packaging, labeling, and posters.

34. Rose Petals Font Duo

Rose Petals Font Duo

As you would have guessed by the name, Rose petal is a feminine font with a floral feel. When you download the font, you get two types of fonts, ten amazing transparent watercolor design elements, and nine hand-drawn logo templates, making this font a value for money.

35. Moses – Display Grotesque Typeface

Moses - Display Grotesque Typeface

Moses display typeface comes in three variations – regular, rough, and aged. The last version is exciting because it truly brings out the grotesque nature of the font. This design style is applied to numbers as well. Given the strong and loud appeal of the font, you can easily use it for headlines or headers.

36. Modern Neon 3D Lettering

Modern Neon 3D Lettering

Our list of numerical fonts would be incomplete without a neon-styled font. This Modern Neon 3D Lettering typeface delivers exactly what it promises – a highly creative way of displaying text. The font also has 12 transparent high-resolution graphic elements, which go well with the font.

37. Tate Font

Tate Font

A rounded and playful font, the Tate Font is perfect for logo design, packaging, invitation cards, and many more such applications. Just like the letters, the numbers, too, are kept stylish but playful. Two versions are available – Italic and Regular, and you can combine them in your design.

38. American Mortar – Vintage Font Family

American Mortar - Vintage Font Family

One look at the name and you can understand that this typeface will be bold and strong. The American Mortar vintage font family offers six variations: filled, outline traced, and border. The numbers are strong and bold; you can use this font for infographic design or website headers.

39. Squalo


The Squalo typeface is a holistic font family with 18 font variations. It also supports all cases making it all the more versatile. The plus point of this font is that in numbers, it offers tabular and many more such styles, and that is why we consider it a perfect number font worth adding to the collection.

40. The Numerals Collection

The Numerals Collection

The Numerals Collection provides you with a set of numeral fonts designed from 10 unique letter styles. To be prepared for almost any design, the Numerals Collection would be a great addition to your toolbox. You’ll receive elegant numerals, special characters, stimulating alternates, and punctuation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What font is best for numbers?

Fonts display letters and numbers in different ways. Though the styling may remain the same, it is important to see how the font works for numbers before downloading it. In the above list, we have included some amazing fonts which are best for numbers based on certain designs:

  • Didone Room Numbers Display Font Family (for vintage designs)
  • 0261 – Numbers Font (for retro-themed designs)
  • Numbers Style Three Fonts (for sports-related designs)
  • The Money Font Duo (for vintage and grunge designs)
  • Original Burger Font (for restaurant and cafe-style designs)

What is the easiest number font to read?

As a designer, you must remember that legibility is crucial for numbers. Our mind is trained to reading letters quickly and form them into words and sentences, but when it comes to numbers, an error in understanding can lead to many major issues. Following are some of the easiest fonts to read numbers:

  • JUST Sans
  • Clement Numbers
  • Omicron
  • Retrofuturism

What is a good math font?

A good math font displays all the numbers, symbols, and formulas easily and legibly. Mathematics will include not just numbers but additional symbols and more lot more. Hence you must choose a font that can appealingly display all of them. Following are some good math fonts:

  • Squalo
  • Whitefield
  • Just Sans
  • Drugsther

Final Thoughts

This blog post has covered some of the best available numeral font options that can help you display your number designs in a visually appealing and memorable way. This is important, especially when you are working on creating infographics, annual reports, startup projections or even invitations where dates are important.

Did our list help you? Please let us know in the comments section which one (or several), are your favorite number fonts!

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