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How to Leave Your Freelancing Competitors in a Cloud of Dust with 280+ Pre-Built Websites

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The hunt for new clients is ongoing, and it typically requires a great deal of effort on your part. It would be easier if potential clients sought you out, rather than the other way around. But the chance of that happening is slim to none.

Or is it?

The good news is –  there are things you can do to bring potential clients to your doorstep. Or, at least you can get more of them in less time, by going about it more efficiently.

Follow these suggestions – and see how quickly your situation changes for the better!

  1. Attract potential clients by building your own creative website

A freelance web designer without a website must work much harder to find new clients. If you fit that description, you need to build your own – starting now.

What is the best way to display your web design expertise to a prospective client? We believe it is all about having your own website!  The need to include a portfolio is obvious. But more importantly, you need to make the website itself your main selling point.

When you can convince a visitor to say – “Wow, I want a website that’s every bit as good as this one.” – you’ve just captured a new client. A good website isn’t good enough, however. It must be an outstanding creative website from the standpoint of content. It also should feature great page load speed, SEO, responsiveness, etc., etc.

Be Theme has a host of pre-built websites to choose from to get you on your way to building a killer creative website.

  1. Getting more clients in less time equates to a stronger portfolio and more referrals

Be Theme gives you easier access to a wider range of clients. Does not matter what industry sector or business niche a client may represent! Be Theme’s selection of 20+ pre-built websites has you covered.

Forget about difficulties in delivering a beautiful website to a demanding client. You will be able to do so in record time.

Examples of the design possibilities that await you:

6 pre-built websites for the creative types – out of a total of more than 60


This pre-built website is tailor-made for a photography studio


If your client represents an ad or marketing agency, this example will get you started


A video production studio will appreciate something like this


Ideal for a fashion designer. This pre-built website can easily be customized for other uses as well.


Great for a beauty salon, or for a barber who can lay claim to being a visual artist


This pre-built website addresses many potential users, including web designers, bloggers, and architects

The design of each the above examples is, in its own way, unique. All 60+ of these creative pre-built websites have several things in common however.

  • All feature interactive portfolios or galleries
  • Carefully-selected images are clear, crisp, and engaging
  • Intuitive navigation is a given
  • Emphasis is placed on highlighting the client’s brand

There are more than 30 One-Page pre-built websites to pick from

One-pagers can at times present a challenge. The clients who want them can have widely differing tastes and requirements. Since every one-page pre-built website is completely customizable, Be Theme has you covered.

Landing Page




The mobile crowd won’t be neglected either. Since your one-page websites will be responsive. The adroit use of white space is also noteworthy. So are the different ways in which you can structure your content. The ability to create a one-page website takes, on the average, 4 hours or less.

9+ pre-built websites for online shops

Using high quality images, like those shown here, is critical in eCommerce-oriented websites.





Each of the 9+ pre-built websites features intuitive menus and easy to fill out and submit order forms. They also have attractive product gallery options and Shopify integration.

There is also an excellent assortment of other business niches you can work with. Experiment with them to create websites your clients will love. They include:

  • 20+ for health & wellness business clients


  • 12+ for fitness & nutrition facilities, clubs, and organizations


  • 16+ for events promotors & nightlife clubs and venues


  • 9+ for restaurants, bars, bistros, and neighborhood cafes and diners


  • 10+ for the fast-growing and highly-competitive IT sector


  • 7+ for the finance sector, including accounting and bookkeeping agencies


  • – there are more industry-focused and business niche pre-built websites to browse through.
  1. Let others waste hours searching for the perfect design; while you speed right along

Clients don’t like to be kept waiting. It can be bad for their business, and worse yet, it’s demeaning. Keep a client waiting, and you’re sending a message that says he/she is not all that important in your scheme of things.

With Be Theme, you’ll be sending the opposite message. You can find just the right website theme in minutes. In many instances, you will be able to give your client a same-day turnaround. You will also have a chance to submit a working prototype for review and comments within a few hours.

In the meantime, your competitors’ clients are still hoping for a response.


With Be Theme’s powerful features, you can accomplish all above-mentioned tasks in a breeze. They will get you on your way to more business and the additional pay that goes with it.  Be Theme’s 280+ 1-click installable pre-built websites will help you to do exactly that!

– You can quickly create your own creative website, but be sure to take time to build an outstanding one.

– You’ll be able to present your clients with exceptional products and build your portfolio. Moreover, you will definitely experience an uptick in referrals.

– And, you’ll never have to keep a client waiting again.

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