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You constantly search for ways to improve your performance and your deliverables. You keep up with the latest web design trends, and you are always on the lookout for tools that are a step ahead of those you currently use.

A perfect website-building tool may not exist, but there are a few, albeit a precious few, that come close. Be Theme is one. It can cause your productivity to soar, and your deliverables will always be first class, and always on time.

Be’s professionally-designed pre-built websites offer some key website design advantages:

  • They give you a head start on your projects; since some of the critical design work has already been done.
  • They are far superior to wireframes and mockups for demonstrating early-stage website building progress, or for giving your client a preview of a home page or a key landing page.
  • UX patterns are already embedded in these pre-built websites, saving you, and your client, a ton of time during the design/review process.
  • No coding is needed. You don’t have to learn or relearn code, nor do you have to rely on developers.

BeTheme’s many design features together with its pre-built websites, is a winning combination – for everyone involved.


What Pre-Built Websites Are All About

These pre-built website examples will give you a good idea of how, with a little customizing, you can quickly and easily create homepages and landing pages that will capture and engage users, and websites your clients will love.

Be Music


A card-like design and subtle parallax effects add to this pre-built website’s feeling of youthful exuberance against a cool, urban backdrop.



This pre-built website, with its clean lines, organized look, and a strong focus on UX, is typical of what you would use to build a website for a professional business, agency, or organization.

Be Smarthome


 A fresh, engaging design, coupled with a smart, intuitive UX is just the right formula to engage a user, and invite that user to stay a while

Be Car


Note the effectiveness of the smooth yellow and grey color combination, a generous use of white space, a brief but informative UVP, and a hero image that will make a user want to buy.

Be Print


This pre-built website reminds you to pay close attention to how your content will be organized. A well-organized product or portfolio page suggests the business behind it is not only well organized, but provides good service.

Be App2


Promotional websites need not be hard-sell or flashy. This pre-built website, with its super-cool UX, could serve as a basis for an app promotion.

Be Medic2


Healthcare websites are most effective when they communicate trust, as shown in this hero image. Ease in navigating to a call to action builds on that trust.

Be Minimal


Minimal design is a web development trend, and a trend in pre-built website design as well. The minimalist approach works well for agency galleries, product display, portfolios, and blogs.

Be Agency 2


This is an excellent approach for an agency that is well organized, modern and fresh, but not stiff and formal. It is professional, yet relaxing.

Muffin Builder – The Engine That Makes Things Go

You’ve selected a pre-built website (it takes but one click to install it). Now, it’s time to create your design. This is where Muffin Builder, Be Theme’s premium page builder, comes into play. Muffin Builder, working in conjunction with the Admin Panel, actually makes page building fun – and not a chore.

The latest version, Muffin Builder 3.0, boasts a newer, cleaner interface, along with a pair of powerful new features. The Wraps section enables you to create advanced content that users of other page builders can only dream of.

The tab navigation and search feature helps you locate design elements and put them into play quickly; and not waste time looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack.

In short, you’ll be turning out web page after beautiful web page in no time at all. Needless to say, your clients will be impressed.

Although pre-built websites are incredible time savers, there will be situations where you want to start with a blank screen. Thanks to Be’s Layout Configurator, starting from scratch is not a problem at all.

Why You Can Put Your Trust in the Biggest WordPress Theme of Them All


Be Theme is the biggest from several different perspectives.

First, there’s the 210+, and counting, pre-built websites. More are added every month, and each one is professionally designed, and takes into account the latest web design trends.

Second, Be’s 40 core features, give you all the flexibility you need to take on any web design task.

Finally, there’s a 30,000+ strong community of users that will attest to Be’s number one status.

  • Pre-built websites take but a click to install, and a click or two later you are on your way. With a library of 200+ shortcodes at your disposal, there’s no need for coding on your part.
  • Your mobile users will not be left out. Be is fully responsive and retina ready. It is SEO optimized, and optimized for quick page loading as well.
  • Many pre-built websites are ideal for eCommerce websites, the WooCommerce plugin takes less than a minute to install, and uploading products is quick and easy.
  • There are plenty of header, sidebar, and footer options; you can choose boxed or wide layouts, and there is a variety of formats to choose among for blogs and portfolio presentations.
  • Last but not least, once you select Be, you can expect frequent, automatic updates. You can also expect to receive any help you need, or questions you want answered, from Be’s top-of-the-line customer support team.
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