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15 Brand New Small Business Pre-Built Websites

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Freelancers are usually able to set their own hours, avoid rush-hour commuting, and go about their work without having someone constantly looking over their shoulder. That’s very true, but freelancing is not without its challenges; some of which can be difficult to avoid, or overcome.

These challenges can at times cause a drop in productivity; and with it a potential drop in earnings. To keep either from happening, we would like to share 4 tips with you. Follow them, and you’ll not only avoid any drop in your productivity, but you can expect to become even more productive.

  • Get each project off to a great start with the help of the latest Be Theme pre-built websites.

These pre-built websites give you an enormous advantage over most web designers and developers in that you can skip prototyping, wireframing, and coding. As this 40-second video demonstrates, the pre-built websites are super easy to install. Furthermore, you’ll be able to avoid ending up like these poor souls.

15 Pre-built Websites You Can Run With:

Be Craftbeer

The Craftbeer pre-built website emphasizes the product, with its large images and the engaging parallax effect. Large images draw in potential customers. The Muffin Group team knows it, and they use them on all pages.

Be eLearning

eLearning is a cool way study and learn about things. If you have an online business in this niche, is your website as effective as you’d like it to be?  This eLearning pre-built website design has a fresh, inviting look and feel.

Be Tiles

This pre-built website uses an almost architectural approach to present an example of good interior design. The product is front and center, and the slightly dark background lets the message stand out loud and clear.

Be Artist

Use this Be Artist pre-built website to change your current website design to something truly out of the ordinary. The dark design is by default. You can change it to any color you want. The same is true for all the design elements.

Be Burger

This hip design focuses on showing the products and converting the user. Just like any food-oriented pre-built website, this one features images that will make your mouth water.

Be Sports Club

There are no images of a cramped, crowded gym in this pre-built website. Be Sports Club features a clean, modern design that any fitness center would want for their website; complete with fade-in animations and cool parallax effects.

Be Hotel2

Not every hotel looks this inviting, but large images can certainly be helpful in enticing someone to phone in for a reservation. Be Hotel2 features all the relevant sections: booking, rooms, location pricing, etc.

Be Restaurant

In addition to is dashing images, this restaurant design has a nice slider effect that makes it even more dynamic. Menus are included of course, but the overall design is one that few if any restaurant websites can match.

Be Architect 2

People looking to hire an architect are going to sit up and take notice of one who has a website like this one. The hero images, menu, the all the other layouts and design elements, to combine create an interesting and engaging experience.

Be Boutique

Maybe it’s time to stop just thinking about it, and try using a background video in the home page of your website. Be Boutique not only does it for you, but leads the way in helping you design an amazing portfolio.


The message is simple. Corporate websites seldom project a friendly image; but it’s easy to do if you add a casual twist. This glass of juice does not at all seem out of place among these high-tech surroundings.

Be Oculist

Keep staring at the computer screen, and chances are there’s an eye specialist in your future. Their websites however, often make you want to look the other way. Suggest this fresh and trustworthy template to your eye specialist or client.

Be Furniture

Is a seller of fine furniture among your clientele?  This great looking design was created especially for that particular client. Its big images and engaging slideshow effects will do a great job of highlighting your client’s products.

Be Car

Auto dealerships seem to have a problem making their websites display any hint of elegance. Be Car as your starting point will make it happen. A great hero image, lots of white space, and a good choice of colors is all it takes.

Be Tea

This pre-built website is destined for a tea shop, but it can be used for many other small businesses as well. Notice how the black menu and the typography combine to give the design a vintage, luxurious vibe.

  •  Maintain a regular schedule; just as if you were going to the office.

You can forego the necktie; but get dressed, and take care of any online or other potential distractions before you sit down to work. Adhering to a carefully thought out, well-defined work schedule, tends to keep you motivated. It may take a week or two to get into the rhythm, but once you’re there, sticking to your schedule will quickly become a habit. Set realistic expectations as to what you can accomplish each day, and be sure to schedule some down time.

  • Establish clear boundaries.

One of the pitfalls of freelancing is that it’s all too easy to let your work life and your home life get mixed together. When that happens, both tend to suffer. Set aside a separate space as your workplace, and make it a rule that while you are working, you should not be disturbed. Don’t overdo it. Freelancers can become workaholics too. Make sure you set aside plenty of time for family life.

  • Take regular breaks; best done on a periodic basis.

There’s always a temptation to work straight through until the day’s work is complete, under the misguided assumption that you’ll accomplish more and your productivity won’t suffer because of “wasted” time. The most productive workers follow a technique that some call the “tomato” theory. They set aside 15-minute breaks after each 45 minutes of work. Your brain is an energy sink, and it needs these short breaks to rest and recharge. You’ll quickly discover that these breaks are not “wasted time”.


Do these:

  • Make a schedule. Follow it religiously.
  • Use Be Theme’s 250+ pre-built websites to give your projects a kick start.
  • Review each day’s accomplishments. Doing so keeps you motivated.
  • Create a dedicated workspace, and keep it off-limits to others during working hours.

Don’t do any of these:

  • Be a hero, and work straight through without taking any breaks.
  • Neglect to check in periodically with team members, bosses, and other stakeholders.
  • Isolate yourself. It’s better to set aside time to talk shop with colleagues and your peers.
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