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Designing for Small Businesses – 20 Pre-Built Websites You’ll Love

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Having an online presence has become important for a small businesses striving to keep up with its competition. Going online gives a business increased awareness. Plus, it helps to build a community around the products it sells or the services it renders.

Small businesses vary in their products and services, their particular niches, and business models. Hence, it can be a challenge for you, the web designer, to determine what your client needs, and how to address it.

Small business clients do have some things in common, including:

  • The need for a good design
  • A UX that promotes conversions
  • A theme that permits customization, and offers branding options
  • A responsive website
  • Features and pages that specifically address business needs

This popular WordPress theme addresses these needs, and does so to perfection. Its 220+ pre-built websites reflect the modern website designs small business clients look for. It is used by more than 45,000 web professionals, so you know it’s solidly built and ready for any website-building task.


Be Theme –

  • requires no coding skills;
  • the pre-built websites have quality UX principles embedded in them;
  • one or more pre-built websites to fit any type of business;
  • you can install a pre-built website can with one click only;
  • a wealth of modern design features and special effects (e.g. parallax, responsiveness, video backgrounds);
  • there are plenty of specific pages and features that address small business needs;

20 Pre-Built Websites That Will Change the Way You Design for Small Businesses

Designing a website for a small business often involves some unique challenges.

  • You’ll find yourself working with a small team. Small teams are flexible, and capable of making quick decisions. You need to help move the design process along at a good pace. Pre-built websites are what you need to enable you to do so.
  • With a pre-built website, you can quickly build a presentation website that is superior to a mockup in every way.
  • With Be Theme’s Visual Builder at your fingertips, you can make requested changes and perform small edits fast.
  • You can devote full attention to details and build high quality websites faster. You can also take on extra projects and increase your income.

Here are 20 of Be Theme’s latest pre-designed website releases. The first three examples prove how easy it is to select a pre-designed website and transform it into a working small business website.


Be Tiles


  • The product and the business’s UVP are centered in the pre-built website.
  • The graphical elements suggest the hand of an architect at work.
  • The menu is unobtrusive, but easy to see.



  • Notice how both the imagery and text have been completely modified to fit the client’s requirements. Yet the UX elements remain intact.
  • The hero image makes a statement. The UVP remains centered, the same font is used, and navigation is simple and intuitive.


Be Farmer


  • This pre-built website is destined for use by a farming business.
  • The human touch provides a certain warmth, and a feeling of trust.
  • The images are large and clear; the menu is easy to find.
  • How might you transform it to suit your client’s needs?



  • The image is completely changed.Yet the new image conveys the same warmth and trust.
  • The font is not changed, but a logo has been added.
  • The UX is essentially unchanged; the changes that were made were easily accomplished.


Be Tailor


  • This vintage vibe is an ideal fit for a tailor shop’s website.
  • The graphics are consistent with the concept of the theme – fashionable, high-quality material.



  • The basic structure remains much the same. Yet the content has been changed to a manly, chic look, and is more focused toward a call to action.
  • The font has also been changed. The new font gives the site a less formal look.

View this video to see how fast and easy it is to transform a pre-built website into a good looking website.

Once you’ve done so, take a few minutes to check out these 17 extra pre-built websites that come with the Be Theme package. Imagine what you could do with them to meet clients representing various business niches. Note how they make it so easy for you to meet the needs of your client’s needs, and meet your own design standards as well.

Be Watch


  • Ideal for an upscale watch shop or a smart watch shop.
  • The hero shot is engaging, and leads the way to an eventual call to action.
  • The simplicity of the design conveys a feeling of casual luxury.

Be Architect 2


  • An example where an abstract graphic succeeds in making a point. A clean architectural lines and innovative design.
  • This homepage suggests to the user that an engaging experience awaits.

Be Lawyer2


  • This pre-built website design conveys a sense of corporate elegance.
  • A strong visual focus and the symmetry of the elements add a feeling of trustworthiness and authority.

Be Barber 2


  • A mix of the vintage, urban, and luxurious look. Just what is looked for in a barbershop or barber’s studio.
  • Simplicity and coherence is evident throughout this pre-built website. White space is put to good use.
  • A subtle parallax effect has been incorporated to give a perception of depth.

Be Kebab


  • For a local, client-oriented business; an easy going, friendly atmosphere.
  • Note the nice blending of fonts and colors within the overall structure.



  • A hi-tech, corporate design – with a casual twist.
  • This well-structured pre-designed website is destined for an IT business – a friendly one.

Be Bistro


  • Big, beautiful images will attract customers to this local bistro.
  • The structure is clean and logical throughout the site.

Be Car


  • An impressive hero image, together with plenty of white space and a good choice of colors, It provides an excellent way to attract and engage users
  • An example of how elements can combine to create elegance

Be Medic 2


  • The hero image and text combine to build trust.
  • For a clinic or medical center; the classical design lines, photos of the team, and other sections, all focus on building trust.

Be Minimal


  • Minimal design is always a good choice for a creative agency. But it can be used for most any type of business with great effect
  • This approach to web design contributes to a relaxing UX.
  • Good use is made of a modern design trend – the video header.

Be GoodFood


  • Destined for a food business. Note the importance good color choice has for this type of business.
  • The look is engaging, dynamic, and highly readable.

Be Carver


  • This pre-built website is destined to introduce a craftsman; of practically any type.
  • The message says it all in this minimalist homepage; a minimalist look is present throughout.
  • A simple, but effective UX.

Be Hotel 2


  • Destined for a hotel; much of the information is conveyed in the images.
  • All of the relevant sections and special pages are included: bookings, location, rates, etc.

Be Burger


  • Destined for an online burger delivery service, this pre-built website will make a great starting point for any food delivery or catering service’s website.
  • The design is hip, and the focus is on converting the user.

Be Horse


  • For a horse farm, a riding academy, an equine center (or almost anything “horse”).
  • The design is image-focused and elegant through its simplicity.

Be Decor


  • This pre-built website is destined for an interior designer; and individual or a studio.
  • It features a products section and, as befits this type of business, a gallery.

Be Tea


  • For a tea shop.
  • An ideal choice for either an online tea distributor or the tea shop around the corner.
  • The vintage look and minimalist design are combined with a luxurious range of colors.

Be Theme Is Everything You Need to Create Beautiful Websites –  for Any Type of Business

You can see why Be Theme gives tremendous value for money. The wide range of options the 220+ pre-built websites offer and it’s great options. You would be hard-pressed to find a business niche that isn’t covered. Pre-built website categories include everything. From creative, automotive, and sports to medical, movies, and cosmetics, and on and on.

Many, if not most are ideal for small business. Pre-built websites are there for portfolios, blogs, and landing pages as well.


Each one has the features described earlier. And each can be installed with one click, and UX functionality is there as well. You can give your client a preview almost from the start, and the project as a whole won’t likely take all that much longer.

45,000+ professional web designers who use Be Theme can be wrong. After all, they’ve made this theme one of ThemeForest’s top 5sellers.

See it for yourself.


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