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Eliminate Endless Client Revisions with 270+ Pre-Built Websites

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Unless your clients’ requirements are detailed, website revisions are usually a normal thing. This typically involves a healthy two-way exchange of ideas.

On the other hand, there are clients who are never completely satisfied. Sometimes they simply can’t decide on what they really want.

The result: An unending stream of revision requests, that takes up your precious time. The time you should be spending on other clients’ projects is wasted. There’s a remedy, and it’s one that even the pickiest client should be happy with. It’s called Be Theme; a tool that adapts to any client’s needs.

  1. How Be Theme helps you deliver exactly what your client needs.

Be Theme is the biggest WordPress theme ever. It has a basketful of powerful core features that enable you to build whatever you want. Be Theme can help you bring any clients’ ideas to life.

One of the highlights of these features could be considered the “secret of your success”. It is an array of 260+ professionally designed and customizable pre-built websites. They cover every industry or niche type you’re likely to encounter in a client’s request for your services.

See how easy it is to install Be Theme, by watching this informative 40-second video.

  1. Here are 10 examples of how you can put Be Theme’s popular pre-built website templates to good use.

For clients who sell online courses: Be eLearning

Be theme - 1

Be eLearning gives a first appearance of having a clean, simple, and almost minimalist design. As you scroll through it however, you’ll find it’s packed with information you can easily and quickly navigate to, while still retaining that clean, modern look.

For small business owners: Be Craftbeer

Be theme - 2

Here’s one for a client that sells a handcrafted product, and who will expect you to deliver a well-structured website design that makes use of large, attention-getting images to highlight that product. The images are backed up by a clever use of special JavaScript effects.

For interior designers and architects: Be Tiles

Be theme - 3

Designing a website focusing on an architect’ or interior designer’s visual work, can be a challenge. This pre-built website leads the way, with its gallery of high-quality images, selected graphic elements, and the clever use of content blocks to guide the user to information the client wishes to share.

For clients working in creative industries: Be Artist

Be theme - 4

The website example is easy on the eyes and, with its cool mouse-over effects, it provides a somewhat unique, and definitely compelling, way to display a creative’s work, and say something about the person. Creatives and artists are innovative souls, and they expect the same approach from their website designers.

For clients working in the catering industry: Be Burger

Be theme - 5

The food service and catering industry is highly competitive, although many of the websites you may come across are just so-so. Here’s an example that should knock the socks off your client, and present users with large, tasty images, cool menus, and easy-order forms.

For clients in the fitness & wellness industry: Be Sports club

Be theme - 6

This dynamic, interactive pre-built website is an ideal match for a sports club’s or health and fitness center’s client’s needs. Highlights include a cool introductory video, a calendar, and cleverly-designed content blocks that enable easy navigation to information about the facility’s key features.

For clients in the travel and lodging industry: Be Hotel2

When done just right, as in the case of this Be Hotel2 pre-built website, the large home page photo, the gallery showing the accommodations, and the perfectly structured sections, will ignite a visitor’s desire to travel and book a room. Yet, this complex website could be ready for a client in less than 4 hours.

For restaurant or bistro owners: Be Restaurant     

          Be Restaurant is carefully crafted to meet a variety of needs and tastes. It will serve admirably for a 3- or 4-star restaurant, and just as well for a small café or a local bistro. The overlaid design and special slider effect make this website quite different from the usual restaurant websites you’ll encounter.

For your IT clients: Be VPN

IT clients can be a demanding group, and if you’re not careful, you’ll eventually find yourself having to deal with revision #21. A clean, professional-looking, well-structured website is what these folks are looking for. And that’s what you can deliver with Be VPN –  complete with the juice glass.

For clients who sell luxury products: Be Car

Be theme - 10

Retailers of luxury products usually look for elegant details in their websites. With a design encompassing an awesome hero image and plenty of white space, that’s not hard to do.

A judicious use of content blocks and other design elements makes it even easier.

Summary: What is it about Be Theme that will rid you, once and for all, of ceaseless client revisions?

These 5 factors say it all:

  • Be Theme offers the highest number of pre-made websites on the market. This makes it easy to find a perfect match for your client’s needs.
  • Complexity need not be a factor. It’s possible to design and launch a complicated website within 4 hours – with all the trimmings.
  • It’s in the Top 5 ThemeForest best sellers; which says everything you need to know about its performance.
  • The pre-made websites are easy to work with. If one doesn’t precisely meet a client’s needs, it can easily be customized to do so.
  • The designs are carefully-crafted. They are professional, beautiful, and intuitive to work with. This is irrespective of the style of website or the niche your project involves.


Be Theme starts saving you time from the instant you take it out of the box. If you should get a request for a revision, there will be far fewer of them. Moreover, you’ll be able to wow your clients with your rapid response.

As far as the projects themselves are concerned, it will be easy to find the perfect website. This is thanks to a selection of more than 260 Be Theme pre-built websites and its 1-click installer.

Now you know how awesome the Be Theme is! How about getting started on delivering a responsive website within half a day?

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