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A strong portfolio features attention-getting content, and presents it in the best possible way. There are other approaches you can take to persuade clients to accept your services, but when you are stating your case online, a solid portfolio is almost always the most effective.

A portfolio is not just a compilation of your best work. How to present the material can easily make the difference between acceptance and dismissal. Having a professionally-designed portfolio to share marks you as a skilled professional. Prospective clients, who tend to be professionals themselves, prefer to work with professionals, and not amateurs or hobbyists.

What is missing in many if not most portfolios are examples of the skills you possess and what your strong points are. This type of information is important to prospective clients, and may not always be reflected in the finished work you have chosen to display.

What a Brilliantly Pre-designed Portfolio can Do for Your Business


Image Source: Be Theme B&W Pre-made portfolio

Once upon a time, IT professionals and website developers did not use portfolios. Especially for those in the UX sector, the importance of publishing a portfolio took a while to take hold.

Today, being able to showcase a portfolio is extremely important. Having the tools needed to create a truly professional portfolio is also important, but simply having the right tools is not enough.

Things that you need to take into account:

  • A great portfolio is a rock-solid portfolio. It gives a prospective customer or client the ability to assess both the quality of your work and your range of skills. Too few portfolio items could make you look like an amateur. Too many might overwhelm the viewer. As a rule of thumb, 15 to 20 examples of quality work is about right.
  • Don’t include average or mediocre work in an effort to bulk up your portfolio. Just one example of substandard work could show viewers an example of what they don’t want to see from you.
  • Categorize your portfolio. If you help a potential client easily find what he or she is seeking, that client may well assume that ease of navigation is a common theme in your UX designs.
  • Include several of the best testimonials you have received.
  • And, keep the portfolio layout simple.


Web Design and Creative Agencies – Be Digital and Web Design

Be Digital


Be Webdesign


Notice how each Be Theme pre-designed website allocates space for a business’s unique value proposition (UVP), along with the use of smart menus and the inclusion of a well-organized, professionally-designed portfolio.

Well designed and structured pre-designed websites can be extremely useful for UX designers who do not necessarily have solid visual design backgrounds.

What do Clients and Recruiters Look for in a Portfolio?

Know your audience. Take into account how your portfolio content will be interpreted.

  • Make your content tell a story. To some clients, “This is how I did this” is more important than “This is what I did”.
  • Put extra focus on presenting key elements. Ask yourself this: If a viewer only spends one minute looking through my portfolio, what do I want that viewer to see, and how to I make sure he or she will see it?
  • Focus on detail. Viewers are more appreciative of examples that show great attention to detail.

Why Be Parallax?

Using parallax can be a persuasive way to label yourself as a professional and an innovator.

Be Parallax


A skillful use of parallax can tell a story. It can create what could be called an infographic in motion. Parallax is immersive. It offers an excellent way to hold the user’s attention.

Be Portfolio


This illustrates how Be Theme makes it possible to create a portfolio that is more than a collection of accomplishments. Be Theme can create a portfolio for you that will tell a story, and a story is what many prospective clients are looking for.

This image also shows you the importance of keeping things simple. You want your portfolio to inform, and when appropriate, entertain.

People Love Be Theme’s Pre-Designed Websites


The four examples on display here are a small fraction of the more than 170 and growing pre-designed websites that make up the Be Theme library.

Whether you are creating an eCommerce website, a blog, multiple websites for multiple clients, or your own portfolio, there is something here for you. If you in the hunt for a WordPress theme to get the job done, Be Theme has you covered.

Check out this 2 minute video and see how easily it is to install and edit a Be Theme pre-made portfolio website

Be’s authors are justifiably proud of having created the biggest WordPress theme ever. It’s not just the huge and varied selection of pre-built websites that has made this possible. The number of powerful, interactive core features, and Be’s huge user base, back up the claim.

You are guaranteed to be more than pleasantly surprised when you witness what the Muffin Builder 3 and Visual Composer page builders, the powerful Admin Panel, and the Shortcode Generator and Layout Configurator can accomplish.

And, you will love the fact that you don’t have to go to the tutorials to pick up a few basic coding skills. You won’t need them.

Visit Be’s website, browse the impressive array of pre-built websites, examine the core features Be offers, and be prepared to deliver a website or portfolio that will knock any client’s socks off.

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