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Need some free high-quality logo templates and mockups to showcase your designs? We’ve got you covered! We selected 30 awesome logo templates and mockups to help you create beautiful designs and presentations. All of these 30 logo templates and mockups come as fully editable PSD files with smart layers for easy customizing. They are also free to download!

6 Vintage Logo Badges

This is an original collection of 6 vintage logo badges that you can use freely to create distinctive logos, labels or stamps. These badge templates come in PSD, AI and EPS formats and include only free fonts.

6 Vintage Logo Badges Pin

Vintage Logo MockUp PSD #2

This is a new vintage logo mock-up to help you create a beautiful display for your branding projects. The PSD file is well organized and as usual includes smart objects which allow you to easily place your design.

Vintage Logo MockUp PSD #2 Pin

Rubber Stamp PSD MockUp

This is a very realistic rubber stamp mock-up to help you create a distinctive showcase of your badge, logo or symbol. Just place your design using the smart layer and you’ll be done in no time.

Rubber Stamp PSD MockUp Pin

3D Wall Logo MockUp #2

Showcase your logo as a wall mounted sign or just add depth to it with this photorealistic mock-up. The PSD file is fully layered and includes smart objects to make your work easy.

3D Wall Logo MockUp #2 Pin

Vintage Logo MockUp PSD #3

Showcase your logo design and give it an authentic vintage look by using this high quality mock-up. The layered PSD includes smart objects and instant handmade grungy ink.

Vintage Logo MockUp PSD #3 Pin

Vintage Logo MockUp PSD

Create a neat display for your vintage branding projects with this high quality logo mock-up. Drag and drop your work inside the smart layer, edit the background and you’ll be done in no time.

Vintage Logo MockUp PSD Pin

Logo MockUps – Paper Edition

Use these two different logo mock-ups to display your work in a professional manner. The package contains 2 PSD files that can be easily edited via smart layers.

Logo MockUps – Paper EditionPin

Wood Engraved Logo MockUp #2

This is a Wood Engraved Logo Mock-Up. Just replace the placeholder logo with your own inside the smart layer and you’re good to go. The download also includes 3 high-quality wood textures for you to choose from.

Wood Engraved Logo MockUp #2 Pin

Spot UV Logo MockUp

Use this PSD mock-up to simulate the look of spot UV gloss applied to your logotype. The smart objects make it easy to place your own logo and create a neat presentation in a few seconds.

Spot UV Logo MockUp Pin

5 Retro Insignias

Here you have 5 retro insignias that could be used for logos, stamps, labels, and prints. Each PSD file includes black, white and grunge versions of every design.

5 Retro Insignias Pin

3 Photorealistic Logo MockUps

Check out this 3 beautiful photorealistic logo mock-ups. hey come in high resolution and are easy to use, just drag and drop your design via smart objects.

3 Photorealistic Logo MockUps Pin

Silver Stamping Logo MockUp

This is a metallic foil printing effect combined  with embossing to create a “fancy” presentation for your logo, signage or lettering. Use the smart layer to easily drag and drop your design.

Silver Stamping Logo MockUp Pin

Painted Wood Logo MockUp

Create a realistic paint on wood presentation for your logo, signage or lettering. This PSD mock-up is designed with smart objects. Be sure to check out the actual size for details.

Painted Wood Logo MockUp Pin

Leather Stamping Logo MockUp

Create a realistic printed leather effect for your logo, badge or lettering. This PSD template uses smart object feature, so you can easily replace current logo with your own in seconds.

Leather Stamping Logo MockUp Pin

Pressed Cardboard Logo MockUp

Make a realistic presentation of your logo with this PSD letterpress mock-up. Just drag any shape or text inside the PSB file and the smart objects will do the hard work. The template is available in high-resolution so you can easily adapt it to your needs.

Pressed Cardboard Logo MockUp Pin

Window Signage MockUp

This is a realistic window graphics mock-up to showcase your logo and lettering. Simply edit the smart object to add your design and quickly create a unique effect. The PSD template comes in high-resolution, so you can easily adapt it to your needs.

Window Signage MockUp Pin

Cutout Logo MockUp

This is a realistic logo mock-up with clean look and fine details,  ready for your presentations. It works with any shape or text, using the Photoshop smart object feature. Check out the full view to see all the details!

Cutout Logo MockUp Pin

I Love 3D Logo MockUp

Give your logo a 3D look with this realistic mock-up. As you already know, smart objects are there for you. The light effect on top might need some adjusting depending on the shape of your logo.

I Love 3D Logo MockUp Pin

3D Wooden Logo MockUp

Showcase your designs with this photorealistic PSD mock-up template. Just place your logo inside the smart object layer and you’ll get this great 3D wooden logo effect.

3D Wooden Logo MockUp Pin

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