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Understanding the Importance of Shapes in Logo Design

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The most powerful tool for a brand to promote their services or products is a logo. It is the first thing the human brain notices while looking at a brand. Logo designers have to consider the emotions of their targeted audience while designing the logo. A brand’s logo must communicate the message. Features such as font, color, and shape should be provided utmost importance while designing a logo.

The shape of a logo is most significant as it gives a structure to the design. The human brain accepts different shapes in a different psychological manner. Some of them appeal to them while others put them off completely. Hence, logos must be designed so that it is easy to memorize and understand. Opting for shapes that evoke the wanted response will be useful. It is possible to influence how customers feel about the brand. The wanted reaction can be generated by carefully opting for appropriate shapes.

Geometric shapes, organic shapes, and abstract/symbolic shapes are 3 major categories of shapes in logo designing.

1. Geometric shapes:

Geometric shapes are the first thing that arises in our mind while thinking of shapes. These include basic mathematical shapes or man-made shapes that are not present naturally in the environment. So, by using geometric shapes it helps the logo design provide organization, efficiency, and proper structure.

Some of the most common geometric shapes are circles, squares, and triangle which are popular in bigger brands.

a) Circles:

Circles are continuous. Harmony, eternity, and unity are symbols of circular shape. Human brains feel comfort, love, and presence while looking at a circular logo. Curves have been considered to be feminine. Hence, they communicate softness and gentility. Also, circles reflect a positive message. While sending a message like unity, compassion, and relationship this shape is very useful. Symbol of stability and endurance can be shown by rings.

Understanding the Importance of Shapes in Logo Design - Pepsi logo

b) Squares:

Squares have a well-defined structure; therefore, it conveys strength, courage, and discipline. Squares also show stability which helps with building a strong relationship with the customers. Also, square sometimes may appear to be boring but if paired with dynamic colors it can become interesting. Stability and reliability are symbols of this shape.

Understanding the Importance of Shapes in Logo Design - Lego logo

c) Triangles:

Triangle has a broad base and small tip which shows growth. While associating with power, science and religion this shape can become useful. Triangle is a directional shape. Therefore, it may be positioned differently to emphasize various attributes of the logo. For example, the triangle positioned to the side suggests movement. Lastly, masculine products use this shape as it has some of those attributes.

Understanding the Importance of Shapes in Logo Design - Mitsubishi logo

2. Organic shapes:

Organic shapes are not governed by any laws; therefore, their shape cannot be defined. Randomness and free from boundaries describe such shapes. Providing comfort and relaxation are some of the advantages of such shapes. You can easily spot them around you such as tree barks; leave chewed by insects, waterfall, etc. organic shapes can highlight the overall theme of the logo.

a) Water:

Water is very essential in our lives. This necessity is depicted by using it in the logo. Water is the symbol of purity and fertility which provides consumers to trust the brand. Furthermore, it provides a feeling of peace and harmony. Symbol of freshness can be promoted by water in the logo. Faith, intelligence, and confidence are symbols of water.

Understanding the Importance of Shapes in Logo Design - Aquafina logo

b) Tree barks:

Trees depict hard work and discipline as it takes years of maintenance to grow a tree. It gives viewers a soothing effect. Spas and hotels mostly use this shape to endorse their brands. Trees also symbolize purity and hygiene. Due to which it has become a popular choice for the skincare industry. This is the reason people are more inclined towards the brand which has trees in their logo.

Understanding the Importance of Shapes in Logo Design - Origins logo

c) Leaves:

The soft curves of the leaves can relax the viewer. It can display transformation as the colors of leaves change with different seasons. Hope, renewal, and revival are some of the messages used for promoting. Hence, Food brands use it to show the authenticity of the ingredients used in their product.

3. Abstract or symbolic shapes:

Abstract shapes have a defined but complicated structure. Stylish icons or letters describe this shape well. They represent ideas or concepts in precise form. Visual language is an essential application of such shapes. These shapes are very common so they require smart designing to make them appear original.

a) Stars:

Stars represent something majestic and magical. They are visually appealing so it attracts the consumers. Also, Stars show loyalty and faith. Competing brands can use it to symbolize a sense of superiority. Beauty industries usually use this shape. For example, Jeffree star cosmetic has a star-shaped logo with its initial in the center.

Understanding the Importance of Shapes in Logo Design - Jeffree Star Cosmetics logo

b) Hearts:

Hearts convey the message of love, relationship, and marriage. The heart sends out the message of care and affection. Companies who would prefer their logo to make a connection with the consumers can utilize this shape very well. Also, it has feminine traits so it will work well with brands focused on female products. Hospitals promote themselves using the heart-shaped logo by securing the patients that they are in the right hands.

c) Arrows:

Arrows show the courage to move ahead and grow. Protection and defense are also used to describe this shape. Arrows show direction, movement or travel. Highlighting the important part of the logo can be done strategically. Companies that ship and deliver goods mainly use this shape in their logo. The most famous examples are FedEx and Amazon.

Understanding the Importance of Shapes in Logo Design - Amazon logo

The logo must be iconic so that people can register it to their brains. The logo can make or break a brand. Logo designing requires proper shape to create a positive impact on consumers. By looking into different categories and recognizing the strength of various shapes. This may ease the task of selecting the right one for your logo.

The shape must add texture, depth, and movement to the logo. Selected shapes should highlight different areas and points of interest. Nike, Apple, and Twitter have become an inspiration for their minimalistic yet impactful approach. Lastly, product usage defines which shape to opt for.

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  1. I had an occasion recently to review the newest logo treatment for the office supply store, Staples. Since 1986 I’ve been puzzled about both definitions of the word staples: the metal fasteners you slide into staplers. And the basics or “staples” that might refer to all the things to purchase for a well stocked office. Then along comes this recent logo facelift, only further emphasizing the very limited graphic of a “staple” as a replenishment for a stapler. Anybody agree?


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