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Here is a collection of fashion blogs that I think will give you some design inspiration. Some are full of life, and very splashy, while others have a nice simplistic design that is very easy to see where everything is. Let me know what one of these 17 Cheeky Fashion Blog Designs you think is your favorite and why.

If you know of any other fashion blogs that you think have a good design, please feel free to let us know by dropping in a comment.

Smart Geezer

Smart Geezer Fashion Blog

SmartGeezer uses only 2 colors in its design: bright yellow and black. The contrast is huge, and thus it is an instant eye-catcher!

Sally Jane Vintage

Sally Jane Vintage Fashion Blog

Sally Jane Vintage fashion blog design has some really nice textures in pastel colors. The textures look like fabrics, which fits perfectly the website’s theme. 

Diary Of A Vintage Girl

Diary Of A Vintage Girl Fashion Blog

This is another fashion blog website with a vintage design. It has some very nce 3D elements in the banner and has an overall unique and personalized design. 

Le Blog De Betty

Le Blog De Betty Fashion Blog

Le Blog de Betty is more simplistic and modern. The header is really nice and made out of a few photos, plus the logo. The website design is clean, making the blog very easy to read. 

Indigo Clothing

Indigo Clothing Fashion Blog

Indigo Clothing website has a more grungy look. It uses indigo as it’s main color, to match the brands name. 

Bryan Boy

Bryan Boy Fashion Blog

This is a 3 column fashion blog design, with a super simple, minimalistic layout. Clean blogs are the best!

Liebe Marlene

Liebe Marlene Fashion Blog

This is another vintage fashion blog with a more sparkly, elegant design. The header looks very interesting anf the logo is nice as well. 

Jak & Jil

Jak & Jil Fashion Blog

Minimalist designs are preferred when creating a fashion blog. This way the photos will stand out and you’ll create a more user-friendly experience. 

Red Carpet

Red Carpet Fashion Blog

Red Carper website design is all about sparkles and shining lights. It creates a VIP kind of atmosphere and matches the website’s theme. 

Style Bubble

Style Bubble Fashion Blog

Style Bubble is a great fashion blog with a unique design. It combines textures and drawings with cool fonts and typography. 

The Moment

The Moment Fashion Blog

The Moment fashion blog design looks more like an online fashion magazine. It is nicely structured and uses red as an accent color. 

What Is James Wearing

What Is James Wearing Fashion Blog

This website has a more unusual, old style website design. It uses bright pink shades and a bordeaux background. 

Couture In The City

Couture In The City Fashion Blog

This is a simple fashion blog website with a nice vector character illustration in the header. It looks feminine and clean. 


Fashionising Fashion Blog

Fashionising is a dark themed website with some really elegant, retro inspired graphic elements. The stitched buttons designs are also a nice touch. 


Fashionista Fashion Blog

Fashionista has a pretty simple layout and use a fullscreen background advertising. The main color is red. 


Omiru Fashion Blog

Omiru uses earthy and pastel colors. It has a very simple design with a clean and well structured layout. 

The Cherry Blossom Girl

The Cherry Blossom Girl Fashion Blog

This website has a lot of hand drawn graphic elements which make it look unique and personalized.

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  1. Nice blog and nice collection, I Think We also learn from you and your blog because we also designing a blog..it related from fashion designers.

  2. very good collection .these are all so pretty.have a project coming up that’s fashion related. Thanks for this, it’s really great to see so many good looking fashion sites!!

  3. What about Thou Shalt Not Covet – http://www.thoushaltnotcovet.com – which is more than just a fashion blog! It’s about everything worth coveting! 😉

  4. It’s always inspiring to see collections of niche blog designs – I like Style Bubble because it’s unique! Thanks for sharing.

  5. great collection im really amazed and i will contact you for some freelance in case you are available. its a good source to keep in mind

  6. I’ve been looking for some fashion sites just to see what the current trends are in the area as I have a project coming up that’s fashion related. Thanks for this, it’s really great to see so many good looking fashion sites!!

  7. I think my favourite is diary of a vintage girl although they are all good, nice to see some creative fashion blogging that don’t just settle for a wordpress theme!


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