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IconFinder – The Ultimate Web Design Tool For Free Icons

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IconFinder is the god of all Icon websites and tools. Its basically an icon search engine that anyone can use for free. All the icons are available to download for free in different file formats and sizes. If your a web designer, this tool is worth having a look at.

You can use this amazing tool at: IconFinder.com

The Main Interface

The main interface of IconFinder is much like Google. It has alot of white-space, a big logo and the search box. There is of course some stats about how many icons they have indexed.


Searching For Icons

When you search for an icon (I have searched PhotoShop as a demo) it comes up with all the search results in beautiful boxes. There are literally hundreds of icons per search.


Filtering Your Search

Below the searchbar (after you have performed a search) are options you can configure to filter your search results. These include how many icons you want to list per page and the background colour of the icon.


You can also filter your search results by the icon size and the licence it holds.


Viewing An Icon

When viewing an icon, you can see everything about it. You can download each icon in .png or .ico.


Also, below the icon listing, there is a box that lists all the other icons that the set contains.


Where to find IconFinder?

You can use this amazing tool at iconfinder.net. Also, feel free to follow IconFinder on Twitter.

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21 thoughts on “IconFinder – The Ultimate Web Design Tool For Free Icons”

  1. Thanks for the share!
    High quality, free web icons is what we are passionate about 😉



  2. nice one!
    I use iconfinder.com from time to time, but my favourites (by far) are juicyicons.com and iconspedia.com …

  3. I justed wanted to suggest a new and better icon search engine, FindIcons.com, which has larger icon collection and complete search filters.

  4. Thanks for posting this! This is hands-down the best find so far of 2010. By including the license filter, they’ve created the ultimate tool for professional web developers.


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