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20 Amazing Posters Made by Creative Designers

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Print design is not easy. You have to be a very talented and skilled designer, in order to create eye-catching designs that will instantly catch the viewers’ attention. Whether they are created for advertising or just for art, posters have a great impact on people and are loved by everybody.

We created this handpicked collection of amazing posters designs, made by some really creative designers, and we hope these posters will inspire you in creating other beautiful works. Boost your creativity and let us know which one of these great posters you like most!

James Brown

This is an amazing typography poster design, dedicated to the famous singer, James Brown. Thee face was used as a logo to auction The James Brown Collection of some of his belongings, a few years back. This is a pretty stellar design, not easily made.

James Brown Amazing Posters design

Draw Me a Song – Amy Winehouse

Draw Me a Song is a brand and conceptual website that sells illustrated posters of song lyrics, digitally illustrated with stylized lettering. The project won the Deutsche Bank Creative Award. This poster illustrates the song Rehab – Amy Winehouse.

Draw Me a Song poster design

Song Reader

This great typographic poster was created by the talented illustrator, Sergio Membrillas. It has an elegant design, and the cursive, white font looks beautiful on the ink colored background.

Song Reader poster design

Anatomy of a Cupcake

Anatomy of a Cupcake is a great and crafty infographic design, created by Allen Hemberger. The 3D elements of a cupcake look great. This is a new take on the classical, flat, infographic design.

Anatomy of a Cupcake poster design

DKNG Studios – The National

Designspiration is a great resource of good design. This poster was ceated by DKNG studios. It has a vintage/retro feel. The textures look amazing and the colors were very well chosen.

DKNG Studios poster design

Marvel Comic Iron Man Movie

This is a great Marvel Comic movie poster, for the Iron Man 2 movie. This is a fierce and inspiring poster design, that will surely catch the viewers attention.

Marvel Comic Movie Iron Man Amazing Posters design

Walk in the Rain Paris

The aim of this print project was to create a series of travel-poster-inspired illustrations, with a twist. The designer wanted to focus on the moments that we enjoy now and remember fondly later, rather than on the monuments.

Walk in the Rain poster design

It is Warmer Below, 1927

Posters have been brightening up our daily life for a pretty long time. This amazing poster design was created in 1927 by Frederick Charles Herrick. It is surely inspiring and very contemporary. We can surely learn a lot from the design techniques used in creating this print design.

It is Warmer Below poster design

Best Coast 

WBYK is a two-person team based in Sydney, Australia. Their illustration style is amazing, especially when it comes to the huge library of band posters they’ve designed. Check them out. They are a great source of print design inspiration.

Best Coast poster design

On The Road 

This alternative movie poster was created by he talented designer, Maxine Pecourt. This is a more minmalist and clever take on the original On the ROad movie poster. Looks great, doesn’t it?!

On The Road Amazing Posters design

King Kong

This is another alternative movie poster design, this time created for the world-known movie, King Kong. Again, this is a minimalist design with vintage/retro effects and elements. The typography is unique.

King Kong poster design

Christopher Muccioli 

This is a very modern typographic print design. The textures look great, and it also has a retro look. The geometrical letters are very creative and entertaining. This can be used as a great source of inspiration for aspiring typography designers.


Fossil Brand Poster Color Happy

Designworklife is a part of Seamless Creative, a New York City-based design studio. This is a spring themed, colorful Fossil Brand Poster. The pastel colors look great and create a happy atmosphere. Also, the graphical elements are very high quality and perfectly complete this poster design.

Fossil Brand Poster design

Biennale des Créateurs d’Images 

This Biennale des Créateurs d’Images poster design was created by Valerie Oualid. It has a sepia toned photo background and a nice vector geometric illustration in front, with some cool transparency effects. The typography is modern and simple.

Biennale des Créateurs d’Images Amazing Posters design

Haywire Movie

This is the exclusive:Steven Soderbergh’s ‘Haywire’ Teaser Poster, created by the talented designer Neil Kellerhouse. The graphics are amazing and the roughly painted edges are a really nice touch.

Haywire poster design

WBYK: Band Posters

This poster was created by WBYK, a two-person team based in Sydney, Australia. Their illustration style is amazing, especially when it comes to the huge library of band posters they’ve designed. Check them out. They are a great source of print design inspiration.

Band Posters design

AIGA Student Portfolio Exhibtion

This is a very creative and graphical, modern poster design, created for a student portfolio exhibition. The choice of colors, geometric form and typeface are impressive. This poster is perfect for such an event.

AIGA Student Portfolio Exhibtion poster design


This is a really inspiring poster design for a movie. The poster itself is pretty basic, the photo manipulation used as a base is the impressive element. The colors look beautiful and the atmosphere and sensations created by this design, are unique.

Tycho poster design

Massive Attack 

This is a dark, minimalis poster for the music band Massive Attack. This music band poster was created by Martina Topley Bird. It is vintage inspired and the geometric forms look great.

Massive Attack poster design

Theresa Decker Barista Championship

Theresa Decker’s portfolio is super impressive. There are lots of great works to see, but the branding and print pieces she created for the World Barista Championshp look amazing.

Theresa Decker poster design

Which poster is your favorite, and why?

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  1. These are awesome! I’d also like to share these awesome minimal design posters by an amazing artist. His conceptual design Walking Dead posters were a huge hit at the latest convention in Atlanta. etsy.com/listing/168078033/the-walking-dead-complete-six-poster?ref=shop_home_feat


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