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24 Best Fonts to Use in 2021

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Graphic designers and webmasters need to keep up with the latest design trends and developments when it comes to all design elements. It is fascinating, as there is always something to explore and experiment with. Suppose you don’t stay updated with the latest design trends. In that case, your designs run the risk of getting obsolete or lose their relevance in the modern context. Fonts are one such design element that continuously keeps changing and dramatically impacts the overall design language. Fonts are important as they play a vital role in design communication and tell the viewers what they’re looking at. Fonts are used in multiple places like banner design, advertisements, logo design, and more.  The font used on any website also needs to match the tone and formality of its content. This helps the viewer anticipate what to expect.

With 2021 almost arriving at our doorsteps, it is important to buckle up for new fonts that will most likely be widely used and recognized. Knowing about the best fonts to use in 2021 will help you plan your future designs accordingly and give you an edge over your competitors. Here are 24 best fonts that you can use in 2021:

1. Valky:


Valky is an exciting vintage serif font that has modern features. You get four weights, several alternative glyphs, and ornaments too. The character set also supports multiple languages that broaden the use-case of this beautiful font. Newflix.Bro designed this font with editorial projects, packaging, logo design, and magazine headlines in mind.

This font is ideal for various purposes.  This versatile font works in small and large sizes. The package includes uppercase and lowercase characters, accented characters, numerals, and punctuations as well.

2. TT Norms Pro:

TT Norms Pro

TT Norms Pro is an ideal font if you are looking for a clean and modern font with diversified typographic features.  This font is already one of the most used and popular sans serif fonts in today’s time. This font family has over 26 reworked fonts with multiple weight options ranging from extra black, thin, italics, and variable and outline versions.

It also has 24 OpenType features and support for over 260 languages. The creators of this font have gone the extra mile to create localized versions of some characters’ forms for some languages as well. They have 1581 glyphs in each style except outline style.

3. Glamour Absolute:

Glamour Absolute

This font has seen a lot of popularity this year, and it remains to maintain it as well. It is an elegant, bold serif font that has both vintage and modern curves. Glamour Absolute is one of the best fonts that combine vintage style with modern flavor.

4. Brandon Grotesque:

Brandon Grotesque

Brandom Grotesque is one of the best fonts that have been favored by many designers for years now. Hannes von Döhren designs it. It isn’t a new font since it was published in 2010; however, it has remained widely popular throughout the test of time.

There are very minimalistic design peculiarities that make this font stand out from most fonts available today.  This font family has six weights with matching italics for all. It is remotely inspired by sans-serif typefaces that used geometric influence back in the 1920s and 30s. This font ensures better readability at all sizes and lengths.

5. Apparel:


Apparel is one of the most crafted serif fonts from Latinotype. Alfonso García and Daniel Hernández are known for their type designs. They created the apparel font family with twenty styles with similar features to typefaces like Caslon or Times New Roman. It has a classic yet contemporary look.

The characters’ laid-back feel due to their medium to tall height makes this font family an ideal choice for branding projects and headlines. There are over 200 Latin based language support.  It is a recent font that got published at the end of October 2020.

6. Futura Now:

Futura Now

Like Steve Matteson, Juan Villanueva, Edwin Shaar, Terrance Weinzierl, and Monotype Studio, several masterminds came together to revise the iconic Futura typeface created by Paul Renner. They got together to bring back the human element in the niche of geometric serif fonts. There are 102 styles, including various text weights, headline and display, and script weights with decorative variants.

7. Juana:


Juana was designed in 2020 for foundry Latinotype. It draws influence from Jazmín typeface. It maintains the original essence of its inspiration and adds more developments to make the typeface look even better. The contrast between the fine and thick strokes makes the font a treat to look at. It comes with eight weights and alternate versions as well as matching italics for all. It supports over 200 Latin based languages.

8. Bogart:


Francesco Canovaro designed this font in 2020. It was his tribute to iconic type design that has low contrast old-style fat faces. It offers guppy and muddy shapes. There are over 29 styles with two free demo fonts. It draws inspiration from various iconic typefaces.  This is a versatile typeface that has the spirit of vintage typography.  The nine weights have their matching italics as well as extended characters. There are more than 1600 glyphs and support for over 219 languages.

9. Helvetica Now:

Helvetica Now

A list for best fonts in 2021 doesn’t necessarily need to have all new fonts. Some classic fonts make a list, too, as they still hold relevance in design requirements. There is much demand for branding and graphic design projects that have a modern outlook to design. This iconic typeface fits perfectly, and they recently updated it to make it even better. There are three optical sizes – Text, Display (48 fonts), and Micro. Each character in this font family is redrawn and adjusted to keep up with today’s typography needs.

10. Accumin Pro:

Acumin Pro

This font is designed by Adobe’s designer Robert Slimbach. It is a versatile and massive sans-serif font family used for long text sections and headlines. The font gives 90 styles and is ideal to be used in information design. You can use this font for a clean and modern look. It is a delicate balance of modular shapes of neo-grotesque letters and architectural shapes.

11. Monolith:


Monolith is one of the best neo-minimalist fonts that have a thin letter design. It is an ideal font for creative agencies and modern businesses for business cards, crafting logos, and web design. This font family focuses on legibility and clarity developed in two weights with their matching italics. The font combines modern shapes with grotesque touches. The characters have optical evaluation – details, curves, and spaces. They are all carefully tweaked to suit the need for a highly legible typeface. There is support for multiple languages.

12. Devant Pro:

devant pro

This is a professional sans-serif font that has a narrow and bold letter design. There are multiple font formats, which also include SVG fonts. It is ideal for headlines, block letters, film posters, logo designs, and giant banners. There are various weights available –light, bold, medium,  monospace, and italic. There are nine font variants as well.

13. Milano:


Milano is a retro-contemporary all caps typeface. It is designed with elegance and sophistication. It is a construction based on modern geometric sans. The font is a good attempt at revamping typefaces that have led to a new visual approach with clean letterforms supported with sharp edges. There are over 300 glyphs and multiple languages based on the Latin alphabet. This font is ideal for typography, web design, posters, and social feeds.

14. Noe Display:

Noe Display

Noe Display is a typeface that has bite and sparkle. The font has beautiful strokes – large wedge-shaped serifs that end on a sharp point. The arches have prominent triangular beaks.  This font comes in 4 weights that have hairline weight. The various weights and strokes give room for creating drama and impact.

15. Europa:


This typeface is made taking inspiration from two classic fonts – Gill Sans and Futura. It combines the geometric and a humanist style that brings both elements together in a dynamic, clean, easy-to-read typeface. You can use this font for body text as well as headlines. The font weights can be limited compared to other fonts; however, it is an excellent font for the weights available.

16. Interstate:


This font was inspired by US highway signage during the 1900s. It has familiar and legit looking letterforms that have some quirkiness to them too. The font is ideal for creating professional yet unique fonts. The characters have wide spacing and legible separated letters. The font is easy to read from a distance, and hence it is ideal to use on signage. The same features also make it great for more extensive text requirements and website headings.

17. Watch Quinn:

Watch Quinn

This is a very classy font. There is a certain elegant look this font has that is unlike any other fonts. It has a clean design that has letters with hints of modern style typography. It is ideal for designing website headers, branding designs, and more.

18. Slabien – Slab Serif Font:


Slabien is the perfect slab serif font. It is ideal for editorials, sports, stationery, modern advertising, art, quotes, home decor, book cover design, and many more aspects.

19. Cloudy Aurora:

Cloudy Aurora

This is an ideal combination of fairy and classic serif font with the signature script. Two fonts balance a delicate feel of a modern serif font and free handwriting script. There is support for symbols, numbers, ligatures, and end swashes. The font is also PUA encoded. There are also beautiful six premade logo included in this family.

20. Giveny:


Giveny is an amazing font that designers like using as transitional serifs.  It has relatively low contrast on strokes, and the shapes have squairsh shaped round characters. It has been designed from scratch with structural logic, a combination of optical balance and pure geometry. It is ideal for logos, quotes, name cards, stationery, typography, and more. You can also use it for book design, envelope lettering, and any DIY project. Giveny is an all-cap font.

21. Abell:


Abell is a beautiful font that has hints of art-deco movement. There are five weight variations. It makes any typography related design look stylish and fresh. You can pair it sans-serif and scripts too. This allows you to create unlimited design options. The font is ideal for modern business, banners, headlines, logos, web layouts, and much other design uses.  The weights included are – Thin, Medium, Italic, and Black. It also has uppercase and lowercase multilingual letters.

22. Wavetone:


This is an ideal font for creating movie posters and advertisements. It can be used for various other purposes, too, such as a badge, headline, greeting cards, and much more. The tall characters look ideal for a horror-based design or even kids’ story-telling books.

23. Jerrick:


This font family has a modern serif look. It is ideal for creating beautiful logos, web layouts, branding, and titles. The font looks exceptionally stunning in all caps, especially with wide spacing if you feel experimental. The combination of uppercase and lowercase letters also creates harmonious and attractive visual cues. It is available in light, regular, distorted, bold, and italics. The font has uppercase and lowercase multilingual letters and also non-English characters.

24. Maiah:


Maiah is a minimalistic and clean serif typeface that would add subtle charm to your projects. There are four weight options – Light, Thin, Bold, and Regular.  This font pairs effortlessly with signature, handwriting, or script fonts. There are both lowercase and uppercase alphabet, basic punctuation, and multilingual support. The font is ideal for quotes, magazine headings, invitations, and other creative designs.

These are the 24 best fonts to use in 2021. Each font has specific characteristics and design inspirations that would help you with different design projects. Make use of these fonts as creatively as possible and design the best logos, posters, advertisements, and more.

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