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Inspirational logos – people pay hundreds if not thousands of $$$’s for them to be made. They identify a company or brand, and make it unique.

There are many websites online that allow designers to showcase their logo design creations, two of the most popular being logopond and logosauce.

We have picked a nice collection of inspirational logos for design inspiration, harvested from logopond. If you have a logo that you think is inspirational, drop a comment about it and it will surely be on the next list. Enjoy!

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Exit Door – Music and Video

Music and Video Pin

This is a free, unused logo designed to illustrate an open door. The idea to use the ‘music note’ as a concept is very clever. It could be used for a music related company. 

Rustic Pizza

Rustic Pizza Pin

This is a logo design for Rustic Pizza – a food & drink business. In this case, the client wanted an illustration of an old barn incorporated into a logo. The result is a logo with a vintage, retro feel, inspired by American countryside. 

Uvarovoy School

Uvarovoy School Pin

This is a logo design created for an art school for children. The typography is really nice and unique and the retro feel and great color palette make this logo stand out!

Chat Logo Pin

This is another free logo design, available for sale. It can be used for a chat/social app or website. The vibrant colors are an instant attention grabber. Also, the nice vector graphic element successfully inspires group gathering/collective environment. 

Bullet Hole Bar and Grill

Bullet Hole Bar and Grill Pin

This is a memorable, unique logo, designed by a very talented designer and it represents a bull’s head. This illustrative logo was created for a bar and grill with a cool western theme. It has a more decorative design but it definitely looks unique and it’s easy to remember.

Blomst Candle

Blomst Candle Pin

This is a feminine logo for a company dedicated to creating scented candles. In this case, the client specifically asked for an elegant, feminine design. This is the result, a friendly, girly, professional looking logo.

Writing Factory

Writing Factory Pin

This beautiful logo has a very interesting concept. It was created for a company providing writing services for personal statements, consultations, and many other writing services. The business’ main interest group is comprised of students, thus the logo aesthetic is adapted to that targeted audience. The main idea behind this logo design is the fountain pen, stylized to look like a chimney. It is also added some dynamism and writing movements, with the smoke element behind, which is part of a factory. 

Travel Story

Travel Story Pin

This is a logo design for a blog where any registered user can write his own travel history and share his personal experience, advice, travel tips, experiences, and more. I especially like the great typography and choice of colors. This is still an excellent logo.


HelpMonkey Pin

This is the logo design of a service that allows customers to quickly find experts that can instantly answer their questions. Customers can ask a question about Excel or Unity 3D or Photoshop and instantly get 2-3 experts that can answer their question right away. This beautiful logo is unique and has some very interesting details. It’s definitely a great source of inspiration.

The lens Loft

The lens Loft Pin

This is an awesome logo design.  It was created for a company that sales camera lenses and other camera products and accessories. The designer has combined a price tag element with a camera illustration. The typography is very well chosen, as well.

Growing in Christ

Growing in Christ Pin

This logo was designed for a church. It is a minimalistic, clever proposal. You may have already noticed the concept. The fish symbolizes Christianity and leaf is a connotation to the church’s name – ‘growing’.

Bridge Word

Bridge Word Pin

This is an overall beautiful logo created for a company providing translation chatbot services. The designer has included 2 main symbols in this logo design – a paragraph symbol (referring to chat/text/word) and the bridge symbol which makes this logo unique and clever. The logo has a refreshing, energizing feel. 

Geometric Owl logo Pin

This is a geometric owl logo design inspired by the ancient Egypt. This is a very nice, vector logo with beautiful details and a very well chosen font. 

Synro Logo Pin

This is the logo for a new motor oil and industrial lubricants manufacturer. The concept is very clever and abstract. It has a nice color palette and the font matches the illustration perfectly.

Beer and Pizza Bar Logo Pin

This is an illustrated logo design with a great concept behind it. The concept is the following, as the designer describes it: A gentleman enters into the pizzeria, he orders his favorite slice of pizza and his favorite beer. Then, and only then he can put a smile on his face after a long day. This logo has a friendly and elegant line art design shaped in the coat of arms, to give the artwork a hint of modern vintage feel.

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  1. Oh I thought logos were for web designers I mean they were created for the professionals themselves! Good post by the way!

  2. Nice collection. Sweet & simple. Was surprising that I hadn’t seen a lot of these logos before.
    Thanks for sharing this awesome post.

  3. Thanks for making it a high-quality but SHORT post. I’m so tired of the “101+ logos for inspiration” type posts. Nice collection. Thanks.

    • Yeh, i know exactly what you mean. Those big posts are way too big, and can take ages to load if the images are very high quality.


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